There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 20: Jinzhu let go of that little fresh meat

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Mutian Building has a total of 35 floors. The President Office has contracted the top two floors with great pride. As mentioned in the information given by the system, in fact, the real president’s office only has 34 floors, and the 35th floor is independent. There are special elevators that can only be used with a pass. It is a private space that belongs to the big shareholders behind the scenes and the cash cow. No master allowed it at all.

At this time, Zhao Ping took him across the 34th floor to the 35th floor door, and then took out a magnetic card to open the exquisite mahogany door very casually. After entering the door, he more casually moved the card Handed it over, “Get it, this pass is super-class, you can enter and leave all parts of the company, including the seventeenth and eighteenth floors that have been individually secured. Be sure to keep it.” Going into the spacious and gorgeous hall, pointing A south-facing direction, “Go in corridor 1, and at the end is your lounge, a three-bedroom and one-living room layout. There is a piano room gym and a separate kitchenette next to the lounge. The ingredients and drinks in the kitchen refrigerator are renewed every day. The internal telephone line leads directly to the backyard restaurant on the fifth floor, and you can order your meals, and the company will reimburse you. “

Ye Zhizhou took the card and was a little bit embarrassed.

There is a carpet on the ground, there is no sound when walking on it, and Zhao Ping ’s words are clear and loud. “The company will equip you with a modeling team and a public relations and publicity team. The development plan will be made as soon as possible for you to look at for you. There are only four bodyguards for the time being, and the company is transferring you from the headquarters, and it will probably be the day after tomorrow. “

There are a total of four corridors on both sides of the hall. The talking room has reached No. 3, which is opposite to the No. 1 corridor, and turned in. “There are signs on the door, music room, billiard room, audio and video room, game room, And an indoor swimming pool, you can use it at will. “He said, opening a door at the end of the corridor,” This is the recording studio, here you are. “

He stared at the empty tag on the studio door, shaking his head in his heart. Do not! This is obviously the recording studio of Ouyang quality! Only recording studios allowed by the hostess and team members! He won’t be fooled by reading!

“This is the spare key for the studio. The access code is 888123. You can change it if you don’t like it.”

“…” an ominous premonition rises in my heart. Is Mu Tian’s condition too good? I feel like a conspiracy …

Zhao Ping closed the door and took him back, “There is a passageway in front of it that connects to corridor 4 and can be passed directly. There are several small meeting rooms and offices. You can come here directly when you need to have a meeting with the team. , Do n’t worry about leaking the conversation. “

“Sister Zhao, please wait.” He was afraid to listen anymore. “I haven’t decided whether to sign a contract. Is it too early for the company to arrange these?”

“Don’t sign?” Zhao Ping turned to look at him, turned the document he had been holding in his hand to the signature page and reached him in front of him, and thoughtfully put a pen, “The five-year contract, the most used commission Excellent plan will not force you to take a job. There is only one requirement. During the contract, dating and gossip are strictly forbidden.

The pie is too big to dare to sign.

Zhao Ping saw his hesitation and added a dose of fierce material, “As long as you sign, you will be the second Ouyang Zhi, Mutian Resources can choose for you.”

Ouyang quality! Leader!

The flag-pumping radar in his brain exploded instantly. Thinking about the task that is currently progressing, he hesitated, his heart was full, and he took up the pen, “I have a request.” In order to approach Ouyang Zhi, regardless of this What kind of monster did Mutian make?

Zhao Ping raised her hand and touched the earrings, and said directly, “You say.”

“You don’t need to be the second Ouyang Zhi.” He took off the cap, pointed the pen at the signing place, stared straight into her eyes, and said seriously, “I want you to arrange for me to do as much as possible after signing the contract. Some jobs that can be accessed by Ouyang Zhi. “

Zhao Ping moved her eyebrows and touched her earrings. After a pause, she nodded. “No problem.”

After signing the contract, it ’s time to accept the boss ’s call. I thought Zhao Ping would take him to the 34th floor to see the professional manager Ouyang Zhi invited to sit in Mutian, but did n’t want to be taken directly to the one he had n’t introduced before. Corridor 2.

“President Hu is here?”

“You mean Hu Zongze?” Zhao Ping gave him a strange look and shook his head, “No, your boss is not him.”

He frowned in doubt. Hu Zongze was the name of the professional manager. He signed in to Mutian himself. Who else is the boss?

The two walked straight to the last room at the end of the corridor and stopped. Zhao Ping stepped forward and knocked on the door. After the response came out, they opened the door, but instead of going in, they stepped back and went to Ye Zhizhou. Gestured please.

“Aren’t you going in?”

Zhao Ping gave the document to him and replaced the answer with action.

Pause, he took the papers, stepped into the room, and suddenly he felt a little unconvinced. He’s awe-inspiring, but he has to see what kind of dumb mystery Mu Tianong is playing today.

When you enter the door, you can see a huge floor-to-ceiling window at first glance. The warm sunlight in the afternoon directly covers everything in the room, covering it with a warm yellow halo, which adds a warm flavor to the furniture in cold colors. He quickly looked away from the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, along the bookshelf placed against the wall, crossed the potted plants, and landed on a tall figure standing sideways in front of the bookcase.

That’s a man with wide shoulders and narrow waists, long legs and hips. The figure is perfect, and the profile of the exposed side face is perfect in the sun. At this moment, his eyes were drooping, and his long fingers lightly turned over the yellowish pages, with a natural elegance.

A very charming man.

Unlike Yun Ke’s deserted abstinence, this person’s temperament carries some dangerous wildness, which makes people dread and fascinate.

“Yao Cheng.” The deep, warm voice was vaguely familiar. The man turned around and looked up at him. There was a hidden emotion in the amber pupil, “Do you like Ouyang Zhi?”

After the impressive and indifferent look at the man above, the faint fuzzy memory in his mind finally cleared. He couldn’t help raising his hand to cover the red and swollen forehead, and said in surprise, “Yes You? “

“I’m glad you remember me.” Ouyang Chun slightly lip-scratched, some joy in her eyes, put down the book, walked up to him in a few steps, raised his hand to touch his red and swollen forehead, with a hint of meaning in the words “I will keep you remember.”

As he approached, the spiritual power surrounding him leisurely began to suddenly become active as before, and entangled uncontrollably around the other person.


He stepped back fiercely, and violently withdrew his mental strength and suppressed it in the back of his head, his heart a little flustered. How could this happen? As soon as the mental force touched the other side, it became active uncontrollably. This situation obviously only appeared when facing Yun Ke.

Does this man … he raises his eyes and carefully looks at the man in front of him, and there is a moment of blankness in his heart, and then he wakes up in a masochistic manner.

No, how dare he hope that little hope. What if he made a mistake? There is only one Yun Ke, this person is not, no one will be, so no, no, can’t think.

He raised his hand and pressed **** the red and swollen forehead, trying to suppress the chaotic thoughts with pain.

“What are you doing!” Ouyang Chun quickly held his hand pressed to the forehead, and struck his chin with the other hand, his eyes were like a storm, “Yao Cheng, look at me, what are you afraid of? No one here Can hurt you. “

The power on the chin seemed fierce but gentle and restrained. He was forced to raise his head to meet the man with a worried expression in his blame, shaking his head slightly. Too much, this look …

“Yao Cheng!” Ouyang Chun ran out of patience, lowered his head closer to him, holding his wrists unconsciously, and his voice was dangerous and dangerous. “Who are you thinking through me? Ouyang Zhi? He and I are very Like it? “

“Ouyang Zhi?” He repeated his words unconsciously, thinking was gradually filled with memories, and his eyes were full of familiar emotions, and he couldn’t help raising his hands to touch. How long haven’t I seen such a look … The nose is getting sour, and the eyes are red, and the weak emotions are rising upwards. The mental strength that is suppressed in the mind starts to boil, struggling to burst out.

Ou Yangchun’s full of anger quickly faded after seeing his reddish eyes, and he realized that he wanted to touch his own intention. He paused for a moment, slightly bowed his head, met the fingers he touched, and stretched out his arms. In his eyes, the emotions gradually settled, condensing into a bottomless black, “Yao Cheng, you are good, I give you whatever you want.”

Ouyang Zhi, who ran away from work and ran away with a smile, opened the door with a smile, and the second uncle shouted only halfway and was scared back into the throat by the ambiguous two people in the room. He stunned for a long time, dry, ” Uncle, you, did you find us a son-in-law? “

Ye Zhizhou, who was caught in a confused memory, was directly shocked by this sentence. After a brief glance and the man ’s posture at this time, he was struggling to push him away, looking sideways at the living big that appeared at the door. Yingdi, reason and instantaneous connection to the system information, “Ouyang Zhi?” Said to look at him and look at the tall man with a dark face after being pushed away, his brain was short-circuited, “You, what do you call him? Uncle ? “

Ou Yangzhi was a little confused by his response, and he answered directly, “Yeah, what are you calling, uncle?”

Ou Yangzhi, both parents died, brought up by the second uncle Ouyang Chun, returned to the country to enter the performing arts circle as an adult, two years later established Mutian, excellent ability, gradually fell into work behind the scenes after falling in love with the heroine, When he moved to foreign entertainment circles, he confessed his love to the only elder with his brother and got understanding. Three years later, Ouyang Chun retired behind the scenes due to physical discomfort, and the twins officially took control of the group, opening the road to the heroine .

Involuntarily brushed the system data in my brain, and then stopped on some key words. Bring up by the second uncle Ouyang Chun … retired behind the scenes due to physical discomfort …

Ouyang Zhi just turned 26 this year … He looked sideways at the mature and handsome man, his voice was a bit trembling, “your … name?”

“Ouyang Chun.”

“Age …?”

“Yao Cheng.” Ouyang Chun squinted his eyes, stretched his hands over his chin to stare at him, threatened with a full voice, “Do you dare to abandon me?”

Ouyang Chun, the current owner of the Ou family, has the real right to control. Ouyang Zhi and Ouyang Zhi are the most powerful backers. After the female host marries into the Ou family and strives to please, Mutian can develop so well. It all depends on the resources and connections he gives.

He seems to see three words flashing over his head—gold thighs!

“No.” His expression instantly changed from confusion to firmness, with dog-legs flashing in his eyes, “I like a man of your age!” For the task, please do not need anything!

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