There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 18: Jinzhu let go of that little fresh meat

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Ye Zhizhou was idle after the press conference. After a few days, he took the newly paid ticket, called the landlord to return the rented single room, and quickly booked his ticket, packed his luggage, and headed for the airport— —While the film is still being edited and reviewed, the heroine is busy fighting the college entrance examination and has no time to dig for herself. Otherwise, if Li Hao’s reward and the original owner almost equal no savings, want to pack yourself in the entertainment circle? dream!

First, go to the stock exchange in the city of S to use the system to double the film pay, and then switch to the gambling destination y province. Turn on the mental power scanning and the system to mirror the demon mirror. A month later, he returned to city B with satisfaction, and bought a well-decorated cottage directly in the best and quietest district in the area. He added a little furniture and checked in.

Comfortably took a bath to wash away the fatigue. He climbed to the bed, touched his phone to call up the calendar and counted the time. When he felt that there was still time to continue, he poked the vanity mirror and asked, “You He said that he would be rewarded for completing the task. What about rewards? “I have been busy dealing with all kinds of things after coming to the new world, and almost forgot about it.

The dressing mirror moved the fake ears, clicked, and a light popped out of the mirror after opening it. After sweeping on his wrist, he retracted, the lid closed, and the light screen popped up. ]

He looked at his swept wrist and found that there were more moles on it, and he drew his mouth silently, “Are you kidding me?”

[Portable space, essential for home travel, you deserve it. ]

“… So I worked hard to save the world, and the reward is a space button stuck on my wrist like a booger?” This thing can be obtained in his world for a little more money. What kind of reward? !!

The lid was opened again, and the beam of light protruded weakly to sweep again. The mole was twisted and turned into a delicate tattoo with a small antique handle.

“… I removed your fake ear!”

In the middle of June, the heroine has finished the college entrance examination, and the idol drama has passed the trial. It has begun to be broadcasted at a provincial TV station in the evening. In just half a month, the ratings of “Fate Makes Me Love You” have completed the gorgeous counterattack from bottom to first, and the actors in this show quickly caught the audience with an unstoppable speed. Their eyeballs, brushed the sense of existence!

The media heard the wind, and followed suit to report on this summer party idol drama Dark Horse. A large number of photos taken at the press conference finally came in handy, and they began to publish on public platforms such as Weibo.

In stills, private photos, interview photos, Zhang Xinran and Yao Cheng’s faces are filled with all the hotspots under the impetus of fans. They have overtook the popular stars for a while, and like all the idol dramas’ promotional routines, With the popularity of the drama, people’s scandal began to be more and more mentioned by fans.

Half a month after the episode was broadcast, with the arrival of a small **** episode, Zhang Xinran posted his college entrance examination scores and acceptance notices on Weibo, and stunned a small group of fans. At the same time, as a target of her scandal, Yao Cheng’s education was picked up.

After graduating from high school, the university has only read for two years … one is a high-level student in the future, but one has only a high school diploma. This and that seem to be a little unsuitable. And along with his academic qualifications, there are various negative / face news from Yao Cheng, his selfishness and hypocrisy, his irresponsibility when filming, always being late, his bad attitude towards his family, etc. In short, it seems to be in addition to his face. There were no other advantages to him.

The fans ’affection for him is gradually worn away in the black material one by one. After skimming the filter of the idol halo, his awkward acting in the play is gradually criticized, especially It was Zhang Xinran, who had a starring acting show beside him, and the embarrassment of not being able to act became more serious.

Following various topics such as # 主 文明 霸 #, # 民 学 妹 #, # 用 魂 演戏 的 新人 #, and other topics, # Yao 成 配不上 张 欣然 #, #How to be in the same department Seeing the best and worst acting skills in the play #, # resistance to unqualified people into the entertainment circle to earn money # and other topics also began to take the lead.

The gossip gradually disappeared, cp fan was torn by Zhang Xinran’s only fan, and as far as Yao Cheng, he was all black fan.

Zhang Xinran shut down Weibo with satisfaction and turned over several invitation letters recently signed. After some consideration, he chose Mutian. The first step to re-entering the entertainment industry was very successful, and now it is time to start the second step.

Hei Yaocheng is so black on Weibo, but Ye Zhizhou, who uses Yao Cheng’s body, is happy with the game. With a detailed game strategy and good luck, he quickly gained Li Hao’s friendship, and no one could shake it.

After Ko Hao was off again, he took off his headphones, took the mobile phone and brushed Weibo, squinting for a moment, poking at Li Hao, who was posing dead next to him, with a white smile, “Hao brother, Want a rare orange necklace? “

Li Hao completed the transition from salted fish to tiger in one second, and flew over and hugged his thigh, “If you want to, ask for strategy!”

He shook his mobile phone and laughed harmlessly. “Let’s take a photo and invite some brothers for dinner at night.” He said that the brothers were a few little actors who had played together. During this time, he used food and money to build a deep enough friendship with them.

Li Hao froze, then nodded frantically, “Pap, please, please, what you want to eat, I treat you!”

At 9:30 in the evening, after the tear-up, the extremely empty fans were hanging out on Weibo. A few of them happened to visit Li Hao’s Weibo. Seeing that he had not been bubbling, he forwarded a newly developed game blog The master’s Weibo, curiously entered, and was shocked.

Group photo! A lot of photos! Obviously a photo just taken! “Fate makes me love you” group photo of most actors in the dinner! The main thing is that these group photos were sent by the game blogger, Li Hao just reposted! From the perspective of photos, the game blogger seems to be Yao Weiren!

… It turned out that Yao Cheng didn’t open Weibo, he just started Weibo and didn’t do business! Fans for his various tear ratios, but he himself is drinking, eating meat and playing games, it is simply, completely different from the negative / face news!

Look at the eye-catching appearance of this casual snapshot, then look at the fair and delicate skin without beauty, ps, and finally look at the crew and the director who is almost hanging on him …… Being often late for being disgusted by the character? The director is so displeased that he regrets choosing him as the male lead? Take a look at these group photos. Was the person who broke the news was amusing everyone?

Anger is coming too fast like a tornado. Fans who feel that they have been fooled get on their blood and slump their sleeves and start to dig back the sources of negative news. A **** rain is about to start on Weibo.

Ye Zhizhou pushed away Li Hao who drunk too much, turned out of the box and went to the bathroom. When he found that he was full, he went upstairs to the second floor, rubbed his dull brain, and followed the signs to find a solution that could solve his physical problems local.

The wine is really a torture, no wonder Yun Ke doesn’t let himself touch more …

Yun Ke … He rubbed his forehead and paused, and then he pushed harder and he didn’t consciously speed up his pace.

Can’t think, can’t think, do the task well …

The door in the middle of the hallway suddenly opened, and a tall figure came out of it. He bumped into it, accidentally, and hit his forehead on the edge of the door. His head became drowsy after drinking. In front of me, there was a burst of blackening, and nothing was clear.

A faint scent of mint came from him. He unconsciously grasped the source of the scent, and moved forward, his voice was unsound, “Brother Yun …”

Ou Yangchun’s conditioned reflex reached out and caught the young man who fell down, his frown slightly wrinkled, and he wondered why he usually had such a movement. Just preparing to throw a person away, the strange sense of joy that had suddenly popped up some time ago suddenly appeared again, and then quickly occupied his brain.

Can’t lose it, hold him tight.

Intuition tells him that he must do this. Reason is too late to analyze the right or wrong of intuition. The body has already subconsciously lifted people up and held them tightly in their arms. The closeness of the body close to the breath makes him a little uncomfortable, who has always been unhappy, but the fit of the body and his own in his arms makes people want to let go.

This is the person. You can’t let him go.

“Second Lord.” Xiang Qingxiao took something and stepped out. When he saw that there was suddenly more people in his arms, he wondered, “This is …” He seemed to have bowed his head for ten seconds, such a short time, Where did this person come from?

Ou Yangchun didn’t answer, looking down at the face of the man in his arms, his eyes touching his confused and unfocused eyes, that strange sense of joy was deepened.

The dizziness faded quickly, and the face that was gradually clear in front of the eyes was strange, but the breath surrounding the body brought some familiarity from the soul. The spiritual power that blended with Yunke for decades became active almost instantly. , Intimate circles around the people in front of you.

No, Yun Ke is dead, dead in his arms.

Reason quickly returned to the cage, and his active mental strength was forcibly suppressed. He stood firm and pushed the person in front of him. He couldn’t push and couldn’t help sinking his face. Right? “

“Your name.”

The deep, warm voice is very nice.

He froze, raised his eyes to the other’s indifferent and cold eyes, shook his head, and quickly became clear. “As long as the water meets, you don’t need to introduce each other. I still have something to say goodbye.” He pushed away impolitely, walked forward, and disappeared quickly around the corner.

The joy in my brain fades quickly, and the place where the chest is leaned on gradually loses the very nostalgic warmth.

Not enough, just such a hug, not enough.

He looked down at his hands, and his head was filled with dangerous thoughts.

I want to grab that person, hug him severely, tie it in his arms, lock him in his body, encroach on his body and mind, cut off all his retreats and directions, and then firmly and completely, Possess him, violate him, and possess him for a lifetime.

Xiang Qingxiaoxin was startled by the terrible aura he was emitting at this time, hesitantly called, “Second Lord …?”

Ou Yangchun put down his hand, his eyes turned slightly, his tone was light, but he had a shivering paranoid taste, “I want him.”

“Er?” Xiang Qingxiao was really surprised. After so many years with Erye, he was the first time he saw the other side’s strong desire. He wanted to ask the cause carefully again. His eyes touched the other side’s dark eyes, his heart trembled and he swallowed With your mouth lowered, respectfully, “… yes.”

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