There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 3: Domineering brother-in-law falls in love with me

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Madam, what kind of monster are you making?

Ye Zhizhou was stunned by her timid tone, could not help taking a step back, and said, “I didn’t hate you, I just didn’t like you.”

“Xiao Yang, are you blaming me, right?” Bai Li choked and said softly, “Are you blaming me for not agreeing to be your English tutor yesterday? Xiao Yang, I didn’t mean it, I just I heard that Brother Yun has a problem with insomnia. I want to take more time to prepare soothing tea to help him fall asleep. After all, it is very uncomfortable to sleep well after all. There is a hint of shyness.

Ye Zhizhou’s eyes widened. shy? !! Isn’t it right? The heroine already likes Yun Ke now? So fast? This is different from what is stated in the information! Should n’t this be just gratitude and worship?

[Insufficient energy in the system, data may be missing, and the plot is based on actual development. ]

… system you bear.

Wait, insomnia? Ye Zhizhou accurately captured the plot point in the heroine’s words. There is indeed such a piece of information in the information. When the hostess came to Yunzhai and found that Yunke had always suffered from insomnia. He could not cure it if he could cure it. In the past, I hope this scented tea can alleviate his symptoms a little. Originally, it was only a small concern, but I did not expect that the effect of this flower tea was particularly good. Yun Ke fell asleep on the day after drinking. The heroine was very happy to see this, and began to make him tea every day. He even had a high fever and could hardly get out of bed!

For a person with long-term insomnia, the attractiveness of a good night’s sleep is huge. In addition, the hostess is so concerned about the intimate behavior. Yun Ke, who is hard-hearted, is gradually moved by the hostess and moves quietly. Heart …

Ye Zhizhou ’s mission radar turned on quickly, looking down at the tea tray in the female lead ’s hand, is this the thing …

Bai Li saw that he didn’t reply, and stared at the tea tray in his hand, explaining, “This is what I said is the soothing tea, which was made until midnight yesterday.” After looking at Yun Ke, ” Brother Yun, I can help you bring the tea to … “

It really is the terrible scented tea!

—— Absolutely, yes, no, let Yun Ke drink!

“Wait.” He interrupted Bai Li aloud, and looked at her seriously and asked, “Sister Li Li, aren’t you having amnesia, how can you make flower tea? Have you recovered your memory?”

Bai Li was stunned by him, seeing Yun Ke looking at himself with a scrutiny, he shook his head and said, “No, I still can’t remember anything. As for making tea with flowers … I see these things and I Think I will … “

“You can’t even let Yunge drink this.” He shook his head, looked at Bai Li with disapproval, and said gravely, “Sister Lily, I know you are kind, but this is the entrance after all Things, it ’s better to be careful. You do n’t want to help you against Brother Yun? ”

“No, I’m not …” Bai Li was anxious and explained to Yun Ke anxiously: “Brother Yun, of course, I won’t harm you. I have drunk this tea, I think it’s OK to bring it here. … “

“What, you have already drunk?” Ye Zhizhou’s eyes widened in surprise, exaggeratedly, “You actually gave Yun Yun what you have left?”

“No, no, I just tasted a little …”

“Are you sure you can taste this scented tea just after you taste it? How can you be so careless and arbitrary, Sister Lili!”

“No, I’m not … Xiaoyang!” Bai Li was agitated by his frequent interruptions and couldn’t help screaming.

Ye Zhizhou shut up decisively, looking up at Yun Ke, with some grievances in his eyes, “Brother Yun, don’t blame me, I’m just worried about you. The teacher said in class today that the unknown origin is nothing. The product ca n’t eat. “

Both things she prepared carefully were criticized as “Sanwu products of unknown origin”, and Bai Li almost fainted. She took a deep breath to hold back her anger, adjusted her expression, and said softly, “Xiaoyang, I know you blame me for pushing you to learn English, but you can’t make fun of Brother Yun’s insomnia because you are angry, you don’t understand , Insomnia is uncomfortable, I … “

“I didn’t blame you.” Ye Zhizhou looked at her with a look on her face, puzzled. “Teaching English is just a joke, sister Lili, don’t you take it seriously? Are you all amnesia, even if you think, I I dare not ask you to help me with my tuition. What if the grammar is misrepresented? “

Bai Li feels she is about to explode. What the **** is this **** little fat guy taking today, why should she target her! If it weren’t for making a good impression on Brother Yun, she wouldn’t, and wouldn’t, go all out for a nasty fat man!

“Brother Yun …” She bit her lip and smiled reluctantly. She was bullied by Du Yang but didn’t care about it, whispered: “Xiao Yang is like a temper, this tea is my intention. For you … “

“Xiao Yang never loses his temper.” Yun Ke, who had been listening to them in silence, finally opened his mouth, but the words made Bai Li cold from head to toe. “Please ask Miss Bai not to inquire about the host’s news in the future. , Flower tea I lead. “After speaking, no longer look at her, turned and walked towards the stairs.

Ye Zhizhou couldn’t help but widen his eyes, then blinked, his eyes frowning. Did he succeed in destroying the female tea guide? And just now Yun Ke was talking to him?

Good job, lord!

“Not yet able to follow up.” Yun Ke stopped at the stairs and turned to look at him, very dissatisfied with his grievances, “Don’t forget to get the transcript and test paper.”

“Oh, okay, here it is.” He was busy converging the joy on his face, holding up his school bag, **** and fart.

For the second time today, Bai Li watched the backs of the two disappeared into sight, feeling worse than the first!

Abominable, abominable! Damn Du Yang! If it weren’t for him, or for him … Brother Yun had never been so cold to himself! It’s all his fault!

Her fingers on the tea tray turned white, her expression gradually twisted.

It’s just a fat man under a fence, what kind of genealogy does the host put on! When she waits …

At a point where others can’t see, Bai Li’s eyes have always been gentle and affable.

Ye Zhizhou’s happiness lasted less than ten minutes.

“Chinese 85, Mathematics 72, English 53, Mathematical Physics and Chemistry scored a total of 113 points, the second lowest in the class, the 586th grade … Du Yang, I think you have grown recently.”

Cold tone, dark face, unpleasant air field, if there is substantial dissatisfaction.

No wonder the original owner is more and more timid. It is really difficult for such a child to have such a horrible parent. Although this result is really too terrible …

“Speak, and don’t lower your head.” Yun Ke knocked at the desk.

Ye Zhizhou hurriedly raised his head, looked straight at his gaze, and patted his schoolbag, assuring: “Brother Yun, I can’t play well this time, I will take the exam next time!” S-level mental strength, just a few high school textbooks. Just a little, you can learn it by flipping it.

See you again, the spirited look full of vigor.

It’s not an illusion … Yun Ke quickly regained his mind after a brief stint, and when looking at Ye Zhizhou again, the air-conditioner of his whole body finally dissipated, and his attitude also moderated, “It seems that you have indeed grown up.” The teenager is slowly changing. Cowardly personality becomes confident, which is good.

Can’t figure out whether the other person’s sentence is ironic or really compliment, Ye Zhizhou cleverly kept silent.

“Okay, you go out.” Yun Ke, who never talked nonsense, put down his report card, waved at him, and picked up the papers on the table.

This should be over. Ye Zhizhou could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, stepped forward to collect the transcripts and test papers on the table, stuffed them into a schoolbag, and walked towards the door.

“Are you afraid of me?”

Ye Zhizhou, who had already put his hand on the doorknob, was frightened by his sudden voice, and his heart skipped a beat. When he looked back, he was still looking at the documents without looking up. He paused, and said nicely, “No.” Admitting that he was a little embarrassing to him, this is too shameful for future people!

“Hmm.” Yun Ke still didn’t look at him, and casually turned the document over a page, as if he didn’t care what he answered.

Ye Zhizhou was suffocated, forbeared, and said deliberately: “Brother Yun, I know how to help you sleep well.”

Yun Ke heard the gesture of holding a signature pen for a while, finally looked up and gave him a look, and then withdrew it two seconds later. He simply signed the document and said lightly, “Don’t make trouble, go back to the room and read the book. Go, I will let Fober send you supper.

… You forget about insomnia!

Ye Zhizhou turned indignantly, and deliberately closed the door when he went out.

In the study, Yun Ke put down his papers and glanced at the door, his thin lips ticking slightly.

At 11:30 in the middle of the night, Ye Zhizhou quietly opened the window of the room, reached out half of his body and looked at the next door. He knocked on the vanity box in his hand and asked in a low voice: “Are you sure I can hear Yun Ke here? Here? “

[OK. ]

“That line.” He took the old harmonica found in the corner of Yunjiaqin Room from his pants pocket, wiped it, shoved it to his mouth, and blew it up.

On a quiet night, the clear harmonica swayed down the breeze. Ye Zhizhou carefully condensed his mental power into thin threads and wrapped it around the floating notes, slowly squeezed into the next room through the window slit, and floated towards the only living thing in the house.

Yun Ke, who was drowsy in bed, opened his eyes with a feeling, but found nothing abnormal, only a humming harmonica sound came from next door.

Xiao Yang hasn’t slept so late?

He frowned, and when he was about to get up, the harmonica suddenly became louder. The sound of the piano sounded like soft feathers rumbling through the eardrum, causing an itching from the heart for no reason, making him unable to help raising his hands and rubbing his ears. The next second, a long-lost drowsiness suddenly struck his mind. He remembered that the teenager who was not obedient to sleep late next door wanted to fight against the sudden drowsiness, but he gradually relaxed in the softer piano sound. Heartstrings, fell into a black sweet dreamland.

Ye Zhizhou gradually stopped playing in the next room, carefully regaining his mental strength, and silently grinned.

I finally fell asleep, and the male lead’s insomnia has been saved. Now let’s see what else the female lead takes to touch the male lead’s heart!

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