There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 2: Domineering brother-in-law falls in love with me

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“What do you have in your hand?” Yun Ke frowned when he didn’t answer, and took a step forward.

Ye Zhizhou quickly drew his eyes away and pushed the vanity mirror into the pocket on the side of the schoolbag by standing on his knees. I recalled the character setting of the original owner, lowered his head and pretended to be timid and introverted. Reply: “Nothing … Brother Yun, have you eaten?”

Yun Ke did not slow down his expression because of his response, but his tone became colder and colder, “look up and talk.”

Ye Zhizhou looked up obediently and looked at the man with dissatisfaction.


What the **** do you care about whether you eat or not?

After a brief voicing, he ducked his head to avoid the sight of the male lead, quickly rummaged through the data and received the original owner’s memory in his mind, then spent three seconds to figure out the reason for Yun Ke’s dissatisfaction, and finally said nothing. Half a ring, silently erected the **** in my heart.

Co-authoring this Yun Ke is not at all dissatisfied with the greeting he just said, but dissatisfied with Du Yang as a whole!

Du Yang ’s identity is set to be “the orphaned orphan adopted by the Yun family”. From the memory of the original owner, Du Yang ’s identity is not simply “the orphaned orphan ’s orphan”. He is still a cloud Ke’s little bitch! Yes, Yun Ke had a wife before the heroine arrived! It was just that the wife was very unlucky and died on the wedding day of the two. Well, the car accident died, in order to save Yun Ke.

A wedding becomes a funeral.

And this unlucky wife is Du Yang’s sister, Du Yun.

Du Yun is dead, leaving Du’s huge family business unattended. At that time, Du Yang was still young. The Du family’s people died a few years ago with only their sisters and brothers. Yun Ke couldn’t. He had to take over all the Du family as Du Yun’s spouse, and was prepared to wait for Du Yang to grow into A qualified heir later gave the family business to him. However, Du Yangchang, who lost his father and mother at an early age, saw his sister’s tragic death in his youth, and twisted towards Yun Ke’s most cowardly, cowardly road. Obviously, the timid and introverted appearance just shown by Ye Zhizhou has successfully poked Yun Konagan’s sensitive nerve of “cultivating excellent heirs”.

Ye Zhizhou wants to sigh again.

Yun Ke saw him look up at him and then quickly avoided his eyes after he was afraid. His face became darker and darker, and he almost frostbite. “I let you raise your head to talk.”

The temper is really bad.

In order to avoid being killed by one of the males with cold air when he first arrived, Ye Zhizhou at this time never dare to continue to be “timid and introverted”.

He looked up again, and kept looking at Shang Yunke’s cold eyes.

Then Yun Ke frowned with his straight eyes, “Are you dissatisfied with me?”

… Fuck.

He is the stare of pride and self-confidence. Are you the stunner?

Ye Zhizhou could not help glaring at him.

The eyes full of timidity are rare and full of vigor and brilliance at this moment, never seeing the usual dodge again. Yun Ke was a bit surprised, and he was skeptical that he had mistakenly looked into the depths of those eyes, but saw that those eyes suddenly blinked quickly, then closed tightly, covered by a fat hand.

… Is the energetic just now an illusion? Yun Ke thought about it this way, although his heart was still full of dissatisfaction with the juvenile personality, his face finally eased down, and his tone rarely brought a touch of temperature, “What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes are in the sand.” Ye Zhizhou, suddenly attacked by the sand, put down his hands bitterly, lowered his head to wipe out the physiological tears flowing out of his eyes, and lamented in his heart for today’s bad luck.

Because of height and standing, when Yun Zhizhou lowered his head, Yun Ke could only see his hairpin, a small one, lined with dark soft hair, which was a bit cute. Shocked by the strange thoughts that suddenly rose in his mind, he re-folded his face and said a little “enter the room to eat.” Then he turned and strode toward the villa door.

Ye Zhizhou, who is full of horse races, is busy converging and keeping up.

The hostess Bai Li, who has been silent for a long time, seems to have suddenly come alive at this time, walking to Ye Zhizhou with a small bag containing a flower seed, looking at him gently, and lowering her voice to appease: “Xiao Yang Do n’t be afraid, Brother Yun is that temper, and it ’s not that he does n’t like you. By the way, you said you like tulips yesterday. When I went out with Brother Yun in the afternoon, I bought some flower seeds and planted them under the balcony of your room. Then you can open the window to see the flowers you like directly.

Ye Zhizhou heard his side profile, looked at the heroine’s beautiful face, and quickly tightened her heart, and entered the task mode. coming! The unique skills of the heroine who fascinated the heroine-the gentle and easy-going light that radiates anytime, anywhere, healing power max.

He turned to look at the door, and he saw Yun Ke preparing to enter the door. He paused slightly, the alarm bell rang in his heart, and he stepped away from the hostess. He shook his head and said, “No, I Don’t like tulips, you’re wrong. “

The hostess was a little stunned by his reaction, “But you didn’t say yesterday …”

“I just said that I don’t hate tulips. Compared to this delicate flower, I prefer to feed the cactus.” After speaking, I no longer give the hostess a chance to talk, and rushed to the school with a few steps. By the side of Yun Ke, grabbing his sleeve and dragging towards the restaurant, trying hard to pull him out of the heroine’s glamour exposure range, dragging and said: “Brother, I’m so hungry, hurry up, Let’s go eat. “

Yun Ke, who never made it easy for him to get close to him, was a bit displeased by him, and a hint of thought raised in Bai Li’s heart was instantly thrown away. He wanted to shake off the other’s hand, but his mind flickered unconsciously before the vision that was full of illusion.

It’s really pretty, bright and agile, and people don’t want to see it carefully.

He dropped his eyes, looked at the **** fat palm on his sleeve, and looked at the messy hair rising from the back of the boy’s head, and gently relieved the power on his arm as a compromise.

No, just follow him today.

Bai Li, who had been left alone, watched the two men gradually disappear behind the door, and couldn’t help but twitched the delicate willow eyebrows, and a flash of unhappiness flashed in her heart.

What happened? I usually care about a few words, but why do n’t the little fat guy who came over come to ignore him today? Is it really because you don’t like tulips? Damn, I didn’t like to say it yesterday, causing myself to lose face in front of Brother Yun.

Ye Zhizhou didn’t really see Yun Ke’s looks until he sat in the brightly lit restaurant. Sword flying obliquely into the eyes, sharp phoenix with slightly upturned eyes, straight nose, **** thin lips, and no dead corner face … What a perfect deserted ascetic beauty face, it’s just so immortal Soared.

Looking at the other person and thinking about how he looks now, Ye Zhizhou has a deep understanding of the eccentricity of this world.

“What are you looking at?”

“Look at you handsome.”

Yun Ke stretched out his chopsticks, and Ye Zhizhou’s brain got stuck.

It’s over, the settings are crashing too badly.

The atmosphere on the dining table suddenly became dull. For a long time, just when Ye Zhizhou thought the conversation was just an illusion, Yun Ke’s indifferent voice suddenly sounded, “You will be handsome in the future.”

Ye Zhizhou looked down at his white fat hands and slick stomach, and expressed his doubts with silence.

“There are no ugly people in the Du family.”

“…” So is this the gene mutation?

“There are no fat people.”

“…” It’s a dog, will you be chatting with the man?

“You will lose weight naturally when you lift up.”

“… Here you are.” He realized deeply that Yun Ke was not dissatisfied with the original owner. On the contrary, he was overconfident in the original owner. Was thin after pulling height? The original owner is now 17 years old, 175 in height and 85 kg in weight! How else does this height smoke? How high does it take to get thin and handsome?

“You’re welcome. Show me the transcript of the midterm exam after dinner.”

“… oh.”

After the topic of weight, the dining table for only two people quieted down. The mother-in-law’s craftsmanship is great, and Ye Zhizhou, who fills her stomach with nutrients and take-away food all year round, is satisfied.

It wasn’t until after drinking milk that Ye Zhizhou realized that the hostess was not at the table, and asked curiously, “Where’s Lily? Doesn’t she eat with us?” From the information given by the system, Yun Ke was very nice to Bai Li. Although he hired the other person to be his own gardener, he never regarded her as a servant and always ate at the same table.

Yun Ke Wenyan, who was about to leave the study room, sat down again, and looked up and down blankly.

Ye Zhizhou was seen as a bit shaggy, and couldn’t help shrinking back, and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there any rice grain on my face?”

Yun Ke frowned, his face darkened.

Ye Zhizhou actually understood the reason for his black face in seconds, and quickly sat upright under his cold eyes, as if the person who just receded was not the same as him-needless to say, the other party “cultivated heirs” The nerve was itching again.

Yun Ke really eased his expression. He folded his legs, relaxed and leaned on the back of the chair. He felt that the teenager who suddenly became afraid of himself was very interesting today, and asked in a chat, “Do you like Miss Bai?”

Miss Bai? Such a strange name? Ye Zhizhou was puzzled, but he didn’t show his face. He shook his head and said, “No, I don’t like her.” He is not two blind male protagonists, such a “gentle and kind” woman who wants to step on two boats. He didn’t dare to like it.

Yun Ke’s face showed a thoughtful look, and Manyou said, “I thought you liked her very much.”

“No.” Perhaps the original owner liked it, but unfortunately, the original owner is no longer there.

“I see.” Yun Ke nodded, got up and dressed, and his tone returned to indifference. “Go with me to the study and bring your mid-term transcripts and test papers.”

What do you understand? Ye Zhizhou couldn’t keep up with his thoughts, he took the schoolbag on the stool aside, and chased Yun Ke, who was walking fast and tall. As a result, just after catching up with people, before he had time to talk, he met Bai Li, who was standing at the corner of the dining room and living room with a tea tray.

Bai Li’s eyes are red, and looking at Du Yang’s eyes seems to be looking at a deep-hearted man who hurt her, his face full of sadness and fragility, his voice trembling, “Xiao Yang, I didn’t think you would hate me … … Where did I upset you? “

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