There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 53: It’s a baby, not a stand-in

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The noise outside gradually disappeared, Ye Zhizhou turned the timeline, and it was comforting to find that the plot only developed until the protagonist was admitted to B. It is now the end of August. The noise outside is that the family is helping Sihan ’s birthday, of course, it is Zhenghan ’s birthday. The real birthday of the original owner, Qin Bao, now known as Si Han, is in the end of December, but unfortunately the original owner himself has forgotten it.

The eighteenth birthday is naturally a big deal. Zhong Min has been busy for a long time, but knowing that the son is a fake, Si Yougan is very unconcerned. Therefore, Zhong Min is very angry, and he Yougan quarreled. Si Yougan was yelled at by his wife, but couldn’t tell the truth. His disgust with the counterfeit son grew deeper, and he simply fell through the door and left home until the end of the birthday banquet that night.

After pondering this story and confirming the timeline again and again, Ye Zhizhou finally felt relieved.

This world is so cute! At present, there is only one Wei Songning beside the protagonist. As long as he waves his wings slightly, the protagonist may not even encounter the other four male protagonists! Ah, my god!

The ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly sounded. He returned from the fantasies of successful flag pulling, took the mobile phone of the original owner, and raised an eyebrow. The caller was one of the male lead, Xing Guan. Now Xing Guan is the best brother of fake Qin Bao, but after the return of Zheng Sihan, he will become the hardest person to step on Qin Bao!

Slightly in the head of the plot, he connected the phone, and deliberately said in a condemned tone, “Xing Guan, you are still not a good brother! You don’t even come on my birthday, it’s not fun!”

A happy laugh came from the phone, and then a clear and energetic voice came across the phone line, “Isn’t this something to hold on, when my dad ordered this summer camp to end, I will immediately Fly back to find you! Xiaohan, guess what birthday gift I prepared for you this time? Guess I’ll cover your college meals for a year! “

A gift? Does it mean the classical music disc that Si Han has always wanted?

Touching his chin, he guessed for several rounds with the other side, and then hung up on the grounds that he was busy waiting for his birthday. It can be seen from the layout of the room that the original owner is a lively young man who likes sports, which is completely different from the young and fresh protagonist. This Xing Guan and the original owner have been with each other for more than ten years, but what they remember in their minds is always the preference of the Lord when they were young. It also makes people not know what to say. Should they praise him for being “passionate” or for his heart?

Flipping through the SMS chat between the original owner and Xing Guan on his mobile phone, he couldn’t help sighing.

Among these male protagonists, Xing Guan has the deepest hatred against the original protagonist. Before the emergence of Zhenghan Sihan, he believed that the original owner was the little friend who shared the same distress with himself when he was a child. Immediately after the appearance of Zheng Han, his attitude changed. He thought that the original owner was a liar who robbed others of his life. He even hated Si Han’s behavior. He wanted to completely wipe out the original owner from this world.

It’s a mysterious love and hate …

After thinking for a while, he jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He changed into a birthday dress prepared by Zhong Min for the original owner, admired the handsome face of the original owner Jun Xiu Sunshine, and opened the door with a smile and walked out. .

In the hall, the servants are clearing up the pieces of vases on the ground, while Zhong Min is sitting on the sofa and weeping silently. With a surprised expression, he quickly walked to Zhong Min and sat down, holding her shoulders, worried and asked, “Mom, how are you crying? What is going on on the ground, right, Dad?”

“Mum didn’t cry, she just got sand in her eyes.” Zhong Min saw his son coming over and wiped his eyes with a tear to cover up. He barely squeezed out a smile and raised his hand to help him straighten the bow tie. , “This dress is good, let’s wear this at night!”

Ye Zhizhou looked at her trying to pretend to be indifferent, her heart softened, she couldn’t help but hug her, “It’s all right, I will protect you.” Throughout the story, only Zhong Min knew After the truth is still true to the original owner.

It was her who knew the truth last, and it was her who was hurt the most. Qin Bao and Si Han were one of her parents and one of her parents, and she was a nephew raised as a parent and child. She was caught in the middle and was in a difficult position. She tried hard to ease the situation between the two, but she never succeeded. Later, Qin Bao framed Si Han and killed herself in prison. She knew that she was hit hard and her depression returned. She died within two years.

When he heard what he said, the tears that Zhong Min had choked suddenly shed, and he patted his shoulder strangely, laughing and crying, “Why do you kid say this suddenly … well Do n’t mess with your mother. They ’re all going to college. You ca n’t spoil your mother ’s arms. ”

“It is obviously my mother is coquettish in my arms, I am now a man.” He let go of his embrace, remembering the original owner’s attachment to Zhong Min mentioned in the data, could not help but said, “Mom, the birthday party at night Let ’s eat for two. Anyway, Grandpa is so busy, Dad probably wo n’t come, and my brother is going on a business trip again … Okay, just the two of us, let ’s go on a date! “

“Non-fun!” Zhong Min’s mood was made a lot easier by him, and he laughed, “The invitations have been sent out, and the hotel banquet has been set, but you can’t think of them one by one. As for your dad, they … “

“I know, they’re busy, I understand.” Ye Zhizhou was afraid she would continue to be sad, and she turned the topic and said, “Mom, is the key to the old house still with you? I want to see it tomorrow.”

“Why are you going to the old house?” Zhong Min doubted that he had him, and directly asked the servant to get the bag, and took out a bunch of keys from it. “The longest one is the door key, Xiao Han. Why do you suddenly want to go to the old house. “

“Sometimes I want to get something back.” He took the key and answered vaguely, then asked in his heart that Tongtian asked for a ball, got up and poured her a cup of tea, put the ball in and delivered it to her. “Mom, you can go to bed after drinking tea. It’s too early before the birthday party, and you’ll rest first.”

“Why is it so sweet today.” Zhong Min took a sip of the tea, and his smile grew deeper. “I always feel that Xiao Han’s tea is more delicious. You can grow up and your mother can rest assured. It’s over. “

Ye Zhizhou listened to her gentle voice and watched the joy in her eyes moved her lips.

The birthday banquet in the evening was very big and many guests came, but none of the men in Si’s family came. The guest came over solemnly, but there was only one woman and Xiaoshouxing in the host’s house, which was really embarrassing. Fortunately, Ye Zhizhou, an old monster who has lived for several years, has an active atmosphere. This birthday party actually started lively, and then ended even more lively.

The guest clock Min listened to the praises of Ye Zhizhou from the guests, and smiled very happily, not sad at home in the afternoon. Ye Zhizhou stayed aside and secretly deleted the birthday greeting message sent by Si Yue.

Si Yue, Si ’s parent was 5 years older than Si Han. After Si Han ’s abduction, Si Yougan was immediately sent to his grandparents ’home, and he took it back a year later. He didn’t seem to find that Qin Bao was wrong. It was no different to him than to Si Han, but after reading the system information, Ye Zhizhou said that his brother had definitely discovered that his brother had been replaced!

Which brother would immediately think of not talking to his brother when he finds that his brother’s behavior is abnormal, but instead ask a private detective to investigate? Which brother would miss his brother’s birthday so many times? There is also the Master Sijia, who is definitely an insider! Otherwise, he cannot explain his bias towards his grandson, and his indifference and resistance to the original owner.

Si Yougan returned home after the birthday banquet, and then faked some blame. Zhong Min was soft-hearted and soon forgave him. Ye Zhizhou flung his face directly on the floor, perfectly playing a willful and adolescent adolescent who longed for his father’s attention.

Early the next morning, Ye Zhizhou left the house early and went to the old house. He went straight to the attic and took out the album where the original owner found out the truth. Then he took a ride to the most prosperous street in city b. A corner detective office opened a short while ago.

As one of the male protagonists, Wei Zhuang’s appearance is far beyond the passing line, and he goes straight to the evildoers. Ye Zhizhou was trembled by his peach eyesight, avoiding his eyesight, and pushed out the album. “I suspect I am not the biological son of my parents, and I want you to check it for me.”

Wei Zhuang retracted his gaze and drew his fingers a little boringly. “It’s simple. You can get some of your parents’ hair and nails. I will give you an identification. Is it natural? Results will be available soon. “

Ye Zhizhou said to him silently, “Don’t you register customer information?”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot.” Wei Zhuang put down his hands with a look of relief, pulled out a data card from the drawer, and smiled, “Sorry, the office hasn’t been around for a long time, and my business is a bit unskilled.”

Ye Zhizhou looked around this small, messy, and especially new office, and asked silently, “I won’t be the first guest you receive …”

“How is it possible!” Wei Zhuang immediately got excited, snapped a data card, and Taohua blinked a few times quickly, “You little kid is really not cute, I am such a big office, I do n’t know the business I do every day How much! I can pick you up in such a small business as you are pitiful, do n’t do anything about it.

It really is the first business … why is this male protagonist not so unpredictable as described in the original plot?

Ye Zhizhou looked away and whispered, “Do you still register the information?”

Wei Zhuang rolled his eyes, hummed and hummed again, took out his pen and said, “Name?”


“Oh, Si … uh? Si Han?” Wei Zhuang widened his peach eyes and began to unconsciously discharge, “You just said what do you want to commission? You suspect you were not born by your parents ?! “

“Yes.” Ye Zhizhou pretended to be lost, and passed the photo album in his hand again, “Yesterday was my birthday. I heard my parents quarreled, and my father seemed to not want to give me a birthday. Today I feel in a mood If I ’m not good, I went to the old house where I lived and found out.

Turn the album to the end, and take a small photo from the mezzanine. “The older child in this photo is my brother, but the smaller one is not me.” Turning the photo over, he pointed Refers to the text on the back, “On August 23, 20xx, Xiaohan’s birthday was taken with his brother in the back garden. This Xiaohan is not me, and I find that I have no memory of being with my family before the age of five, and my father seems to have been Don’t like me much … “

Wei Zhuang gradually became serious, took a photo of his hand and looked at him carefully, and asked him, “Are you sure that the child in this photo is not you?”

“No, absolutely not.” He shook his head, lowered his head so that the other person would not see the expression on his face, downcast, “Except for Dad, my brother has not always cared for me … Mom said I was five years old I have been abducted, and I will lose my previous memories after being stimulated, but sometimes I dream about something when I was a kid. In the dream, I do n’t live in the big house in the photo, but very dark and small A room, and … I remember when people called me Xiaobao, not Xiaohan … My current name was changed after five years of age … “

Weizhuang looked at the soft hair on top of his head, his frown twisted, and he felt a little sympathy for him. Judging from these narratives, it is certain that there is a problem with the child ’s life experience, and why this child is so pathetic. I want to find a detective agency to check his life experience, but he found himself unlucky … I think of my friend Si Yue’s cold face He could not help mourning his coffin face. Oh Shou, such a cute brother, even if he is not a relative, he can’t ignore it.

“I took your list. But … May I ask why you came to my detective agency?”

Ye Zhizhou raised his eyes and looked innocent. “Because you’re cheap, there’s a sign at the door that opens a new store for a 30% discount … Well, I don’t have much pocket money. Can you be cheaper for me?” “

“… No! Double! No money to find your brother to go! *! It’s not easy for me to do business alone!” Wei Zhuang exploded directly.

Ye Zhizhou looked at him with a demon’s face and said that he needed to be harmonized, and the barrage in his heart brushed wildly. How did this mental retardation become the mysterious detective with the most connections in the original plot? It’s incredible!

The faces of them both said, “He doesn’t know that I already know his relationship with Si Yue, and I want to fool him fiercely”, and the other one is “He doesn’t know that I’m actually his, maybe he is not a big brother Brother’s friend, in order not to irritate him, so I continue to let him not know “and” I never expected that my first business was to check my friend’s housework, the world is changing too fast, so scared Be caught off guard. ”

The materials were successfully registered. Ye Zhizhou paid the deposit. Wei Zhuang accepted the photos as a clue. The two said goodbye to each other and looked at each other with sympathy.

Oh, what a mentally handicapped man.

Oh, what a poor brother.

The small mirror shook, and the light screen popped up. [Wei Zhuang and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has dropped to 70%. Please keep up the effort. ]

Ye Zhizhou: “…” Don’t guess the detective’s thoughts, you can’t figure it out.

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