There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 38: The princely wife of cold love

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The seventh prince took an old craftsman to meet Emperor Yan. Emperor Yan did not ask any more. He gave away the reward. The next morning, Emperor Yan gave the imperial edict, proclaiming the seventh emperor Yan Mingli as king. The Emperor Yan has never established a Prince, and he has never blocked his son. Now the Seventh Prince is the first to be sealed. Everyone has different thoughts. Some guess that the Seventh Prince is going to get ahead, and some people think that the Seventh Prince is jeopardized by the emperor and misses the throne. .

Yan Mingli looked at the imperial edict on the table with a grim face, his hands tightened and relaxed, relaxed and tightened, apparently in a very bad mood.

The confidant **** leaned closer and lowered his voice. “That man is in trouble again. He said he wanted a new idea to help his Highness make a lot of money. He also said that he designed a device that could greatly improve the efficiency of farmland irrigation.”

“Oh?” Yan Mingli shook the corners of his mouth, and there was a gleam of cold light in his eyes. “He has a lot of imagination, but I don’t know if what he made this time will be turned into another and given to his father by the emperor. At first, he approached An Chengjie just to hold the stain of Zhenguo Government in his hand for future articles, but he did n’t want that An Chengjie to have some skills, and contributed a lot of formulas and drawings. An amazingly good thing such as dynamite was produced, but I did not expect that the pie dropped from the sky was actually poisonous!

The **** pours a cup of tea for him, and carefully advises, “Why does your Highness need to be so troublesome for a little man that you can raise it if it’s useful, but it’s useless to kill it. Now you have taken the lead in waiting for the king to move into the palace, You do n’t have to be as careful as you are now. “

He rubs the wall of the cup, meditating silently. The pie is so seductive that he doesn’t want to give up … it needs to think about a solution.

The Seventh Prince ’s “dedication” continues. Irrigation equipment, military defensive equipment, methods to increase crop yields, suitable Fanban seeds for introduction, and even more systematic and advanced military training methods. The response of the courtiers changed from the initial shock to the numbness later. The other princes’ eyes became stranger and stranger to the seventh prince. The seventh prince’s face became worse and worse every time, but the Emperor Yan had to pay attention to the seventh prince. As for the appearance, the reward was given in waves, and even the side concubine pointed at two in person. I heard that the concubine had asked the empress to help him.

The system prompts you to play it again and again. Finally, two days before the autumn hunt, the chance of falling in love drops to 50%. Ye Zhizhou turned off the light screen and looked at Yan Mingyong, who was playing chess with himself behind the desk, with a mixed mood. I thought that my lover in this life was so small, with a bad temper, and I definitely need to take good care of myself, but I do n’t want to be too naive. Royal children ca n’t be simple. They just made plans casually, and the other party actually did it. So far.

As the research results were announced again and again on the court as a gift, the Seven Princes ’trust in An Chengjie finally ceased to exist, and they were directly locked in a small beijing village on the outskirts of Beijing. Guarded. Recently, An Chengjie was obsessed with completing one work after another. He didn’t notice the change of his situation at all. He still wanted to support the seventh prince to become a superior after he came to power, and then tortured the dream of everyone in the town government.

“Kawagoe Restaurant? Oh.” An Chengjie turned over the drawings drawn by the craftsmen according to his vision, smiling grimly, “What about the same traverser, you have already gone to hell, and I am destined to be alone Over 10,000 people! “

A dark shadow flashed across the corner of the house, and then quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Darkness in the middle of the night.

Yan Mingyong played with the delicate dart in his hand, with a light expression, “Are he sure?”

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Come on, let people keep staring.”


Zi Jinwei left, Yan Mingyong put down his dart, looked at the person whose torture was fixed on the wall, and smiled, “Not willing to tell the truth?”

The breathless and handsome man moved and remained silent.

“It’s boney.” Yan Mingyong got up, walked in slowly, and said, “You don’t know yet, your baby lover is now king, and the scenery is beautiful. Father Huang also chose a few for him. Madam, you will only get married after picking a good day. “

The Qingxiu man finally reacted. After looking up at him, he frantically struggled. His blood-stained face was sullen, roaring hoarse and desperate.

“Not willing? Pain?” Yan Mingyong didn’t care about his hatred, turned back to the chair and sat down, continuing, “The son of the dignified Punisher Shangshu, turned out to be a man who just uses you now. The appearance is really pitiful. Do you know that besides you, there are several ‘confidants’ like you beside my seventh brother. I heard that there is a young boy named Korean who is particularly favored. That Korean … Is it your friend? “

The Qingxiu man’s eyes were cracked, his chest was violently undulating, his throat sobbed painfully, and tears began to slip in his wide eyes.

“Do you want to say?” Yan Mingyong picked up the dart again and slowly played with it.

After a quarter of an hour, the handsome man ’s emotions finally calmed down and he took a deep breath and said without expression, “I tell you everything you want to know, but I have the conditions, you have to tell me that Mingli ’s ‘confidants’ have Who. “

Yan Mingyong nodded and promised. After looking at the time, he got up and dropped the dart. “De’an, come and judge him.” Afterwards, he went out. The delay was a little long, and he should go back to sleep with Le Er. Coming out of the fake rockery outside the entrance to the dark cell, he was about to put on his cape hat, and a familiar voice came out from the rockery’s top, with a dark tone.

“So you are drowsy during the day because you came here to enjoy the scenery?”

Yan Mingyong’s action of wearing a hat was stiff, and he turned to look up at the man sitting on the rock, and pursed his lips, “Leer.”

Ye Zhizhou jumped off the rockery, pinched his finger, and sneered, “Don’t deliberately faint me, eh? You’d better give me a reliable explanation, otherwise …” With his eyes above his thigh below his waist Sweeping, making a one-size-fits-all gesture.

Yan Mingyong couldn’t help but clamp his legs.

On the day before Qiu Hunting, Shang Shushu suddenly presented his confession in the early dynasty, stating all the wrongs he had deliberately handled over the years, causing the Emperor Yan to be angry, and killing a large number of confession books. Size officials. For a time, the courtiers all threatened themselves, one after another. The princes who have acted each other recently have all been honest. They are horrified to hope that the people in their camp will not be implicated.

Yan Mingli dropped all the things that could be dropped in the study, and quickly handed the letter to the youngest son of Shang Pu, but did not want someone who had previously responded to him this time to evade his request for a meeting. Later, he took his family and left the capital city for the reason of illness. On the night, Shang Shushu committed suicide in the prison.

This event finally sounded the alarm in Yan Mingli’s heart. From the moment he got An Chengjie’s explosive / powder formula, everything started to get out of control. Now even the biggest hidden stake is betrayed. Got him!

Someone must have him behind him, who would it be?

He sat down at the table, and the eldest prince from the queen thought of the five princes from the maid, but he couldn’t figure out. Finally, he set his sights on An Chengjie. All the wrong things started after contacting each other, and the novelty that was “dedicated” to the emperor in the first time … It is not clear who is behind him, but this An Chengjie must have a problem !!

Full of anger, he disguised himself and left the palace and went to the Beijing suburbs.

An Chengjie saw him coming, happily holding a small sword-like thing to welcome him, and said excitedly, “His Royal Highness, you are right here. I have newly designed a hidden weapon to be used with the poison / medicine developed by Dr. Feng. Amazing! You see, this is a semi-finished product. “

“Oh? Hidden gear?” Yan Ming Lipi smiled and took the semi-finished product in his hands, squinted and looked carefully, “Is it smeared?”

An Chengjie no doubt suspected that he was, nodded his head and replied, “It only wipes a little, it can’t kill anyone, but it is enough to make the limbs weak. Your Highness, please be careful, don’t get caught.”

“Of course I’ll be careful.” Yan Mingli raised his hand and patted his shoulder, suddenly leaned in, pierced the semi-finished product in his abdomen, and then held his body, smiling, “hidden weapon This kind of things ca n’t be dedicated to the father, and the useless things will be given to you. ”

His eyes widened, he looked down unbelievably at the small sword in his abdomen, raised his hand to cover the wound, took two steps back, and looked at the elegant man with a distorted expression, ” Your Highness, why are you … so … “

The smile on Yan Mingli’s face disappeared, she took out her handkerchief, wiped her hands, and sneered, “I have always had little patience with the betrayer. Come, take him to the dungeon, and let the doctor watch him die. Now, I still have something to ask! “

Betrayal? What does Yan Mingli mean?

The wound was painful. I saw a few dark shadows approaching in the shaking eyes. He struggled a little, but was spread by his body. He finally gave up, and lost it with confusion and unwillingness. awareness.

[Yan Mingli and the protagonist’s chance of falling in love has been reduced to 20%, please the host to make persistent efforts. ]

Ye Zhizhou turned off the light screen, continued to read the book slowly, and ignored Yan Mingyong who had come straight to the other side.

“Leer.” Yan Mingyong shouted pitifully at him, with an expression of aggrieved and begging expression on his face, looking very pitying. Unfortunately, Ye Zhizhou, who knew exactly what he was doing, had already been immune to this and did not raise his eyelids.

Since the night of the rockery, Ye Zhizhou has begun a unilateral cold war. No matter how Yan Mingyong coaxes, it is not good to coax it. Of course, in Ye Zhizhou’s view, those behaviors that shift topics are not like coaxing people, but more like Add fuel to the fire!

Yan Mingyong pursed his lips. Seeing that he was pitiful didn’t work, he bowed his head for a while, and suddenly got up to close all the doors. Then he stood in front of Ye Zhizhou and took away his book.

Ye Zhizhou, who has been observing his movements, raised his eyebrows, raised his eyes and looked at him without speaking.

Yan Mingyong put the book aside, raised his hand, and untied his belt.

Huh? What is this doing? He was very puzzled, but remembered that the two were still in the Cold War and pressed the urge to speak again.

The black belt slipped to the ground, followed by the golden crown of hair. Recently, some fat arms were exposed from the slipped wide sleeves, and there was a warm light in the warm afternoon sun. Thin fingers caught the belt and slowly pulled away.

Sink! Bear boy, what are you doing!

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