There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 34: The princely wife of cold love

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Ye Zhizhou found that Yan Mingyong was drowsy these days. He often fell asleep after turning a few pages after lunch. After finding that his lover was sleeping on the couch again, he finally could not help but shouted that he had come to the doctor. As a result, the Taiyi doctor didn’t find any problems after looking at it for a long time, but scared the emperor who had taken the time to see his son.

“Is it all right?”

“Going back to the emperor, your highness is intact, and your body is nourished. Maybe you can accompany the emperor to sacrifice this year.” The Taiyi said that he was in a good mood. The eighth prince used to be scolded as soon as he was ill in the hospital, but now he is okay. The eighth prince is getting stronger and stronger. The emperor is in a good mood. Not only does he not scold them, but he also gives the tai hospital a reward from time to time.

“Well, yes, reward!” Yan Di heard the words and she was so happy, only to think that the old face of Taiyi became young and handsome, thinking about it and asking again, “Yi Yonger’s body now Condition, can I go for the autumn hunt two months later?

The Taiyi thought back, “If you are careful not to be overworked, you can still go.”

“Very good!” Yandi laughed directly this time, just like all ordinary fathers in the world, rejoicing at the slight improvement of his sick son.

Ye Zhizhou looked at the Emperor Yan and sighed in his heart. Although the Emperor Yan had many sons, each one was not only his son, but only Yan Mingyong, who had a humble mother status and no relatives. His age was much different from other princes. It was not a threat to the throne. Emperor Yan is reassured to be in the presence of his father’s love. In addition, Yan Mingyong has saved his life indirectly … Blessed by fate, blessed by fate, Yan Mingyong’s illness is his best protection / umbrella, etc. In the future, his health improved completely, and he did not know if Yandi would care about this son like he does now.

The Taiyi didn’t see the reason for Yan Mingyong’s drowsiness, and Tongtian couldn’t scan for any problems. Although Ye Zhizhou was worried, there was nothing he could do. He could only try to convince himself that this was a normal condition that adolescent children would have in their bodies.

Yan Mingyong saw his worry and knew that he secretly asked for a doctor, but in order to enjoy this joy of being cared for and valued, he pretended not to know anything and continued to “sleepiness” With.

After three days, An Chengjie will participate in the literary festival hosted by Yingtian College in the original story. On this day, he will be appreciated by Liu Qingfeng, a university scholar, and then be accepted as a disciple by the other party. On the road to conquering the literati circle. Ye Zhizhou remembered this story when he was in Chuanyue, and he wanted to take Yan Mingyong together for fun, but now seeing his sleepiness like this, worried that he can’t stand going out to toss, then he dispelled this idea.

So, Yan Mingyong, who had finished making up, found that Ye Zhizhou left the book and left. The warm sun spread in the afternoon, blurred the corners of the slip of paper on the pillow, and blurred the expression that instantly gloomed on his face.

At the time of the spring and summer alternation, the last batch of peach blossoms under Guiyuan Temple bloomed beautifully. Ye Zhizhou nest was under a peach tree, while he was cuddling seeds while listening to the students ’poems, words and articles. It’s going to grow grass.

An Chengsheng got out of the small circle in the center, and looked around to find his brother in the corner. He sighed helplessly, “Leer, you are sixteen years old, still don’t want to settle down to study?”

Since sending the collection of poems, An Chengsheng’s attitude towards him is getting better and more tolerant, and Ye Zhizhou is very satisfied with it. Listening to what he said at this time, he nodded shamelessly and said, ” I do n’t want to read. I ’m not reading. I ’m going to make a lot of money! A while ago my mother gave me a dowry shop. I changed it to a restaurant and made a lot of money. Many family members who have no talent for reading and studying will eventually choose to become businessmen through family shading, which is also a good way out, but it is not as honorable as reading in the officialdom.

An Chengsheng did not have the heart to let his stupid brother go to the mall, and continued to persuade him, “You do n’t have to read so much, just get a jinshi, and then you will be a casual little official in Hanlin Academy. I And father can protect you. “

Just take a jinshi? With the original owner’s ink, the talents could not pass the exam! Ye Zhizhou groaned in his heart, but his face was simple and stupid. “But the officialdom is terrible. You know, my brother, I don’t have a good mind. I ca n’t lose money in business. If I am an official, I will lose my life directly. Anyway, I do n’t want to be an official. ”He resolutely kept the original owner ’s mindless setting and continued to bait.“ And if I make a lot of money, I’ll go and find a collection of ancient poems for my brother. The copy I copied to you last time seems to have For a series, I still want to collect it for the elder brother. “A lot of books about poems in the space were bought by Ouyang Zhi when he was doing charity, probably enough to copy more than a dozen” ancient poem collections “, which fools An Chengsheng Enough is enough.

An Chengsheng was so excited when he heard his words that he didn’t persuade him to read. He asked eagerly, “Is this really a series? How many other books are there?”

“I don’t have a frown.” He glanced at the cheap brother who was about to shine green, pointing at the entrance of the Wenhui, and said, “But I saw Brother Cheng Jie, did you invite him?” The subtext meeting is based on an invitation letter. As a champion, An Chengsheng has a lot of invitation functions. It is normal for An Chengjie to get one. In the original plot, An Chengjie relied on An Chengsheng to enter. This literary meeting.

I didn’t expect An Chengsheng to frown when he heard what he said, and gave a negative answer, “I haven’t invited, the second brother may have got it from somewhere else.” A while ago, he was very very conscious of this uncle Appreciation, I think the other party is also a poet who loves poetry, but this time the other party ran out every day and showed no sign of intention to read, the appreciation gradually faded, but it was a pity that the other party’s talent and aura …

“This way …” Ye Zhizhou packed the peeled melon seeds in a cloth bag, ready to take them out and throw them away. He collected the seeds and clapped his hands and said, “Cheng Jie is better at learning than me. He comes to be sure Some amazing words are coming out again, let’s go and support him! “After saying that, dragging An Chengsheng’s arm and dragging to the other side, unwilling to miss a good show for a while.

An Chengsheng was thinking about it. He almost dragged him to stand still, and then he could n’t help but touch his head funnyly. “I was angry when I saw the second brother like a hedgehog a while ago, but now I can I treated it normally, my father said it well, and we really grew up. “

Yeah, yeah, when I grow up, the core has changed, and I’ve grown for hundreds of years. He thought silently, looking for Liu Qingfeng’s figure in the crowd while walking, wondering how to let the other party listen to An Chengjie’s “masterpiece” for a while.

At this time, the Wenhui Club started not long ago. Most of the students just gathered together to connect with each other. Many people around An Chengjie were mostly poets. Some other students were standing not far from him. At this time, they saw him coming, but they were far away.

Ye Zhizhou finally found Liu Qingfeng’s short old man in the crowd, so he deliberately dragged An Chengsheng to the place where the other party could hear himself, and asked loudly, “Brother, how can I be there?” The group of people have seen the second brother run away in the past. Do they not like the second brother? “

“It’s not … well, it’s just a different circle.” An Chengsheng was stumped by his question and answered rather vaguely. The part of the students who took the imperial examination path most disliked was people like An Chengjie who would only show off some poems, but they were mutually exclusive in the circle of literati. He didn’t want to let his younger brother know, and he always felt a bit ashamed.

He wanted to vague the past, but Ye Zhizhou didn’t want to do what he said. He said suddenly, “I know, they are the students of the examination system this year, right? I heard others say that they seem to hate the second one in particular. Brother’s not thinking about progress, but I don’t think so. The second brother’s poems are so well done, even if they don’t study hard, how can they do things for the people without taking the imperial examinations or entering the officialdom, a few poems come out, Does n’t everyone respect him very much? “


An old voice suddenly sounded not far behind them, and Ye Zhizhou turned around in surprise, frowning, “How can you eavesdrop on our conversation, gentleman, not a gentleman.”

An Chengsheng guessed the identity of the speaker after hearing the old voice, and tore up Ye Zhizhou’s sleeve to signal him not to speak back, to pay respectfully to the old man, and apologized, “Liu The adults forgive me, but the younger brother is indifferent, and the students will be disciplined when they return. “

Liu Qingfeng is very satisfied with An Chengsheng’s champion. Seeing him so, his face eased a bit, Chao Zhizhou said, “The flashy knowledge can only be recognized by the world for a short time. Reading is a lifelong matter. For the country and the people, diligence is essential, and we must not be so arrogant in the future. “

Ye Zhizhou was busy pretending to be ashamed and nodded. Then he took out another copy of the mixed poem collection from his arms and passed it with his hands. “Thank you for your guidance, thank you, please. Be sure to do it. “

Liu Qingfeng is a fan of books. When he saw the book he handed in, he took it over and opened it. Then he realized that this was not appropriate, and he could not help but feel awkward.

“It’s just a collection of ancient poems copied by the younger brother, Mr. can accept it.” An Chengsheng quickly explained.

Liu Qingfeng just relaxed and continued to read the book. “It was originally copied by the younger brother, the word … heh, of course ~ ~ the most important thing is the content, this poem … uh?!”

An Chengsheng smiled, Ye Zhizhou was satisfied, and An Chengjie’s side suddenly made a loud noise. One student said excitedly, “Brother Cheng Jie is very talented, this poem praising peach blossom is a wonderful grade! For whom to stay, deeply dyed Peach peaches. You will wake up before you are drunk. You will worry about the time when you want to drive. The moth … “

“The mad moth flutters the lights, it ’s hard to catch the electricity, and Lei Lei is shocked by the electricity. Why is the pear blossom empty like snow? It is also called spring / color is leisurely.” Looking intently at the vocal student, Shen Sheng asked, “Who said you wrote this poem?”

The student then looked at Liu Qingfeng, who was walking slowly forward, stupidly, stuttering, “Yes Cheng, Brother Cheng Jie … Mr. Liu Lao, how can you take the sentence, clearly this poem Just now … “

Liu Qingfeng looked at An Chengjie with a complexion. “I was obviously a masterpiece of ancient poetry. When did it become your child’s work? I must talk to you today!”

An Chengjie was shaken by the old man’s sharp eyes and panicked.

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