There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 49: Boyfriend is a zombie

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Turn the data to the beginning of the end of the end, the part of the protagonist’s awakening space power, Ye Zhizhou read it word by word, could not help but touch the small mirror tattoo on his wrist.

The protagonist’s space power is not awakened with the healing power, but is suddenly possessed when the healing power is awakened for about half a month when he goes out to collect supplies. The plot is very vague and almost a pass, but he noticed a few words, “high fever”, “almost bitten”, “absorbed a high-level zombie crystal nucleus” and “watched a companion bite”, grossly It seems that the protagonist has been pushed out of his potential in desperation, but he can think about it carefully, but there is a big problem in it.

First, the “high fever” followed by “almost being bitten.” The first symptom of a human being bitten by a zombie is a sudden rise in temperature and then a sudden drop. Later, during the high fever, “absorbed a high-level zombie crystal nucleus”. The absorption of the crystal nucleus was to supplement the exhausted power, but the protagonist basically did not use the power at that time, will this move be too redundant? The last thing is to “see a companion bite”. The question here is why when Qiu Xiangyu happened to pass by and rescued the protagonist, the bitten companion was suddenly not mentioned again. The two were obviously trapped in one place, and That companion hasn’t been bitten for a long time, and it should still be normal for humans, and it will be very noticeable in the zombie circle.

After being rescued, the protagonist continued to have a high fever. He stumbled into the space at midnight, drank a little spring water at that time, and then the high fever subsided the next day. After awake, he found that there was more space in his head. Afterwards, the space gradually upgraded, the Lingquan became larger, and the protagonist drank more and more Lingquan water. The effect of washing and cutting the marrow began to appear, and then a spiritual field appeared in the space …

Continuing to scroll through the information, he marked out several plots of the protagonist’s space power upgrade, and after a closer look, he found that each upgrade of the protagonist’s space power was after the male lead and the zombie had a fierce battle. The main character plays a logistical role in the team. He has been responsible for the task of collecting loot after the fierce battle. The male lead once wanted to take over the job because of his distress, and he was used to “want to contribute to the team.” “Useless”, “Are you against me?”, “I am not a canary” and so on refused. And the trophies on the zombies are only the crystal nucleus and … the zombies will only rot faster when they are dug out.

Because of the virus, the body of the zombie will be mutated to varying degrees, some skin will be corrosive, some bones will become hard like iron, some are more advanced and can even regenerate intact skin, and Normal human is no different. Some conditional survivor bases will post notices to collect these special zombies for research. Wei Xu once told the protagonist to collect a mutated zombie corpse after a battle, saying that he was going to take it to City B and hand it to the laboratory. But the protagonist refused on the grounds of being too disgusting, and then Wei Xu wanted to take a sample of the corpse and take it away, but found that the corpse could not be found …

The inexplicable corpse, the space for upgrading, the sudden emergence of Lingtian … He covered his mouth, feeling a bit sick. If his conjecture is correct, the root space in the protagonist is not a spiritual fountain or a spiritual field, but a cemetery condensed with corpses and a cemetery that is maintained with a corpse … This is too frightening, he feels he is watching Horror movie.

In the original plot, the heroes have all drank spiritual spring water, as well as those members of the team who were rescued by the protagonist, and Zhong Qiu, the pseudogenius who has stuffed his mouth to study vaccines. /

The door of the lounge was close in front of him. He floated in and nested on the sofa, took out a super apple from the space, and sank in a frenzy. His mind was full of terrible pictures, and he needed to relieve it with sweet things.

Zhong Qiu walked in with a solemn look, and saw him eating like a starving ghost, and he was slightly heavier. He sat next to him and hugged him, leaned his head and sniffed, “Ming Ming Look at you eating very sweet, but the smell I smell is sour and bitter. Fortunately, the smell on your body is very good, I like it very much.

He stopped slamming Apple and suddenly remembered a plot. Several male protagonists all disliked the taste of the spring water after drinking it, and said they never wanted to drink it again. The protagonist was very dissatisfied after hearing it, and said angrily that the spring water was sweet. And after the protagonist appeared in the space, he never ate the food collected by the men. He said that the food always had a strange taste. He could n’t eat it, and only willing to eat the crops produced in the space. Male The masters also moved a lot for this, saying that he was too understanding, the team had a lot of materials, and he didn’t need to save so much …

Different from the taste of the male protagonists, I feel that normal human food has a weird taste. He has a high fever that heals immediately after drinking the spiritual spring water. Body … He put down the apple, his eyes flashed with doubt and panic. Is the protagonist of this world really human?

“Why not eat?”

“Zhong Qiu.” He tilted his head, hurriedly took out a pile of food from the space, and pushed it in front of him. “You smell, do all these foods have a strange smell?”

Zhong Qiu moved back, and his dislike of the food was written directly on his face, “Xiaochen, I don’t really need to eat these, you can put them away.”

Sure enough … He put away all the food, grabbed a pheasant from the space, and pulled out a knife, ready to kill life. Zhong Qiu was busy holding his knife-holding hand, couldn’t help whispering, and came forward to hug him, patted him on the back, “Xiaochen, I’m not hungry, don’t you worry too much, huh?” >

A loose hand, the chicken fell to the ground, and giggled around the lounge. Ye Zhizhou let go of the hilt and hugged him, and told him seriously, “From today on, you are not allowed to eat anything that may be useful for vaccine research! No one bite! Do you know?” Especially the protagonist’s Lingquan, every drop Can’t stain!

Zhong Qiu thought he was still angry about the pill. He nodded and promised quickly, then quickly shifted the topic and talked about vaccine research. Ye Zhizhou withdrew from his embrace, glanced at him helplessly, and then thought of Wei Xu, who had been with the protagonist for a long time, and immediately became nervous.

As the male protagonist who has been staying with the protagonist for the second longest time, Wei Xu may have already drank the Lingquan water. No, he has to ask! Sending Zhong Qiu to the laboratory, he found Bao Baomei to lead the way and left the academy. Then he turned the map of the base, went out the third door, and went straight to the area where Wei’s house was. I did n’t know when we arrived at the Wei family, but Wei Wei explained that Wei Xu had just left the house and settled at the Annan base team, and the two just missed it. He said goodbye and hurriedly ran towards the place where his team settled.

It’s almost evening, and the Ermen area is large. By the time he runs to his place, it’s almost dark. Yan Zheng and Liang Pingping were outside the building and were relieved to see him return.

“It’s not safe in the base. Sometimes human beings are more terrible than zombies. You’d better go out with someone nearby.” Yan Zheng asked with a serious face. Liang Ping nodded in agreement, then reached out, “I’m hungry.”

Ye Zhizhou was eager to be scattered by them, and he took out a big honey melon and put it in Liang Ping’s arms, asking Yan Zheng, “Is Wei Xu coming?”

Nodded solemnly, and he replied, “He waited for you and Uncle Liu for a while, but didn’t wait until the sky was getting dark, so he left first, and said that he would come again tomorrow, and had just left for two minutes.” /

I missed it again! He could not help rolling his eyes silently, and patted his solemn shoulder, and said, “I’m looking for him something. You go back first, and I’ll be back in a while. Let me tell him when my dad comes back, lest he worry. . “

Sternly frowning, “Then I’ll go with you, it’s even more unsafe if the base gets dark.”

Liang Ping nodded quickly, not even melon, and stuffed him back. Ye Zhizhou was helpless, so the one-man team became three.

Fortunately, Wei Xu didn’t walk fast this time. The three of them chased after a while and found his trace. They were just about to step forward and shout, and suddenly there was a whistling and drinking in the dense grass in front of the side. Cry for help.

The three stopped, and Wei Xu in front stopped.

“You let me go! Wei Ge will not spare you after knowing!”

“You dare to betray me and Xiaoyi, I wanted to teach you! How did you feel about Wei Xu as a dog? Look at you like this, Xiao Xiaoyi was willing to use Lingquan to save your life. , You ashamed white-eyed wolf! “

The painful cry and beating sounded again, Ye Zhizhou’s face changed, and he rushed over! The voice of just asking for help is clearly the young and handsome young man who was very friendly to him! And that beating is definitely the bald man!

Weixu also heard something wrong there, and a row of ice cones flew over, tying it to a wooden post on the side of the grass, yelling, “Wang Gang just stop! What’s wrong, you rush me What kind of man is bullying Fang Yunqi! “

The movement behind the grass stopped, and Ye Zhizhou stopped. A tall figure pulled out a slightly thin figure, and the tone was full of irony, “Oh, I just touched the dog, and the dog owner came here. It’s very fast. You tied the chain on him. Right? “

Wei Xu was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and a row of ice cones went straight to him again. The bald strong man did not awaken, but at this time he was not afraid. Standing straight, he reached out and grabbed a few ice cones coming toward him. The other ice cones hit him. It was as if the eggs had hit the stones and they were all broken.

Wu Xu’s attack was very restrained and careful because of the fear of the former relationship, but even if he is careful, the attack cannot be directly ignored by an ordinary person. He frowned, his face slumped.

Fang Yunqi coughed, anxiously reminded, “Brother Wei, you go quickly, Wang Gang’s body is weird and very hard. Don’t hang with him … 唔!”

Wang Gang retracted his fist, patted his face with a grin on the corner, and threatened, “Your life is in my hands now, when I didn’t let you talk, you better shut up, waste.”

Ye Zhizhou, who had already stopped, lost his face, spread out his mental strength, and approached directly. When Yan Zheng and Liang Ping saw this situation, they stopped watching, and they besieged in the past. Wei Xu was stunned by the sudden appearance of the three, then returned to God and attacked the past.

Four to three, plus Liang Ping, a speed-type ability, snatched Fang Yunqi over the first time, and the other three had no worries at all, and directly overthrew Wang Gang and crushed him to the ground. Withdrawing his fist, Ye Zhizhou sneered, “How much spiritual spring water did you drink from Xiao Yi to feed your body like it is now? You say Fang Yunqi is waste, so what are you like? Waste improved version?”

Wang Gang was sternly suppressed, and there was no room for resistance. His expression was distorted, and he glared at him with hatred. “Where can you go, Liu Chen! Don’t think that you are awakened by the power of space.” It ’s great. If it were n’t for Xiao Yi, would you have the opportunity to awaken the power? I think you and Wei Xu are well matched, a pair of ungrateful male and female dogs! Xiao Yi has helped you so much. , And left him running before the tide of zombies came, my aunt! All cowards! “

This upside-down black and white can make Ye Zhizhou angry enough, raising his legs is a few savage, angry, “That’s how Xu Yi told you guys? Me and Wei Xu dog male? Run away before the zombie tide? The evacuation notice sent by the base a few days in advance and you are all blind and ca n’t see it! There is a lot of nonsense, but also came to bully Fang Yunqi, I am! You are a coward! “

“Did you all have the blessings of Xiaoyi Lingquan and healing powers? If it weren’t for him, you would have died a hundred times earlier! How could you come to b city!”

There is no way to communicate with someone who has a mental illness! Ye Zhizhou took a deep breath and looked at Wei Xu with a tense expression. “This is your former team member! The team member you once protected and the one you like to bring out! I leave this garbage alone and leave it to you, Fang Yunqi, I will stay, He will follow me later, come back, come to see me tomorrow, I have something to tell you. “After finishing the filming and still pressing Wang Gang’s solemnity, he waved to Liang Ping, who helped Fang Yunqi see the injury, turned and walked back.

After releasing the suppression, Wang Gang wanted to run, and was directly fainted by Wei Xu with a hand knife. He watched Ye Zhizhou’s back gradually disappear at the end of the road and never see it again, sighing. It seemed like a completely wrong decision to take Xu Yi to the Annan base in the first place. It would be nice if he didn’t meet Xu Yi at the beginning …

[Wei Xu and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 10%, please continue to host. ]

Ye Zhizhou glanced at the light screen, tapped the small mirror in his pocket, and said in his heart, “Help me scan a Fang Yunqi’s body and see what’s wrong.”

The light screen was turned into a beam of light, and then popped up. [The evolutionary version of the zombie virus was found. The amount is small and there is no risk of disease. Observation and treatment are required. Shiquan Dabu Pill. ]

“… come one.”

The small mirror shook and sent a slightly large ball to his palm.

“Boss.” Liang Ping, who had been quietly helping Fang Yunqi, suddenly opened his mouth and frowned rarely. “Wang Gang’s body was transformed by that Lingquan?”

“Um.” He collected the pills and nodded and replied. After thinking about it, he asked, “Remember the person named Xu Yi in the Annan base? The Lingquan I said is in his space. That spring water has Question, if you come into contact in the future, do n’t drink, understand? “

Liang Ping nodded, his eyebrows were almost twisted into a frown, “The body of Wang Gang is very strange. I just scratched his skin with a scalpel and there was no bleeding.” He paused and said, “That spring, Not a good thing, it needs to be destroyed. “

[Liang Ping and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has dropped to 0%, the first soul flag is pulled out, congratulations to the host, please host to continue. ]

Ye Zhizhou was stunned by this falling pie. Is this the flag? Why is it so good for Liang Ping, this seems to be his second chance to fall in love? Actually go to zero directly … half at a time, this efficiency can hardly believe it! He took a deep look at the expressionless face of Liang Liang, took out a pomegranate and passed it, “Reward you, eat more.”

Liang Ping’s eyes brightened, and he quickly took it, hiding the pomegranate in the pocket of the white coat.

… It’s such a good baby.

[Yan Zheng and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 30%, please host to continue. ]

He turned his head quickly, looking at the silence that followed him, thinking about it, and pulled out a pomegranate, and said, “If you want to eat fruit, say, I will not laugh at you.” They are all little angels, and the pie is given, and he will be pinned.

Wondering about the strangeness of Wang Gang’s body and secretly avoiding the strictness of Lingquan’s master, Zheng Zheng took a sip, and thanked him for taking the pomegranate, and silently stuffed it into a small bag hanging around his waist.

Fang Yunqi looked at this, then at that, and pursed his lips.

Ye Zhizhou just turned around and saw that his heart was full of ellipsis, and he took out a pomegranate and handed it over, “You have a wound on your hand, be careful when eating, don’t pull the wound.”

Children Fang bloomed instantly.

I lived this day … he wiped his face and felt that feeding Fang Yunqi Yao Wan was a matter of time. Now, in case Liang Ping and Yan Zheng thought it was candy, what should he do to him … he didn’t want to be Aunt in kindergarten divides food.

Wang Gang didn’t return all night, Xu Yi was a little worried and couldn’t help pulling Qiu Xiangyu out to find him. When looking for the second door, Xu Yi stopped abruptly and looked at the metal door that seemed to be taller in the darkness.

“What’s wrong?”

He turned back, smiled at Qiu Xiangyu, shook his head, “It’s nothing, it seems to see a white shadow flashing past.” He also smelled a very good smell, which made him feel very good. Something … there are good things in this base.

In the darkness not far away, Zhong Qiu is playing with the small wind knife in his hand, and the eyes are gradually yellow. Such a rancid smell, who would these two people be?

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