There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 30: The princely wife of cold love

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The garden was quiet again, but this time everyone was frightened by the young man who suddenly appeared and Ye Zhizhou who didn’t know what to stun.

“Wouldn’t you?” The boy slowly retracted his hands, bowed his head slightly, and black hair fell across his shoulders from the back and fell to his chest, blending into the black golden robe, “Dean, push me over. “

The middle-aged **** with an ordinary appearance respectfully should push him slowly to Ye Zhizhou.

I didn’t feel that the other party was slightly blocked by the flowers and trees before, but now that people come closer, the sense of danger becomes more serious. Ye Zhizhou instinctively tightened his back, and clenched his hands unconsciously, causing the rattle to make a dull percussion.

The black robe boy’s eyes moved to his hand, the slender eyelashes moved, and the hand resting on the leg was lifted again, but in the direction of his hand, the wide sleeves slid down in motion, exposing a Cut the pale and thin wrists, “This little drum …” The white and thin fingers put on the back of his hand and pressed it slightly, “Give it to me?”

The place that is held on the back of the hand is cool, and the place that the other person looks at is also a bit cool. He couldn’t help but move, but didn’t pull it away completely. His eyes scanned the gold crown between the hair of the teenager and the complicated golden dark lines on the belt. He pressed the creepy feeling in his brain, and whispered, “Eight Prince?”

“Don’t give this?” The teenager slowly retracted his hands and looked straight at him, suddenly holding up the wheelchair armrest with both hands, and stood up with difficulty, not knowing when to bring a trace of sick red “Why didn’t you come?”

Ye Zhizhou is scared by this weird boy. It’s obviously spring weather, and the scenery in the garden is also first-rate. The air even brings a scent of flowers from the warm wind. This man’s eyes and tone made him feel like he was on the lake after the snow in winter. The scenery was cold, the wind was cold, and the air was cold. Even the people were cold.

After standing up, the young man became more and more eye-catching. He was obviously a heavy and oppressive black robe gold belt, but there was a soft feeling that he couldn’t catch. Step by step, he walked slowly in front of Ye Zhizhou. The black eyes watched him without moving, raising his hands, resting on his shoulders, then leaning slowly, leaning his head on the position of his heart. , Closed my eyes, “Caught you, you are mine.”

What the hell!

Some guessing the identity of the other party, Ye Zhizhou didn’t dare to move, just stood rigidly, because the nervous energy began to scurry around the body, “Well … Do you want this rattle? Take a step back , I’ll send you. “The other person is obviously just a young man half short than himself, but the strange momentum of the whole body has made him unconsciously weak and shameful! Too shameful!

The strength on your shoulders increases slightly, then slowly moves towards your neck.

… Why hold tighter! A faint medicinal scent came from the boy’s body, and then drifted into the nose along the warm wind. He uneasily raised Aung’s neck and looked at the middle-aged **** standing next to the wheelchair. “Dean Dean, your master … “

A slight tingling sensation suddenly came from the back of the neck. After that, the brain sank sharply, the body was soft, and the mental power surrounding him gradually stopped. “You …” He lowered his head in surprise, looking to lean on The boy in his arms slowly collapsed, and as soon as his eyes became dark, he knew nothing.

The other teenagers in the garden watched Ye Zhizhou fainted, hugged by the boy in a black robe and sat in a wide wheelchair, then pushed away by the silent **** along the flower-filled path, silly.

“Ah, ah! An Chengle was captured by the monster!” Liu Gongzi, who had mocked Ye Zhizhou before, suddenly screamed, breaking the strange peace in the garden. The other teenagers turned back to each other and looked at each other in shock, their faces full of confusion and overwhelmed.

A gray-haired **** suddenly entered the garden with a large group of black robe guards, and announced, “Today’s feast is over. Please leave the guards with these guards. The reward from the emperor’s royal gift has been sent to the houses. Stay, don’t say what you shouldn’t say, otherwise … “

The teenagers who have little experience in life are frightened by his meaningful tone and the weird smile that suddenly appears. They all bow their heads and make a sound, like a quail only shrinking in its nest.

The **** smiled with satisfaction and waved at the guard behind him, turning and chasing after the boy left.

When Ye Zhizhou woke up, he found that he had reached home. Mrs. Zhen Guo was sitting by his bed and wept silently. There was a tall man standing beside the bed a few steps away. The bed account blocked the sight and made him invisible. Clear each other’s looks.

“Yaner, it’s not me who is cruel, now that the decree has been issued, there is nothing I can do for my husband.”

Mr. Lou Yanqi, the wife of Zhen Guo ’s wife wiped her tears, crying with entreaty and fear in her voice, “Is there really no other way? Le’er came into the palace one day and then lay back. If she lives in the future, Inside the palace … “

“If it doesn’t work …” Zhen Guogong, An Wenhua, looked at his wife with swollen eyes, sighed, stepped forward to hold her, patted her back calmly, and thought, “Tomorrow I Go and ask the emperor to see if you can change to a companion candidate. Cheng Jie is much better than Le Er in literary talent, and should be able to … “

Huh? Substitution? !!

“No! Kekekeke …” Speaking too quickly, I was choked by saliva. He sat up and followed the air, and said in a hurry, “I am willing to read as the eighth prince, and my father must not disobey the decree for me!” Do not change the protagonist in, but the seventh prince is still in the palace. !!

Lou Yanqi distressed him smoothly, and he was disturbed and anxious when he heard the words, “What is your child’s strength, and where is it so good to read, not to mention that this time the eighth prince asked for reading You have to live in the palace. It’s just your temperament. Today, you just lay back, and later, later … “Then I choked again, and tears fell again.

“Mother.” He made a serious expression, held her hand, and said earnestly, “The eighth prince has a weird temperament. We rashly ask for a substitution, and it is likely to offend him. The emperor attaches so much importance to the eighth prince now. Thanks to the emperor’s heart at this time … Father, mother, Chunyi just passed, it will be a palace test immediately, I can’t drag my eldest brother at this time. “

Lou Yanqi heard the words stunned, An Wenhua gave him a surprised look, his serious expression softened a lot, raised his hand and touched his head, and sighed, “Le’er has grown up and knows to consider for his family. . Reading for the eighth prince is not easy, do you think about it? “

“Thinking well, I will work hard to do it well.” He solemnly promised, then looked at Lou Yanqi and pulled her hand, “Mother, just follow me …”

Lou Yanqi leaned over and hugged him, crying more and more sad, “You silly child …”

Finally coaxed the crying mother and serious father. He lay down on the bed, pulled his sleeves and wiped his face, turned over to the pillow and touched, “Through the sky?”

A purse with black embroidery on the pillow suddenly trembled. He froze and took the purse to open it. Seeing that Tongtian was lying inside, there was a small note next to it. A faint scent of ink came in with a mixture of medicinal scent, and he raised his eyebrows, and took out the note to unfold it.

“When I wake up, you will be here. Mingyong.”

Yan Mingyong, the eighth son of the emperor, the emperor’s last son, the birth mother is Hui Jiechi, who was born with poison and has been in poor health. At the age of eleven, he accidentally drunk the rebels to the emperor. He saved a small life, but turned into a super sick seed that fell down. The emperor felt very guilty and sympathetic to him. He was almost responsive and was one of the few nobles in the palace who could not offend.

It’s a super sick seedling that blew down. The medicine is very skilled.

“Yan, Ming, Yong.” He grinded his teeth in a dimly, raised his hand to touch the stabbed part of his neck, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes. Scaring people, wait for me to enter the palace and wait for me! “

After returning from Tianancheng Sheng, he hurried to the courtyard of Ye Zhizhou as soon as he got home. He packed all the luggage that the little sisters had packed almost back into the cabinet, and said, “I do n’t need a younger brother in my future. Change your life! Stop it for me! “

Ye Zhizhou looked at this handsome and cheap brother, but he couldn’t substitute him with concern at this time to the cold-blooded brother who lived for the protagonist regardless of his brother’s life.

“Brother.” He motioned to Changshun and Changfu to get out, stepped forward and pressed An Chengsheng, who was full of anger, to the chair and sat down, poured a cup of tea and pushed it, and said carefully. There is no room for turning around, brother, calm down. “

“How do you want me to calm down!” Anguish stunned the table, An Chengsheng’s face was full of anxiety, “Lele you do not know, the eighth prince Yan Mingyong is not as simple as it seems, before he rarely Not all people appear because people are too bad to get out of bed, but-“

The door was slammed open, and the boy in a black robe in a wheelchair looked straight into the direction of An Chengsheng, his eyes rolling with unknown emotions, “But what? An Shizi.”

An Chengsheng suddenly changed his face, stretched out his hand and grabbed Ye Zhizhou’s arm to pull the person behind to block him. His gentle and gentle breath sank sharply, “His Royal Highness Eighth, don’t come here.”

“Don’t come without fuss.” Yan Mingyong stood up with a wheelchair armrest, and slowly smiled on his face. “Jiangnan fraud, Huainan private salt case, Fangtong of the Ministry of Justice, Wen Qian of the Ministry of Public Affairs, Yuanchunyi of the Ministry of Households , Yang Youcai, Zuoying, Western Army … Is that enough? “

An Chengsheng’s body shook, and his eyes were already horrified, his body was tight, his hands were in fist, and his forehead was covered with a thin layer of cold sweat. How could the secret prince and the hidden prince eight princes buried in various ministries know? !! Is there a traitor in himself?

The more I heard, the more confused Ye Zhizhou stepped out, and frowned slightly, “What are you talking about?” What kind of fraud case is private salt case, he doesn’t remember mentioning it in the system? Did Tongtian start to collapse again?

[Please trust the system. ]

Ignoring the light screen, he looked at Yan Mingyong outside the door, grinning at the bad water and grinning, and said intimately, “His Royal Highness, have you come to hear the story?”

Yan Mingyong looked at his smile, his eyes flickered, and he slowly stepped forward. He didn’t take two steps and suddenly stopped to bend down and cough. Then he covered his lips with one hand and held the door frame slowly, and slowly fell to the ground. go with.

Ye Zhizhou had a smile on his face. Seeing his weakness as he was about to return to the west, the alarm bell in his heart made a rush, and he rushed over to squat and supported him. what! If you hang here, the emperor must destroy the town government!

Coughing again, Yan Mingyong took away his hand covering his mouth, suddenly suddenly grabbed his arm, leaned forward, leaned on the corner of his mouth with blood stains, but his face was a very contented smile. “Caught you again … you are mine, mine.”

Yao Xiang started to drill into his nose again. He looked down at the blood stains on his sleeves, and looked at the teenager’s pale face and bloodshot blood on the corners of his mouth. What to do, the eighth prince is a neuropathy, who reads something, is he too late to regret it now?

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