There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 40: The princely wife of cold love

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The soldiers who rushed in seized the people in the camp, and Ye Zhizhou was very “lucky” to enjoy the treatment of an independent prison. He looked around the humble tent in the corner of the camp, glanced over the burning rosin and the carpet on the ground, and finally fell on the noodles and cut fruit on the table.

Bend over and touch, it’s fine, the noodles are still hot.

He sat down neatly, picked up chopsticks and ate.

“Are you afraid of poison?”

He rolled his eyes and looked too lazy to look at people. “You eat it next time.” Anyway, you can’t die if you eat it. The medicine selling system of Tongtian is very powerful!

Yan Ming stunned for a long time, walked to him with a little sullenness, sat down next to him, stretched his arms and hugged his waist, “Do not leave me for more than a day.”

Ye Zhizhou picked up a piece of melon and stuffed it into his mouth, then continued to bury his head to eat noodles. After being tossed by Yan Di and Yan Mingyong this night, he is sleepy and hungry now, but has no time to coax the sick bear child.

Yan Mingyong bites the melon, looks a bit silly and wants to spit it out, but thinks that this is the first time that Le Er feeds melon and eats it. Seeing him gobbling up sideways, he felt a little distressed, hugged his arm tightly, and asked, “You didn’t sleep all night? Didn’t you eat anything?”

Ingesting the last bite of noodles and drinking another soup, he wiped his mouth, finally willing to look straight at the person, and asked with a stern face, “Yesterday you deliberately brought me home, and you and Yan What is Emperor Yan doing? What about the other princes? “

“Brother Three and Brother Five are catching the hidden line of Brother Seven and hiding in the capital. Brother Big Brother and Brother Two are clearing up Brother Qi’s personal soldiers. The soldiers brought by Master Lei are now Lei Baofei In the dispatch, after the tonight is over and the power of the seventh brother is cleared up, we can marry off our own lives. ”Yan Mingyong has managed to raise a lot of rosy complexion recently, and now his face is slightly pale, with a hint of light on his face Weary, “In the future, the battle for that seat will have nothing to do with us. No matter who will take office in the end, the town government will still be the town government today. Yueer, you can rest assured.”

Ye Zhizhou looked at the dark shadow under him, his anger disappeared instantly, sighed, held him sideways in his arms, and touched his long hair, “You are still a little child, I thought I could stay with you slowly When you grow up, you end up … “but you are still under the care and protection of your lover … You are so useless.

“I’ve grown up.” Yan Mingyong saw that he finally agreed to himself, a smile appeared on his face, and he kissed his neck intimately, arching into his arms, “Le, you are so good, You are mine, it is mine, how can you be so good, I like you so much. “

Ye Zhizhou looked at such a lover, couldn’t help but laughed, and gently pulled his hair, then patted his back, “Well, let’s sleep for a while, I will accompany you.”

Yan Mingyong nodded in his arms, closed his eyes contentedly, and quickly fell asleep.

Lei Baofei in the suburbs of Beijing, Lei Baofei kicked the door of the dungeon, led a pair of elite soldiers, and shouted, “Check the number of people closed inside, and then confirm the identity one by one, and then take it to the Ministry of Criminal Affairs after registering and making a record. . “

The soldiers are all together, and then look at each cell.

The prisoner in one of the deepest cells suddenly moved, then quickly rushed to the door and shouted, “Is that Brother Lei? Brother Lei! It’s me, An Chengjie! I’m seven The prince arrested and tortured here for a long time, please help me out! Brother Lei, help! “

An Chengjie? Lei Baofei froze, then strode forward, squatted down and looked closely at the unkempt man inside the door, and asked in surprise, “Why are you here? Didn’t I arrange for someone to send you to the Northwest?”

An Chengjie stretched out his **** hand and grasped the door firmly, squeezed his face against the wooden railing, his expression was excited and distorted, “Brother Lei, I want the Seventh Prince to die! I want him to die!” “

Lei Baofei couldn’t help moving back, and frowned deeply at his crazy look.

[Lei Baofei’s chance of falling in love with the protagonist has been reduced to 0%. Congratulations to the host for removing the second soul flag. Please keep working hard. ]

Ye Zhizhou put on his hands for a while, looked at Yan Mingyong who was nestling in the quilt, and asked, “You say Lei Hong’s soldiers are now dispatched by Lei Baofei. So what did he take with the soldiers? “

“Go clean up those artisans who have developed explosives for Qige.” Yan Mingyong replied obediently, then came over and hugged his waist, his tone began to get heavy, “Le Er you like that Lei Baofei very much? You care so much He? “

Why did you get sick again just a while later! Putting a slap on his back, Ye Zhizhou pulled away his hand and warned with a serious face, “No more jealous, I will let you be a chicken in my life!”

Yan Mingyong plunged into the quilt face down, heard the words stiffened, and then sat up dark, honest.

“Must be married.”

Ye Zhizhou turned his tip of his ears and grinned his teeth, “What are you talking about?”

Yan Mingyong turned around and showed him the back of his head. It was rare to have some boyishness.

Just after noon, several princes who were ordered to clear the Seven Princes’ forces returned to the camp. After a quarter of an hour, Lei Baofei brought a bunch of drawings and letters to join the crowd. Yan Mingyong came out of the tent and ignited a flare after seeing something sent by several people.

Yan Mingli, who was persuading Yandi to write an epilogue in the main tent, was stunned by a signal flare, went out to check, and then was attacked by Lei Shihong from behind. He was simply tied and thrown in front of Yandi.

“You, you …” Yan Mingli stared at Lei Shihong who was standing behind Yan Emperor in surprise, and looked at Emperor Yan who had restored his usual majestic appearance, distorted his expression, “Your partner acted to deceive me! Lei Shihong, you traitor! “

“Shut up, son!” Yandi struck his chest fiercely, and he did not hide his disgust and anger. “You are a wolf-hearted thing! Actually you want to kill all your brothers and force the palace to usurp your throne. You such a wicked son! Come here, take down the beast, put him in a prison, and choose to cut it on another day!

Yan Mingli fell to the ground with a sigh of pain, and heard the words struggling madly, “No! You can’t! You are the only son I have! You can’t kill me! Brothers Four Emperors and Brothers Six Emperors There is no cure, sooner or later, you can’t kill me! “

“Who said that you only have one son?” Yandi sneered. “Rest assuredly, except for you, the other sons will live well.” The soldiers who came in waved and waved, and did not want to look at the people on the ground. .

Yan Mingli growled and was dragged down, Yan Emperor closed her eyes and removed the cold hard mask on her face, revealing a trace of exhaustion, “Lei Aiqing, did you make a mistake?”

Lei Shihong is silent.

The farce-like fall hunting is over, the seventh prince and his party feathers are quickly cleared, and the officials are too fast to react. Chaotang gradually returned to calm after some turbulence. The cake left by the Seven Princes was quickly divided up by other Princes, and the battle will continue.

A month later, the seventh prince was asked to be cut, and the last soul flag was pulled out.

In the winter of the same year, Lei Baofei volunteered to lead the army to resist the enemy. An Chengsheng unloaded a scholar’s burden. He entered the army camp despite the obstruction of the prince, and gradually faded out of the prince’s camp.

At the end of the new year, Yan Mingyong was fourteen years old. On his birthday, Emperor Yan sealed his King Xiaoyao and gave his second son, An Chengle, to the town government. The marriage period was set at four under the strong protest of the town government. The winter after the year, when Yan Mingyong was eighteen years old.

The princes are compared, the princes look weird, and when they hear the wedding, Yan Mingyong shattered the wine glass, Ye Zhizhou smiled with happiness.

On the second day of the imperial edict, Ye Zhizhou moved back to the town government on the grounds that his fiance was not allowed to meet before marriage, then quickly entered the military camp, and the troops following the supply also went to the border. Yan Mingyong, who ran to catch his wife, emptied her, and had to face the cold eyes of her future mother-in-law.

The battle in Bianguan has been on and off for three years, and Yan Mingyong also ran to Bianguan for three years. In these three years, Ye Zhizhou is like a loach that does not keep his hands. He can’t catch it and can’t even touch it. Even a glance is a luxury! When he went to Bianguan, Ye Zhizhou followed the logistics to the city next door where the wounded were housed. He rushed to the city, but Ye Zhizhou ran to the Central Plains area where he bought medicinal materials. When he arrived in Zhongyuan, Ye Zhizhou ran back to Bianguan. Later, he simply waited at the border, but the enemy rushed away several times. Ye Zhizhou was still missing. When he left, Ye Zhizhou ran away again.

Yan Mingyong suspected that someone nearby had leaked his whereabouts to Ye Zhizhou, but after checking it, he found that he had secretly acted alone, but was still perfectly avoided by Ye Zhizhou, and even his sweetheart didn’t touch any hair. With.

At this point, the former eighth prince, now the King Xiaoyao is dead and no longer tries to arrest people, and returns to the capital honestly, begins to brush the favorability of his father-in-law and then sends items to the border. .

Another year has passed, and Yan Mingyong, who once was extremely angry, has gradually matured and grown up, and has become a handsome young man with a height of eight feet and eight … As Ye Zhizhou left for more and more time, his words became less and less. Later, even when Emperor Yan came, he could hold the book without jumping around, and he was so angry that Emperor Yan scolded him against his son. .

The other princes are still fighting fiercely, but they have tacitly excluded Yan Mingyong from the battle circle. This beauty-loving person does not love Jiangshan, and he also holds a weird private soldier. They can’t afford to mess with it and don’t have to mess with it. It is still important to develop their own forces.

The residents of Jingcheng are very interested in the affection of King Xiaoyao. Gossip year after year, he cares more about the return of the second son of the father of the town than he himself.

The arrival of the new year, Ye Zhizhou, who had enough waves outside, finally returned to Beijing. He stopped in a village a few kilometers away from the city gate, looking at a beggar curled up by the road, his eyes were a little complicated.

An Chengjie was caught by Lei Baofei the night the Seventh Prince rebelled, and then sneaked away while the situation was chaotic. He has been looking for each other, but he does not want to meet in this way at the foot of Beijing.

“I am the only one who crosses me, I am the only one …” The beggar who could not see the age murmured to himself, his eyes were loose, his scarred hands were scratching casually on the ground, his nails were purple and looked like Very weird.

He sighed, dismounted and approached, not knowing what to do with the man. In recent years, he has occasionally wondered whether the way he blocked all the protagonists ’roads was too much. If he could leave the other party a way to climb up, wouldn’t the other party become the later one? A paranoid lunatic who set a fire and buried a bomb.

Unfortunately, everything is only if he has done what he should or should not do. And he was always curious whether the other party had identified his identity as a traverser, or the explosion at Kawagoe Restaurant … It was only later that he knew that Yan Mingyong flickered over An Chengjie with fake news and let An Cheng Jie thought he had died in that explosion, and let An Chengjie look away from himself.

The beggar lying on the ground noticed the person standing on the side, looked slightly to the side, then climbed up in shock, narrowed himself into a ball, and screamed hoarsely, “Ghost! There is a ghost! Don’t come Me, I didn’t mean to kill you! I didn’t mean to kill you, you go away! Go away! “

He paused and hesitated. He would get a detoxification pill from Tongtian, put it in the dry food he brought with him, and put it in front of An Chengjie. I heard that the seventh emperor had poisoned An Chengjie at first. Seeing that An Chengjie is like this, the poison must not have been cured yet … I hope it is not too late.

Stand on the horse again. He looked back at the man who had taken the dry food gobble, noted his position, and whipped away.

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