There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 21: Jinzhu let go of that little fresh meat

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I signed a magical contract, holding a strong thigh. Ye Zhizhou rejected the offer of gold thighs and cheap nephew luxury cars. The people took the bus home, and then fell to the bed. Rolled up the quilt like a dead fish and started to stay.

After half an hour, he woke up expressionlessly, turned on his computer to poke Weibo, switched to the trumpet, looked at the various dark lines left in the morning, and then changed all the set times. OK.

—— It was a bit irritating today. It’s time to take revenge on society.

Nine-thirty in the evening, fans on Weibo are tearing up and waiting to watch today ’s update as usual, but they do n’t want to paint something extraordinary.

I’m a trumpet, don’t pick the skin: The blogger works at **** bank, which is a recent hit of the drama. Today coincides with the major update of the bank database, I secretly searched the database for the names of several actors. Then shocked by the transfer record of a newcomer! The aunt that said nephew white-eyed wolf aunt, did your nephew give you more than one million to feed the dog? [Picture] x9

Broadcast drama, nephew, white-eyed wolf, a few keywords together, who is self-evident!

The fans were so excited, they poke open the pictures, and were stunned by the dense transfer records, especially the one million recently transferred out, many zeros, almost blind! Although the important information was coded, the fans couldn’t bear it. After a variety of code division and amplification, they finally confirmed that the transferor was indeed Yao Cheng, and the person who received the money was the aunt!

My mother, this is reversed. More than one million, if this is called a white-eyed wolf, what is filial piety?

With the outflow of screenshots, in less than an hour, Yao Cheng’s cousin’s Weibo account was picked up by sharp netizens, and he quickly posted a summary of key content screenshots.

Dazzling riches, picking up girls, skipping classes, beating the teacher … The black marks that have been stamped on Yao Cheng these days, the cousin demonstrated it all himself, and was very proud to post these on the Internet to seek approval. The most irritating thing is that netizens turned up a Weibo that he sent a few years ago when he was a junior high school student. In this Weibo he proudly said, “Today I dumped a big pot to drag the oil bottle. Let him be remembered for being too big and beaten, happy. ”Netizens took a moment to find out that this was exactly what the aunt said that Yao Cheng had harassed the girl and was hit by a girl ’s parents. Suddenly.

“Towing oil bottles come back today for living expenses, I asked my mother to deduct him a hundred dollars hahaha”, “Drag oil bottles still want to go to college? Dreaming, my mother said, he will drive him away when he is 18 years old” , “Towing oil bottle got the first grade, I really hate it, I’m looking for someone to hit him”, “It’s a holiday, the towing oil bottle is back, I have a punching bag” and so on. Blogs abound, and netizens are almost furious.

What kind of child is this! How can it be so bad! Was Yao Cheng actually sending money to such loved ones? Is there a pit in your head!

Later, someone found out that Yao Cheng’s uncle had been ill and hospitalized once before the second semester of Yao Cheng’s second semester, and Yao Cheng started sending money to his family.

A small fish: So … did Yao Cheng drop out of school because he left Tuo to heal the sick and send money back every month afterwards …

The fans who saw this comment were all silent.

How disgusting Yao Cheng was, how distressing Yao Cheng is today. How bad would such a person be bullied to death by a loved one? How bad can it be? If you think about it, there is no evidence of what the aunt said. The reason why everyone believed so quickly was because of the bad impression of Yao Cheng.

Why did everyone have a bad impression of Yao Cheng before?

Because of rumors.

But what is said in the rumors?

Often late for being disliked by everyone in the crew, bad attitude towards relatives, bad personality, and lonely personality. The director said that he regretted choosing him as the male lead …

It’s clear that they have been picked out. Those rumors were leaked by Deng Jun’s trumpet. Before that, they had just seen Yao Cheng’s photo of the dinner. In the photo, he walked side by side with the crew, drinking and laughing, looking so happy, as if life had never been unfair to him, as if surrounded by him, only goodwill.

Is this kid stupid.

Some sentimental fans ran back to Yao Cheng ’s Weibo to flip through what he had posted before, turning more and more guilty, turning more and more sad, and also saw his latest Weibo stopped on the night of the dinner photo, and could n’t help him. Grievance.

This is an ordinary boy who loves to play games. Wherever there is such abomination in the black material. If you think about it, Yao Cheng is only 21 years old this year. How can he withstand the scolding on the Internet a few days ago?

Fans have repeatedly refreshed his Weibo, looking at the simple smiley face in the profile, uncomfortable.

Say it after being wronged. If someone scolds you, you do n’t know to scold it back. What kind of relatives do you give them money for? It ’s hard to make some money yourself. Is n’t it good to keep food and drink? Is it bad to continue my studies? Or save it. Take a look at Zhang Xinran who played with you. With your eyes narrowing, you are going to run on the road of superstars. How can you be so miserable? Obviously it is the same starting point, how can you bully so well?

The atmosphere on Weibo is down, and the ratings of TV series are much lower than in the past. Everyone brushes Weibo unconsciously, like a wandering soul, and the sullen emotions in their hearts do not know how to vent.

Near the middle of the night, a post detailing Yao Cheng’s aunt took the head, and fans who were suffering from nowhere to rush in, then were shattered by the piping posts spreading by the real people, and then burst into anger!

A greedy woman with such a mean and mean power, dare to brag about Yao Cheng’s benefactor? Pooh! shameless! Dare to go to a local TV station to smear Yao Cheng, really, really annoying!

Later, someone picked up Yao Cheng’s donation record. After getting paid for filming, he walked around the orphanage welfare homes in city s and city y, donated money and supplies to volunteer, and did a lot of good things silently.

The fans looked at the aunt ’s pick-and-stick stickers, and then looked at the donation receipt left by Yao Cheng when he was doing good deeds and the group photos with the orphans. The last hesitation in his heart was finally crushed, and he was ashamed and angry. Smash the keyboard.

Such a good child, but was so dark before, **** aunt, even more **** us!

# 我们 欠 姚 成 一个 道 疑 # This topic quietly rose on Weibo, and went straight to the top with an unstoppable posture, and pressed the topics such as # 最 文明 霸 #, # 民 学 妹 # and other topics severely. below!

Fans rushed to Yao Cheng’s Weibo, and started to apologize, asking him to come back with guilt.

A little fish: But do n’t you find it strange that Yao Cheng has been so hacked? Li Hao and some other small actors have come out to talk to him. Only Zhang Xinran, who was “tangled by Yao Cheng” I didn’t say anything from beginning to end, obviously the two talents are the ones who play the most …

Fans brushed this in the comments full of apologies, and then quickly turned to Zhang Xinran’s Weibo to read the content she had posted in recent days.

No, it really isn’t. No one mentioned Yao Cheng. It’s all thanks to the director for his appreciation, and I’m glad that the actor gave her an invitation for the day, and the most recent one was to celebrate the signing of Mutian, and got a forwarded lottery to send autographed photos.

So subtle.

The primer has been buried, and this night is doomed to be calm.

Ye Zhizhou turned off the computer satisfactorily, withdrew the trumpet “a little fish”, wiped away all traces of his behind-the-scenes operations, stretched out, climbed to bed and rolled up the quilt to sleep.

On the 35th floor of the Mutian Building, Ouyang Chun shuts down the computer, picks up the phone and dials Xiang Qingxiao’s phone number. After a brief explanation, he hangs up, leans back to the chair, slowly grasps the beads, and rubs his hands a few times. Indifference, “Xiao Cheng’s stubborn object?”

At eight o’clock in the morning, Ye Zhizhou was awakened by the door bell, stumbled out of bed, yawned, and opened the door.

“Early.” Ouyang Chun’s simple dress of a white shirt and black trousers, slightly raised his hand to say hello to him, the darker eyebrows lined up with the rising sun in the morning, so handsome that he couldn’t stand still.

Similarly, the mental strength in the just sober exhaustion became active almost instantaneously, and he wanted to pounce on it, and Xiao Zhouzhou, who was more likely to get excited in the morning, also went against the banner of his will.

The consciousness is awake for a moment, and then the action moves faster than the brain and throws itself directly at the door.

After a few seconds of deadly silence, the door bell rings more densely.

Returning to reason, IQ went online, he hesitated in his heart, and the flag erected lowered smoothly.

It’s over, his golden thigh!

Pushed quickly to open the door, grinned a dog-legged grin at the black-faced man, “The boss is here, I’m just too excited to slip my hands, then … have you had breakfast?”

Ou Yangchun squinted at him slightly, his eyes glanced from his jagged hair to the wide open neck of the pajamas, and then fell from the neck to the rounded toes exposed outside, his eyes deepened, “Compared to breakfast, I now I want to eat you more. “


The door is closed again.

Ou Yangchun’s patience is finally exhausted, the corners of her mouth are drawn into a cold straight line, and she stretches her hands backwards, “key.”

Xiang Qingxiao stepped forward silently, and gave me the spare key from the property. He hesitated and said, “Second, wouldn’t it be bad …”

“The disobedient child needs a little lesson.” Ouyang Chun inserted the key into the keyhole, slowly circled, then pushed open the door, beckoning the youngster who was looking terrified inside, “Come here and follow me, Or I’ll catch you, strip it and tie it up, choose it. “

The so-called soldiers are insultable. Ye Zhizhou stalks his neck, tears his pajamas, and then … counsels and selects the current affairs expert as Junjie, “Well, can I brush my teeth first?”

An hour later, Ye Zhizhou took the bun stuffed with Ouyang Chun in one hand, and the soy milk fed by Ou Yangchun with a straw inserted in the other hand, and entered a shooting base on the outskirts of city b.

Ouyang Zhishuai came over blindly and waved at him with a smile. His tone was full of excitement. “You are here, Erv, please take care of this mv. I am looking forward to cooperating with Erv.”


“I saw the news on the Internet.” Ouyang Chun was standing behind his side. At this moment, he stepped forward and touched his hair. He kissed his ears side by side. “Don’t worry, I will fix it. , Have fun today. “Said to push him gently, pushing him towards Ouyang Zhi who greeted him.

He took a few steps forward to stand still, could not help but look back, but only had time to see the tall back he left.

[The probability of love between Ouyang Zhi and the heroine has dropped to 90%. Please keep up the effort. ]

[The chance of Ouyang Zhi’s falling in love with the heroine has dropped to 85%. Please keep up the effort. ]

“…” Since being looked at by Golden Thigh, the pie in the sky has always been said and dropped. He took a sip of buns with Ouyang’s handsome face, and looked at the light screen almost poking in front of him. miss you.

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