There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 43: Boyfriend is a zombie

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At three o’clock in the morning, Ye Zhizhou felt a wave from the spreading mental force net, and the sleepy insect disappeared instantly. He turned up and looked up at the dark and distant distance. Explore direction.

In the original story, this small gas station will usher in a group of zombies at an extremely fast speed in the early morning. Wei Xu’s team is in a hard battle, and Liu Chen is taking advantage of everyone’s attention at this time. Xu Yi, who was guarded in the back seat of the off-road vehicle, pushed into the zombies.

With the system data in his head, he glanced sideways at the quietly parked off-road vehicle, and quickly regained his sight. If he guessed right, the person lying in the back seat of the off-road vehicle that he saw faintly in the afternoon should be the protagonist Xu Yi. Now that the zombies are coming, the original owner wants to harm Xu Yi, but he must protect the other party because Separated with the team and met the male lead San Ping.

Wei Xu was startled by his sudden turning motion, holding the gun to look at it, frowning, “What’s wrong?”

He made a snoring gesture, carefully recovered the Recruitment Network, and said solemnly, “There are a number of high-speed zombies approaching, we have to withdraw.”

Wei Xuyan’s face changed, and he felt the surroundings carefully with his powers, but found nothing. He immediately put down the gun and said, “Are you too nervous, well, let’s sleep, I ’ll be vigil alone. “

Now I’m going to sleep for now.

“The batch of zombies is about two or three kilometers away from here. At their speed, it won’t take long to run over. There is no time to run out. Wake everyone up soon!” He finished quickly, then jumped Get off the top of the truck and turn into the truck, pushing the Qingxiu youth sleeping at the outermost, “Wake everyone up soon, there are senior zombies approaching, and they must be evacuated.”

Wei Xu was furious with his sudden movements, and then jumped down and said, “Liu Chen, what are you doing! Everyone is tired, what are you messing about!”

The Qingxiu youth was awakened and heard Wei Xu’s words, suddenly a little hesitant, I don’t know what to do. Seeing this, Ye Zhizhou gently pushed him to urge him to shout, but he turned and ran towards the off-road vehicle. Wei Xu ignored him.

“Fuck! You guy …” Wei Xu was about to explode, and quickly followed to prepare to pull him. “Don’t go to Xiaoyi. His power has just been upgraded, and you need to take a good rest. Give me.” Come here! “

Ye Zhizhou flexed himself to avoid his hand, quickly opened the door of the off-road vehicle with his right hand, glanced at the blurred figure in the back seat covered by a blanket, and directly reached out to push Qiu Xiangyu, who was sleeping on the co-driver, “wake up, ready to leave ! “

Wei Xu, who easily escaped, looked at his hand, and for a moment, saw that he had awakened Qiu Xiangyu, rushed forward, hugged him and dragged out, “Liu Chen, don’t go too far! You promised before! Well said that no longer aimed at Xiaoyi, now what are you doing! All said I don’t like you! “

This mentally handicapped!

Ye Zhizhou was almost out of breath with his hands stuck on his waist, and he stretched out his hands and patted him, “Let ’s go! Which eye do you see when I call your baby Xiaoyi ?! Let go! Those zombies! Already close! Hurry up and go! “

The awakened Qiu Xiangyu watched them tossing inexplicably. After hearing Ye Zhizhou’s words, the conditioned reflex probed outwards, and then his face suddenly changed, and he shouted, “Come on! There are really zombies coming over! Yes! “

The people over the van have all been awakened, and when they heard Qiu Xiangyu’s roar, they became nervous. Wei Xu froze, Ye Zhizhou took the opportunity to break his arms, lifted his leg to carry him into the car, and turned to run towards the truck, “Go! Drive!”

As his words landed, not long away there was a hoarse roar peculiar to senior zombies. The people on the van started the car without a word, and ran away. The Qingxiu youth was in a hurry, turning back and shouting in the direction of the cab, “Don’t drive! Liu Chen hasn’t come up yet!”

Ye Zhizhou watched the bald brave man cover the mouth of the Qingxiu youth and pulled him into the truck. Then the truck sprayed his face and ran away.

What are you doing? Let you drive quickly, you just have such a quick method?

The sound of the car approaching came with the roar of the zombies getting closer and closer. He turned back and saw Wei Xu got out of his body in the cab of the off-road vehicle and shouted, “Come up! I drive slowly One point, you get on this car! “

A bit conscience!

The disgusting zombies are near enough to be seen with their eyes, probably attracted by the breath and sound of human beings, and rushed towards this side. He glanced with Yu Guang, and then couldn’t bear to look straight back, and touched the door of the off-road vehicle’s back seat to prepare for an extreme stunt.

The hand has touched the door and is about to pounce on it. The small drum bag sleeping in the back seat suddenly moved, and then a delicate-looking young man popped his head out of the blanket and stumbled, “Why so noisy? “I stretched.

Everything seems to be in slow motion. Ye Zhizhou stared at the young man with four small flags on his head as he emerged from the blanket, watching him stretch his limbs, watching him stretch out a bare / naked foot, watching that. His foot was kicking on his right wrist holding the door … why is the assisted power so powerful! The sound of bone misalignment sounded, and then the hand hurt, and it was loose. The off-road vehicle went away instantly, the sight flew, the back and the earth kiss made a muffled sound, looked up, and a rotten face just fell in front of it, and the disgusting slime Dripping from the other’s empty eye socket.

… this cruel world!

Wei Xu and Qiu Xiangyu in the car were stunned by this change. Qiu Xiangyu couldn’t help looking back at Xu Yi, his voice was strange and twisted, “Why are you awake now?!”

Xu Yi was yelled at by him, and afterwards he glanced at his outstretched feet, his face was innocent, “I was awakened by you, and why is the door open? Yes, I just Did you catch something? Also, why do you hurry in the middle of the night, the lights will attract zombies. “He closed the door intently.

Wei Xuman’s head was full of dislocation of the bones. The ice-powered abilities were unconsciously scattered, making the car cold. He calmly stepped on the brakes, and then slammed the steering wheel, “We have to go back to save Liu Chen, he has no power, there is only one way to face the zombies!”

“Liu Chen?” Xu Yi frowned, with some disgust on his face, “What’s wrong with him? Annoying, don’t take him next time you come out, you will be hindered.”

“Shut up! If it weren’t for him, we would all die here this time!” Wei Xu slammed the steering wheel hard, remembering the picture seen in the rear-view mirror, his teeth clenched, and he held the steering wheel ’s hand The joints turned white, “I blame me. I should let everyone retreat when he reminds me!”

This is the first time Xu Yi has been treated so rudely by him. He stunned, and bowed his head with some grievances.

“No, you can’t go back!” Qiu Xiangyu calmed down finally, fluttered to suppress him, pulled the steering wheel back to keep him from turning, “there are a dozen conservative zombies, you also saw it, Liu Chen dropped After going down, some zombies rushed over, he was afraid … can’t go back! With us, we can’t carry those zombies! “

Wei Xu was furious, “Did he just watch him die!”

“Yes! You can only watch him die!” Qiu Xiangyu squeezed into the driver’s seat, grabbed the control, then turned the steering wheel and continued to drive forward.

Wei Xu struggled harder and harder, eyes glaring, like a furious lion, “Qiu Xiangyu! You get away!”

The physical strength of a person with a metal power is not comparable to those of other powers. Wei Xu has always been able to break away from his suppression. He is more anxious and ca n’t help but look at Xu Yi, who is in the back seat. ! “

Xu Yi, who probably understood what was going on, hesitated, then firmed his expression, “We brother Wei, a dozen senior zombies we really can’t fight, Liu Chen certainly doesn’t want you to take the risk to return to save him, He likes you so much … Brother Wei, don’t struggle. “

Wei Xu looked at him in disbelief, as if he knew him for the first time, angrily, “That’s a life! You say such a thing, you …”

[Wei Xu and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has dropped to 80%, please the host to continue. ]

“Follow your uncle!” Ye Zhizhou scolded, sideways avoiding the attack of another zombie, thickened the mental power wrapped around him, and ran away while pulling out explosives from the space to ignite and throw them behind him. “Tongtian, Are there any hidden pills! These zombies chase people by smell and sound, I can’t run anymore! “

A beam of light was wrapped around a pill and delivered to his mouth. He swallowed it, and then rolled in place to hide under a broken corner. He threw out several packets of explosives and held his breath. Does not move on the ground.

The explosives in the space are all modified pranks brought from the last world. They are not very powerful and can only slightly hinder the speed of zombies. Ten seconds later, the footsteps of the zombies sounded in the vicinity, then stopped, and disappeared farther away.

It’s a relief … He relaxed his tight body and fell to the ground completely, grunting and panting. The wound caused by the explosion was very painful, and the misplaced wrist was randomly connected. It was probably not well connected, and it was dull and painful, and the soles of the feet. When I ran, I lost a shoe too much. Now it is estimated that the soles of the feet can no longer be used. Look, “Tongtian, have a discussion, let’s have a peace in the next mission, okay?”

The little mirror lying in his pocket shook, and then another beam of light hit him, with a small bottle wrapped in it.

“What is this?”

The small bottle slowly fell to his hand, then the light screen popped up, [Top grade gold sore medicine. ]

“… You are such a caring system.”

The light screen flickered, as if shy.

The sky gradually rose, and there was a sound of footsteps not far away, and Ye Zhizhou, who had a restful sleep, had moved, and quickly sobered.

The sound that was still a little far away came to the ear almost instantly, a pale expressionless face appeared in the field of vision, and the dry lips moved, making a hoarse voice, “Hey, did you eat?”

Ye Zhizhou looked at each other’s long bangs and black-framed glasses covering most of his face. He drew a corner of his mouth, and found an apple from the space and threw it away. “What … would you like to return to the base with me?” “White coat, long hair that hasn’t been cut, black-framed glasses, straight-to-white annoying character, speed-type ability … very good, the male lead San Liangping was first encountered by him.

Liang Ping catches the apple and takes a big sip. After swallowing it, he seems to be alive again. He looks at him with a deep look and asks quietly, “Do you have food in your base?”

“Yes, follow me and keep you three meals a day!”

“I’ll follow you.” Liang Ping continued to slap apples and sold himself without hesitation.

Ye Zhizhou froze for a moment, and suddenly a guilty feeling of abducting and selling mentally handicapped children suddenly appeared in his heart.

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