There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 22: Jinzhu let go of that little fresh meat

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This year is the fifth year of Ouyang Zhi’s debut. In order to give back to fans, he didn’t sing very much. He specially recorded a warm love song, which will be launched on the Star Festival, as a gift for fans.

Everything was going well, but when the business talked about mv’s starring role, everyone was divided. Some people want to invite the film, some people like new people, and some people think that it is best to let Ouyang Zhi act alone. Everyone quarreled, and mv director Zhang Zhu lifted the conference table several times before gradually calming down without compromise. No one’s suggestion would be of any use at all, leaving the task of selecting candidates to Ouyang Zhi. In view of the occasional impossibility of the great film emperor Ouyang, Zhang Zhu also deliberately shouted people in advance to specify some basic conditions for selecting people, such as sweetness, such as cuteness, such as must be a young, bookish, positive image, Soft sister.

However, the people brought by the great film emperor have nothing to do with the above points.

Zhang Zhu stood with his chest in front of the dreamy little castle built, with a black face, squinting eyes, and sneered, “Master Ouyang Zhi, are you blind or blind?”

“Please believe my vision.” Ouyang Zhi looked at him seriously and paused, adding, “Also, I am at home, my younger brother is my brother, you should call me second younger.”

People Zhangsue was naturally exhaled by the second generation of the tyrants. He stared at him fiercely and looked at Ye Zhizhou for a long time. He didn’t say anything ruthless for a long time.

Ye Zhizhou watched the young little director run away, drink the last sip of soy milk, and poke Ouyang Zhi, “Big nephew, aren’t you afraid I’ll smash your mv?”

“Afraid.” Ouyang Zhi was unexpectedly upright, and his voice gradually became vicissitudes of vicissitudes. “But I’m more afraid that my uncle smashed my small vault … Eryi.” He turned and held it affectionately. Holding his hand, he said gravely, “For my fans, please work hard!”

“I will work hard.” Ye Zhizhou took out his hand, shoved the soy milk cup into his hand, closed his hand and held it with a heavier tone than he said, “Call me second wife again, and I will go to your second uncle. Sue, saying that you covet my beauty and take advantage of me while shooting mv. “

Ou Yangzhi put her hand back and carried it behind her.

Mutian’s team assigned Ouyang Zhi was the best. After an hour, Ye Zhizhou, who was in a mess with her home clothes, disappeared, and Ye Zhizhou, like a walking pictorial, stood in front of the camera.

Brown curly hair, more beautiful and delicate features after makeup, good to burst skin, mild loved ones temperament, sweet hooking smile, plus white thin sweater equipped with tender sharp tools … Real Nima is handsome! very handsome! How can it be so handsome!

There were screams of depression from women all around, and Zhang Zhu coughed hard to suppress their commotion. He bent down and looked at the effect of Ye Zhizhou’s standing in front of the small castle. His dark face eased and stood straight. And asked with a stern face, “Have you shown your script?”

“Look.” He answered with a smile, very well-behaved.

The suppressed scream came again.

Zhang Zhu angry looked around the staff around, waved their hands after they were quiet and quiet, and said directly, “Let’s start shooting.” There was no detailed explanation, and there was no pass in advance, as if standing on the field. It’s not a newcomer, but a movie emperor who has gone through hundreds of battles.

Ouyang Zhi frowned slightly, and was a little worried. However, it turned out that his worry was superfluous.

With the director’s “shooting”, Ye Zhizhou quickly entered the state. He imagined the lens as Yun Ke, naturally showing a sweet, dependent smile to it, reaching out and making an invitation, then slowly The spirit of joy and intimacy surrounds him, turning around, as if pulling his lover, towards the castle representing happiness.


The camera stops, and the crowd looks back from Ye Zhizhou’s intoxicating eyes and screams. Ah, ah, darling, hold my hand! I follow you, I follow you everywhere! Marry me marry me!

Zhang Zhu was also amazed by his performance. In the warm atmosphere around him, he felt a little uncomfortable. After looking at the shot just a few times, he couldn’t make a mistake. Mu said, “Come on, prepare for the next one.” Where did the newcomer come from, and there was so much drama in his eyes …

The crowd couldn’t help cheering, Ouyang Zhi’s heart fell back to her belly, and she resumed her smile, touched her chin, pulled out her phone to open the camera, aimed at Ye Zhizhou, and clicked the video.

On the 34th floor of the Mutian Building, Hu Zongze angrily shouted He Zhenheng, threw a pile of papers, and asked, “This is the little newcomer you like? The hero who dared to play as soon as he entered the first film Digging pits is really poisonous! “

He Zhenheng picked up the file in a fog, turned it over, and then gradually sank his face. He made a clear mistake, “Sorry Hu, I just looked away.” Treating a poisonous spider as effort-saving Little white rabbit with heart.

“Let this little newcomer hang down first.” In the face of his generals, Hu Zongze’s anger came and went quickly, rubbing his forehead with a headache, and sighing, “Don’t arrange work for her for the time being, don’t let these things go She knows that there are other arrangements. “

“Top? He Zhenheng was surprised and hesitated,” It’s … over the headquarters? “

Hu Zongze looked at him helplessly and nodded, “I will tell you about this, the one in the Xiaoxinrenkeng under your hand, after being taken to the 35th floor by Manager Zhao, signed an assistant contract, special Help, directly under the headquarters, and a special helper level, you weigh yourself. “

He Zhenheng took a breath. One level with Xiangshang, isn’t it equal to the vice president at headquarters? He, he thought that the other party was shouted to him, and the seniors wanted him to raise him …

“In short, pay more attention to the newcomer, don’t let her toss any more.” Hu Zongze said sneer and could not help but sneer, “Please ask the Shuijun to hold yourself and borrow someone’s hand to splash Black material, I got the a-sign in your hand before the show was finished. This little newcomer’s method really doesn’t look like a little girl who just entered the circle. What’s wrong, be careful not to turn over a little girl Boat. “

He Zhenheng followed his words and thought deeply. He felt a little in his heart, and his back was slightly sweaty.

After a full day of fermentation, the public opinion on Weibo has finally been completely reversed, and with Yao Cheng’s rapid whitewashing, Zhang Xinran’s flawless reputation began to gradually become a layer of gray.

Following the tweets of all cast actors, fans found a magical phenomenon. Although Zhang Xinran frequently interacted with everyone on Weibo, it looked like a good relationship, but everyone showed up. None of her photos of the dinner outing, no one. Yao Cheng is just the opposite of her. He does n’t have many Weibo posts and has little interaction with other actors in the cast. However, in photos posted by others, he can always find his shadow in the background, which obviously has a close relationship with everyone in private. it is good. The most interesting thing is that in the daily photos of Deng Jun, Zhang Xinran’s bag and clothes appeared in a corner. On Weibo, the interaction between the two seemed very official.

If you want to cover up, there must be ghosts. This is the only idea for fans after watching all kinds of detailed comparisons.

The topic of “the most aesthetic tyrant” on the hot topic is still hanging on, but fans only feel ironic at the moment. Sure enough, it was Xueba, and his mind was very deep. If it were not for the outflow of those transfer records last night, Yao Cheng might have been hacked away from the entertainment industry completely now.

Although there are various speculations in my heart, but Zhang Xinran and Deng Jun are too good to cover up. Except for the clues exposed in the corners of the photos, everyone can’t find the trace of the two of them. Even more frightening, when fans were digging into Zhang Xinran, they didn’t pick up any black material, even Zhang Zhangzhan did not!

In this case, either she was really kind and perfect from small to big, or someone had erased her past history in advance and then showed her perfect side on the Internet.

Combining with Yao Cheng’s hacking, fans prefer the second one.

Open Zhang Xinran’s Weibo again, and the fans flipped one by one, only to feel that they were “inspired by the director”, “respected by the agent” and “invited by the **** actors to participate in the **** event” Weibo, “honored to get **** title,” instantly became utilitarian and hypocritical. The outstanding acting skills once praised and the media response hailed as a born superstar have also become evidence to prove her deep thoughts.

Zhang Xinran is only 18 years old, but he keeps everything superficially perfect.

Mutian Guanbo issued a statement just as the atmosphere of the heroine Wei Fan and drama fan became embarrassing and subtle. The statement stated that the improper words and actions of actor Deng Jun and Ms. Liu Chunxiu in recent times have caused a terrible impact on Mutian employee Mr. Yao Cheng and seriously harmed Mr. Yao Cheng ’s interests. After discussion, the company decided to entrust a lawyer Take legal measures against the two, hoping that after seeing the statement, they will immediately stop all acts of slander and slander against Mr. Yao Cheng and await a court summons.

A stone stirs up thousands of waves!

Yao Cheng actually signed Mutian! And now Mutian is about to turn around for him! One shot is to go to court cleanly, disdain the draughts of public opinion battles, Mutian is so handsome! Be bold!

Slightly dispirited fans are excited, and then they are confused again. Mutian told Deng Jun and Yao Cheng’s aunt, what about Zhang Xinran? Is she really innocent?

The fans are happy, and they have said that her family must be innocent, otherwise why isn’t she on the defendant’s list? The fans said that Zhang Xinran was definitely not white. She was not on the defendant’s list because they were both Mutian artists. The company could not let them go to the nest and let other companies watch the joke. How ugly, sure. It was resolved internally.

The subtle emotions of nowhere to place suddenly vented, and the fans on both sides began to scream loudly.

After finishing shooting, Ye Zhizhou brushed Weibo boringly. After a while, he looked at the fan tearing ratio, and then he turned over the statement of Mutian, holding his chin deeply. In the end, should I continue to use the power of the golden thigh, then Stepping on the heroine completely broke her way to re-enter the entertainment industry …

“What are you thinking?”

“Zhang Xinran.”

The air pressure around his body dropped sharply. He later realized his feelings, leaned back to the back of the chair, stared at the man who looked down, and blinked. Well, this … why did Golden Thigh stand behind his chair? It ’s not Ouyang behind him …

“Who are you looking for now?”

“Ouyang … uh.”

“Very good.” Ouyang Chun raised his hand and touched the red and swollen area covered by makeup and bangs on his forehead. His tone was cold and solemn, and his eyes were dim. “Yao Cheng, I really want to lock you up, just let me People see. “

The cold hair on the back of Ye Zhizhou’s neck immediately rose, and the alarm bell in his heart became a masterpiece.

Holding your legs is risky, so be careful! Shortcuts or something, can’t go!

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