There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 28: The princely wife of cold love

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Zhang Xinran left Weibo after leaving a line saying “Goodbye in the entertainment industry” when the netizens were scolded the most. A month later, she sold all her assets and left the country by herself, missing.

After she disappeared for a week, a lot of Liu Feifei ’s photos / photos suddenly burst out on the Internet. At this time, Liu ’s father had been sacked because of multiple decision-making mistakes that caused the company to suffer huge losses. This time, never People can protect her.

Ye Zhizhou put down his cell phone, and was angry.

“What’s wrong?” Ouyang Chun hugged him from behind and kissed his earlobe sideways. “Want to do the wedding at home or abroad?”

“No,” he banged his head back and hit him, “is everything resolved?”

“Um.” Ouyang Chun ignored his refusal to hold a wedding and raised his hand to help him sort his messy hair. “I asked Qing Xiao to set up a plane ticket three days later, and this time Er will also be with us Go, the boss is not assured to keep him in the domestic mixed entertainment circle, ready to let him go behind the scenes.

“That’s all right.” He shook his head and shook his hands away from his head, turned around and hugged his lover’s waist, and stunned, “We’ll be together forever.”

Ou Yangchun’s eyebrows softened, a happy and content smile appeared on his face, and he kissed his hair, “Well, stay together.”

Three years later, the heroine who changed her appearance and married a bookstore manager in country R, ​​Ouyang Zhi and the heroine ’s last 5% chance of falling in love is finally zero, and the remaining soul flag is removed .

Fifty years later, Ou Yangchun, who had entered the state of retention, held her back and refused to leave. Ye Zhizhou held back his tears and helped him to manage his hair. Come with you. “

Ou Yangchun clenched his hand tightly and took a hard breath, and said dumbly, “I’m sorry … next life, wait …”

“I know.” He watched him gradually lose his breath, and his tears finally fell. “You said, next life … if you remember to find me, I will try to find you … you must come.”

The system pops up the light screen in time, [Do you enter the next world? ]

He climbed up / bed into his lover’s arms, touched his lover’s young face, closed his eyes, and clicked OK in his heart.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a delicate screen of flowers and birds. He moved and found that he was sitting in a large wooden bucket filled with warm water. There was a delicate wooden frame beside the bucket. Several silk robes hung.

This time is ancient? He raised his hand and touched the long hair on his shoulders, something novel.

A small mirror with a simple handle on the shelf suddenly moved, then the light screen popped up, and large sections of text appeared, which seemed a bit out of place in this ancient room.

He picked up the small mirror and turned it over. “Tongtian, this time you look more pleasing to the eye than the previous two times, and it looks quite like the space tattoo on my wrist.”

The small mirror shook and the light screen flickered, as if to urge him to look at the information quickly.

“I’m really anxious.” Putting down the mirror, he wiped the water from his face and looked at the light screen.

The protagonist of this world is named An Chengjie. He is the sister-in-law of Zhen Guogong An Wenhua. He grew up in Zhuangzi because he was rejected by his mother and mother, and his life was very hard. At the age of eighteen, he fell into the water unfortunately, whimpered, and then occupied the body with a touch of modern-dressed soul.


An Chengjie, who changed his core, showed his good ability. He first cleaned up the evil servant who bullied the original owner, and then rectified the order of Zhuangzi up and down. At the end of the year, at a literary meeting, with the fame of a poem about chanting plum, the name of genius passed to Beijing. Zhenguo Gong noticed this increasingly good sister-in-law, and despite his wife’s resistance, he waved his hand and sent someone to take him back to Beijing.

On the way back to Beijing, he accidentally rescued one of the male masters—Lei Baofei, the only son of General Lei Shihong, from the gangsters by coincidence. The two took each other back to Beijing. Buddy.

After crossing Wen ’s usual routine, after arriving in Beijing, the two separated. After entering the town government, An Chengjie began to fight with the family, the mother, the brother, and the second family, and then worked hard to open the restaurant meeting room to open the treasure hall. Opening a jewellery shop, in the gap between earning status and earning money, he did not forget to participate in a few poetry conferences to brush the name of genius. Finally, his name was noticed by the person sitting on the throne, and he asked him to do it. Accompanied by the emperor’s eighth son.

At this point, except that this is a basic world that surprised Ye Zhizhou a little, the plot is still normal, until he sees the identity of the male lead—the first son of Zhen Guogong, An Chengsheng.

Although the description is vague, An Chengsheng finally married his wife and gave birth to a child, but for the protagonist to clean up the wickedness of his own younger brother, for the cruelty of the protagonist who has always supported the prince, and the “collect The state of crazy fans of all of An Chengjie’s poems and “remembering every day, missing every day …” The most important thing is that this person also has a soul flag! Although he has no relationship with the protagonist, and his feelings are ambiguous and unbreakable, but he does have a soul flag, and the flag is moving around the protagonist’s head!

Half-brother … No wonder the world is over!

Continuing to look down, he found that he was still too naive. It turned out that there is not only one of the two male lords in the world who ruined the Three Views, but also one of the three male lords who will become emperors in the future-the Emperor Qiziyan. Ming Li!

The future emperor will be able to collect in the harem, which is great for my protagonist.

Yan Mingli and An Chengjie met in a royal poaching. At that time, An Chengjie was designed by the second son An Chengle, who was jealous of his son Guoguo. He was unfortunately separated from his subordinates and teammates and lost in the jungle. Then they met the Emperor Qizi, who was also lost, and they met. After getting out of trouble, the emperor’s seventh son felt An Chengjie’s similar experience and family status with himself. Seeing that he was quite talented, he became enthusiastic and became closer to him.

At this point, all three male characters have appeared, and the main character has begun the ultimate counterattack.

An Chengjie is still the accompaniment of the eighth prince, but he has already trusted the seventh prince in private, making gunpowder, making weapons and weapons for him, investing in materials and feelings, and then he will start to enter the training experience. Lei Baofei pulled into the emperor’s seventh son’s camp, doubling his power.

Finally, Emperor Qiming Yan Mingli took the throne and refused to stand for An Chengjie; Lei Baofei became a general and played a single bachelor for An Chengjie; An Chengsheng was at the end of winning At this juncture, An Chengjie was persuaded to help the seventh prince. However, he continued to stay in the town government, marry his wife and have a son, but kept thinking of An Chengjie, who had been named as another king.

Ye Zhizhou got up with a numb expression, stepped out of the tub and wiped his body with a cloth towel. He fumbled and put on his blouse and robe. This world is stubborn, even if it is based, there is nothing more than one more male lead than the first two worlds, but why all three male lead wives after being with the main character? Even if there is no queen / wife, isn’t the concubine a wife! Isn’t that Xiao Wife? Isn’t that the wife? And several people have visited the green building together …

The wet hair is uncomfortable and sticks to his body. He sorted out the broken three views and rhythms, pulled a towel from the space to cover the hair, and sat on a small stool by the bath barrel to continue flipping through the materials.

The protagonist and the three main men have been together in this strange way for a lifetime. Four decades later, the four died one after another, and their descendants were in a chaotic relationship, and the country was in chaos. , Then other countries saw the opportunity to invade, and the war began. The explosives made by An Chengjie started to grow mushroom clouds all over the world. More and more countries stirred into this war. Within a few decades, the world was blown up.

After reading the data, Ye Zhizhou was silent for a while, and thought of a desperate question, “Tongtian, what is my body now?”

[Zhen Guogong’s second son, An Chengle. ]

… It was a cannon fodder.

He sighed, stood up, ripped off the towel from his head, shoved into the space, walked out with wet hair on his head, and walked through the data of An Chengle.

An Chengle, the second son of Zhen Guogong, two and a half years younger than An Chengjie. When he was young, he was naughty and mischievous. When he grew up, he did n’t learn anything. He had a good poem, song and fun, but he was sweet. It is very coaxing, so it is loved by the family. After the protagonist arrived, he stole his limelight. Therefore, he hated the protagonist and always wanted to pit the protagonist, but he was stupid. He could be seen by the protagonist and poured dirty water. He was gradually rejected by his father and brother. , And finally died at the mouth of the beast during the royal hunt.

… It’s miserable. Why does the protagonist of each body he uses love to oppose the protagonist, is it bad to live well?

After turning the screen, the entrance is a carved wooden door. There is a secret voice outside the door.

“Why didn’t the master come out? It’s been half an hour, and the water has been cold for a long time.”

“Shh, Master, this is to make himself ill, so as to escape tomorrow’s entrance to the palace. I heard Xiao Cui in his wife’s room said that this time the emperor summoned the son of the minister’s ancestor to enter the palace. The prince selects companion reading. Who doesn’t know that this is not easy to do, they all try to avoid it. Our master, there is no way. “

“What kind of sick seedlings are not sick seedlings, pay attention to talking, but it is the prince, who talks carefully and is heard and disturbs the young master!”

Speaking stopped and the outside was quiet.

Ye Zhizhou paused for a moment, opened the material and started to turn the plot and timeline.

Two months after An Chengjie entered the town government, the emperor began reading for the eighth prince who was only 13 years old. Among several ministers and their relatives, the age and status of An Chengle is the most appropriate. Unfortunately, An Chengle is too disgusted to follow the eighth prince, and he frustrated himself before entering the palace and escaped. This companion selection. The emperor was very angry, but it was not easy to attack, so he chose An Chengjie as the eighth prince to accompany him to read, and also decided to raise his status and make him “treat the same as the cripple.”

Turn off the light screen, he looks at the blurry boy image in the bronze mirror in the corner, and hates to poke in the air. I ca n’t die if I do n’t die. How can I play such a bad ending with this good card!

But now An Chengle has become him, **** it? No, he wants to be a demon!

Putting the mirror into his arms, he dialed out messy long hair, straightened his expression, raised his chin and strode over to open the door, using the corners of his eyes to look at the two young crickets who looked outside the door, proudly “Prepare a horse for the grandfather! The grandfather wants to go out and buy gifts for the eighth prince!” Isn’t it for a 13-year-old little fart boy to read as a companion?

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