There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 41: Boyfriend is a zombie

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Ye Zhizhou entered the town government’s forefoot, and Yan Mingyong climbed the wall from the next foot.

The sound of the door being pushed open came. Ye Zhizhou raked his wet hair and said aloud, “Is it Changshun? The water is too hot, you can bring some cold water.”

The sound of footsteps entering the door paused, then the sound of the door closing sounded, the footsteps gradually approached, and then bypassed the screen.

“Huh? Didn’t you let you get cold water?” Ye Zhizhou turned in confusion, and was startled by the strange tall man standing behind him. He shrank instinctively into the tub, and then raised his hand as a wave of bath water. In the past, I shouted, “Who are you!”

Yan Mingyong raised his hand and wiped the water on his face. Going forward, he looked at his face carefully, then glanced into the water, and smiled, “Very well, Leer didn’t even recognize me Out. “

Happy? In addition to his family’s shouting, this name is left … Ye Zhizhou was startled, staring at the big beautiful man with unparalleled temperament and exquisite temperament in front of his eyes. He had a knot in his head, “You, are you Mingyong?” Yet? Will this height be too high, and how the gorgeous appearance looks like the cold feeling now?

“Leer.” Yan Mingyong bent over, raised his hand and touched his face, slowly sliding his fingers from the side of his face to his neck, and then continued down the collarbone, stopping in a dangerous position, as if not touching “When you take a shower, you like to let other people come in and wait, huh?” The long fingers went down and gently clicked on the bumps.

Ye Zhizhou struck a spirit, Han Mao erected from the back to the neck, grabbed his hand, looked at his eyes, his expression was sincere and sincere, “Ming Yong, long time no see, I miss you!”

“Really.” Yan Mingyong said with a light tone, a faint look, and a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. He slowly pulled out his slender hand, then held his hand against it, continued to move closer, and sprayed his breath on his face. , “Hiding me for four years … very happy?”

It’s over! After growing up, Yan Mingyong seems more dangerous! He swallowed and moved quietly back.

Yan Mingyong’s eyes suddenly deepened, holding his hand and suddenly pulling him from the water, holding his waist with the other hand, then let go of the hands to reach into the legs, and hugged firmly. , The smooth Ye Zhizhou is out of the water.

Ye Zhizhou is stupid, Princess Hug! This is too challenging for shame!

“You put me down!” He struggled hard and raised his hand to pinch his arm, only to find that the slim and slender man’s arm was actually full of muscles and strength, so he couldn’t hold it! What did the bear child eat in the past few years? I miss the sick seedling who could spank casually!

“Be nice.” Yan Mingyong didn’t care about his struggle, and the hand that lay across his back still patted his buttocks, turned and walked out, “get married tonight.”

“No! I don’t agree!”

“Then the cave first.” Yan Mingyong, who grew up, was still very good at talking.

“I can’t agree more!”

“Leer.” Yan Mingyong stopped, looked down at him deeply, with a hint of fragility in his eyes, “Don’t you like me?”

Ye Zhizhou’s struggle stopped, guilty conscience, and honestly, “No, no, I always like you …” After four years in the waves, hiding from seeing the bear child seems to be too much …

“Well, I like you too.” A smile appeared on Yan Mingyong’s face, and she walked into the inner room to put the person on the bed, leaned over, and the broad black robe half covered the body of the other person. There is a sense of beauty that seems to be leaking, “So the cave first.”

Ye Zhizhou then found himself fooled, struggling to run, but was quickly suppressed. Gradually, the struggle disappeared, turning into limbs entanglement, screaming gradually lowered, and ambiguous moaning / groaning sounded.

Holding the recently collected collection of poems to see his younger brother An Chengsheng stop at the door, then turned entangledly and left sadly. It ’s really a big deal for me …

Three days later, Ye Zhizhou was finally allowed to get out of bed, and then the wedding was held quickly. He moved from the bed of his own courtyard in the town hall to the bed of Yan Mingyong, who lives next to Xiaoyao Wangfu, and lived the life of drunken dreams.

A year later, the person sent to take care of An Chengjie sent a letter saying that the remaining poison in the other’s body was finally cleaned up, and his mind was awake, but the toxin stayed in the body for too long and lost some of his memory.

After three years, An Chengjie settled down in a small city half a month away from the capital, opened a small library, and lived with a local honest businessman.

This is another few years. The Emperor Yan collapsed. The three princes defeated all the brothers to ascend to the throne. Yan Mingyong took Ye Zhizhou to leave the capital for the first time, went to the fiefdom, and lived the life of the emperor. That happy word.

It’s been decades again, Ye Zhizhou is lying weakly in Yan Mingyong’s arms, holding his hand, sighing, “This life, I finally walked in front of you, but what should you do … I don’t want to leave you One person … “If the other party leaves first, he can go directly to the next world to find it, but he leaves first. What should the other party do in the remaining years? What’s more, the lover in this life is so bearish …

“If you’re tired, go to sleep.” Yan Mingyong raised his hand to cover his eyes, kissed his forehead down, and looked calm without the slightest sadness, “I’ll be with you soon.”

The vision is gradually blurred, and the sound in his ear is also gone. Before Ye Zhizhou can hear the words behind him, his consciousness sinks into darkness.

[The life wave disappears, the soul is ready for release, the novice practice mode ends, the official mission is started, the world is matching … The world is matched, the reward is issued, and the soul is released. ]

The small mirror in Ye Zhizhou’s waist purse shook, shattered into powder and disappeared into the air, as if it had never appeared before.

Yan Mingyongnuo opened his hand on his lover’s face, hugged the other side tightly, got up, hugged the other side, and walked towards the door, “Come, prepare a car, go to the tomb!”

Huaizhou, Dean’s successor, watched the old King Xiaoyao enter the mausoleum with her princess, closed the mausoleum door crying from the outside, knelt down and banged her head for a long time.

From today, Xiaoyao Wangfu is scattered.

Ye Zhizhou climbed up achingly, his consciousness was still holding his lover’s hand before dying.

“What else do you say, Liu Chen, run! Ah! Be careful behind your back!”

A strong rancid smell came from behind with this shout, mixed in the border for many years, and then followed by Yan Ming Yong Xi Wu strong body Ye Zhizhou is almost a conditioned reflex roll, perfectly avoiding the back The stench coming over. He looked back, and saw a half-rotten body pierced by an ice cone three steps away from him, looking very disgusted.

Wei Xu retracted the power and turned it out from a shelf. When he saw him fell to the ground, there was a trace of disgust in his eyes. He lifted up the materials collected on the ground, and said impatiently, “Hurry out if you don’t want to feed the zombies! Such a guts None, don’t ask me to take you out next time! “

The Qingxiu youth who uttered a reminder ran over quickly, pulled him up with cold sweat, and led him down while running outside the supermarket and said in a hurry, “Liu Chen, don’t run away anymore, here is a comparison of zombies Intensive, you have no ability, it is better to act with everyone, the doorway has been cleared, and we are leaving. “

Ye Zhizhou followed him passively and ran outside the supermarket, glanced at the men gathered from all sides with the supplies and the rotting corpses behind them, frowning fiercely.

These moving bodies … zombies?


“Not good! The senior zombies on the second floor were startled, run away!” Wei Xu’s face changed suddenly, while supporting other people to keep the ice wall and earth wall behind him to stop the lower-level zombies that came after him, backing up Because of the injured companion who walked slowly, he accelerated towards the large truck outside the door.

The Qingxiu youth holding Ye Zhizhou shuddered in shock, stunned, and almost fell. Ye Zhizhou quickly grabbed his arm to stabilize him, and found that there was a wound on his leg. He threw him onto his back without a word. , Ran towards the van that was near.

“Well? Liu Chen, don’t use it. You can let me down. I can run by myself. You are not physically fit. I …”

“Shut up!” Ye Zhizhou interrupted him, smelling the increasingly rancid odor in the air, spreading his spirit to wrap up the fleeing crowd, and then grabbed the steel pipe in the hands of the Qingxiu youth and forcefully inserted it to the side In the head of a zombie, he finally ran to the truck and dropped the handsome young man on his side. He sent him to the car, “Come on!” This is a world of **** tasks, and the meeting ceremony is too exciting!

The companion in the van quickly pulled the Qingxiu youth into it, then bypassed Ye Zhizhou, and ran to meet other companions who came behind.

Ye Zhizhou’s outstretched hand paused, looking at the bald man who bypassed him … brother, just don’t help, what does it mean to roll your eyes.

The Qingxiu youth rushed over and grabbed his hand and explained in a whisper, “Wang Brother is this temper, Liu Chen, leave him alone, come up quickly, Wei brother and those of them are sitting in the off-road vehicle behind them. After the palace, we have to withdraw first, so as not to drag them back. “

He retracted his eyes and got into the car with the strength of the Qingxiu youth. He looked at the zombie rushing out and wiped his face.

This world is a bit poisonous.

After getting rid of the zombies, the truck began to run wild. Ye Zhizhou sat in the corner and pretended to rest. He reached into his pocket and poked at the worn-out small mirror, and said in his heart, “Through the sky, plot information.”

The shabby little mirror shook and the light screen popped up.

The protagonist of this world is named Xu Yi. Before the end of the last days, he was an ordinary sophomore. After the end of the last days, he was awakened by the healing and space abilities. In the space, there is a spirit fountain and a piece of spiritual springs that have the function of baptism and decapitation. Lingtian, which can accelerate the maturation of plants, is simply against the sky.

Washing the pulp?

He continued to poke the small mirror, “Tongtian, people ’s space is much more useful than the one you gave me, and you can wash the marrow and plant the land, you look at you, stingy.”

The small mirror moved more violently, and then the light screen snapped back and retracted into a beam of light that penetrated into the space at his wrist. The halo flashed quickly, and he just felt that his eyes were dark. In the next second, the foreground of the eyes suddenly changed, from a mottled van into a blue sky, green land, birds and flowers, and a fairyland on earth.

“Where is this?”

[Your space, Zixudongfu. ]

“…” This is too much space for that booger.

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