There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 168: Love from Xiu Zhenxing

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The giant sword and the two swords collided together, and two powerful thunder spirits collided and slammed, driving away the surrounding magic.

Dongfang Shu moved his expression, and quickly drew his sword. Ye Zhizhou sneered, and continued to wave forward, “how about it, how do you feel fighting with yourself?”

Familiar thunder spirits came out from the double swords and surrounded them. Dongfang Shu jumped his brows, looked at him helplessly, waved his hands to disperse the spirits and approached him, avoiding the double swords and holding him in his arms. “I’m sorry, I thought it was the shadow created by the magic … How did you come out of Derong?”

“Let’s change the subject!” Ye Zhizhou was still angry, transforming the double sword into a mallet and wanting to smash his feet, angrily accused, “You didn’t recognize me, you hit me! Let’s say how you want to die ? “

Dongfang Shu sighed and whispered something in his ear.

Ye Zhizhou blushed, and the mallet turned into a light spot to take back Dantian, and his eyes began to flash. “This is what you said, don’t let it lie, don’t say anything else when I am low, double … hey, double Then what is not appropriate. “

“No.” A smile flashed in the eyes of Dongfang Books, pinching his earlobe, “wait for you to turn into a baby.”

Should you wait for a baby? !! It can take decades to see how many days you can’t eat? Ye Zhizhou was angry, stepped on his leg and stepped on him, “Liar! You really don’t love me anymore, all, all …” They have no interest in themselves! The husband’s life is not harmonious, but the relationship is taboo!

“We have a large gap in our practice, and we will hurt you if we do so.” Dongfang Shu leaned closer to him and whispered again, “Xiao Zhou, you have to work hard … I miss you very much.” Touching his back.

Ye Zhizhou was numb by the warm breath he sprayed into his ears. He raised his hand and pushed away his face, sternly, “What are you doing and what are the occasions, everyone is still doing magic repairs.” You ’ve worked so hard, you ’ve gone too far. “

This rogue who first complained … Dongfang Shu pulled his hand and kissed the battlefield, saying, “You came out just right, Yuan Tai used magic to create a lot of phantoms, which must be removed first.”

“Simple.” As a wind repairman who has a thunderbolt and a spiritual power plug-in, he can dispel magic or something, in minutes.

Dongfang Shu loosened his hand, so as not to disturb him to release the spell, paused, and then reached out and touched the tip of his long hair.

Ye Zhizhou stared back at him, “I’m driving through the sky, don’t mess around!”

Dongfang Shu laughed and retracted his hands to protect him.

The wind that envelops the thunder spirit power spreads out quickly, covering the entire battlefield along the thunder spirit net released by the previous Oriental Book, sweeping away the magical spirit floating in between. The monks who were fighting felt only a shock in their spirits, and the whole body’s spiritual power became much more free.

“Abomination! Tianhe!”

“Hurry up, let me know the demon!”

The man in the red robe stopped the demon who wanted to run away and sneered, “I’m curious who the demon in your mouth is, and leave it to me to be clear!”

The demon repairer who is going to report is just a tadpole. He is not his opponent at all. He was killed on the spot by only one person. But he still did not let go, and arrested Moxiu’s soul and searched his soul.

“Yuan, Taiwan!” The fingers were emptied together, and the soul of Moxiu screamed silently, distorted for a while and then dissipated in the heavens and the earth. “Tianhe is right, I’m really a fool.”

He glanced at Dongfang Shu and Ye Zhizhou, who were standing nearby, frowned, turned and flew towards the martial arts, and took out the note. “Control Yuan Jing, don’t let him go to find Yuan Taiwan! Also, if you encounter Yuantai … kill! “

Dongfang Shu retracted the consciousness, sacrificed the flying weapon, “Go.”

Ye Zhizhou jumped up without hesitation, glanced over the battlefield where the battle was fierce, and said hesitantly, “Here …”

“Leave it to Linxian Pavilion, they know how to do it.” Dongfang Shu crushed several notes, followed by jumping on the flying instrument, flying towards the direction shown by Tongtian, and at the same time, the hand was closed, spiritual power The net collapsed and directly killed all the weaker low-level magic repairs.

Some of the monks who lost their opponents were stunned, and then became more and more bloody. “We have the power to back it up, what are you afraid of, kill!”


On the top of Qingcheng Pai Mountain, a black mist rolls slowly, and from time to time there is a burst of weeping ghosts crying.

“Let go of my master!” Quicksand was trapped in the midst of the black mist, looked at Yuan Tai in resentment, and his body shuddered slightly with anger, “You come to me when something happens!”

“Why is your waste in the foundation period worth my hands?” Yuan Taizhang stunned Xuan Zhongzi in the past, with a twisted light in his eyes, “You Master is a good one. Mellow, and the strength of the soul is also good. Quicksand, you are very lucky. In this world of cultivation, which is weak and strong, there are not many masters who are willing to sacrifice their lives for apprentices.

The quicksand head is smashing, “You stop!”

Su Shi, who was continuously vomiting blood, took a deep breath, picked up her arms, and stood up again, trying to gather her aura again.

“Waste.” Yuan Tai stabbed him on the back with a sword again. Su Shi’s aura that had just gathered instantly collapsed and fell face down on the ground.


The violent wind sprung up, dispersing the black mist cleanly. At the same time, a familiar figure appeared behind Yuan Tai, and a cold light flashed in the hands of both knives, and he slid sharply into Yuan Tai Dantian. “Trash, disappear. “

With a bang, Yuan Tai’s figure turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared.

Quicksand fell to the ground, and stumbled towards Chao Xuan neutron and Su Shi, “Xiao Zhou, hurry up, rescue Master, for the sake of protecting me from being damaged by Yuan Tai to Dan Tian, ​​please save him.”

Su Shi heard his words and held up his head, and said hardly, “Rescue Brother … Xiao Chau …”

Ye Zhizhou took the first two steps and stuffed a pill into Xuanzhongzi’s mouth. At the same time, he lost a little spiritual power. After Tongtian gave the scan result, he took out a pill to feed him and took out the medicine box. Help him bandage the wound.

Dongfang Shu glanced around, silently went to Su Shi and squatted, and began to help him heal.

“Thank you very much …” Su Shi’s tense heart finally let go, showing a smirk, “It’s really nice that you are okay, those demon repairs are too abominable, and they are secretive. By the way, you should show Liusha soon, he He was also injured by Yuan Tai just now. “

“I’m okay.” Liushao came to see them bandaging the wound, raised her hands and wiped the red eyes, “My injury is not serious, Master and Uncle matter.”

Ye Zhizhou and Dongfang Shu glanced at each other, then tacitly gathered the spiritual power, and patted Liu Sha and Su Shi respectively.

The two were frightened, hurriedly dodging, furious, “What are you doing!”

The next second after the words landed, spiritual force approached their eyes and blasted their bodies into pieces.

Well, two black smokes rose again.

“Only the head is real.” Ye Zhizhou input a little spiritual power into Xuan Zhongzi, and when he is stable, puts him on the flying instrument, looks at Dongfangshu, and frowns, “It’s all an illusion. Yuan Tai is shifting our attention, and Tongtian is also misled. “

Dongfang Shu looked around again, and suddenly stepped forward and hugged his waist to take him with him to the flying weapon. “The target of the evil spirit is those who are in the period of repair, we have to go back.”

Ye Zhizhou nodded in agreement, and suddenly thought of something, anxious, “Yuan Jing has also come out of the mysterious land, hurry up! Go to Linxiangemen!”

In the temporary restroom of Linxiange, the man in the red robe looked at Yuan Jing, who was struggling to go out to find Yuan Tai, and slap him severely, “You wake me up! Yuan Tai has fallen into betrayal After the Shimen, he is no longer my Linxiange! Not even your brother! You are not allowed to find him! “

“I don’t believe it!” Yuan Jing was more and more excited by his slap, and his aura tumbled unsteadily. “He and I practice the same exercises and receive the same education. How can he possibly Enchanted! You’re lying to me! “

The man in the red robe was annoyed with a headache, so he took out a bundle of fairy rope and tied him directly, lest he rush out to do stupid things.

The little monk guarding to the side suddenly widened his eyes and stuttered, pointing at the outside, “Elder, Elder, Brother Yuan and Yuan Jing are back …”

“What’s back, isn’t he here?”

“No, no, it’s really coming back, from, from outside …”

As soon as his voice fell, another Yuan Jing actually flew over from the outside and jumped out of Feijian and eagerly asked, “What’s going on? Why are all the magic repairs outside? Also, I heard that Ye Zhizhou said Xiaotai and Moxiu colluded, what is it … Who is he?!

Yuan Jing, who was unable to move by the bundle of immortal cords, was also shocked, “You, who are you?”

The man in the red robe loosened the rope, looked at the two of them back and forth, suddenly showing a sneer, and took out a long whip to throw away the Yuan Jing who just flew back. ? “

Yuan Jing who was just back was shocked. Wolverine avoided his attack and said hard against his coercion, “Elder! I’m not a phantom, that talent is! I don’t believe you smell it, I still have Derong’s secret place on me. The smell of mist in here! “

The red robe man’s offensive was closed, his frown sensed his breath, his expression changed, he turned to look at Yuan Jing who was tied up, and said in a deep voice, “Who are you!”

Yuan Jing, who was tied up, also quickly pleaded, “Elder! I am the real! The mist in Derong’s secret realm can’t last for so long, he is fake!”

The little monks around the guard are all stupid, watching the two Yuan Jing scrambling back and forth, looking blank.

Xi was a few empty sounds again. The monk who followed Yuan Jing to Derong’s secret realm finally rushed back. When he saw this, he was also stunned. Then he looked angrily at Yuan Jing who was tied up, angrily. “He is fake! Brother Yuan was cut by a robe in a secret environment by Jian Qi, and the clothes on this man are intact!”

The man in the red robe had a sharp look, and with a full-bodied murderous whip, he took the body of the fake Yuan Jing, and then snorted, the fake Yuan Jing turned into black smoke and disappeared, and the bundle of immortal cord fell to the ground.

“It’s a phantom, **** it!”

嗖 嗖 It is two more empty voices. The two gangster-fixing practitioners each dragged a coma Yuan Tai and fell to the ground. Then they looked at each other in doubt, and their expressions changed, “Why do you … “

The man in the red robe looked at the “Yuantai” in the hands of them, showing a sneer, and waved his whip again, “One time is not enough, but the second time. When I am in Linxiange, are all the messy bales? ! “


The long whip was entangled by the huge sword that was thrown in, and the offensive was instantly disintegrated. The man in the red robe was suffocated in the chest by Reiki, and looked with hatred towards the direction of the giant sword.

“Stop!” Ye Zhizhou jumped off the flying instrument, crouched down near the “Yuantai” on the ground, and fed them two elixirs, wiped their faces. A few seconds later, the shape of “Yuantai” changed into quicksand and Su Shi.

Everyone was shocked.

“Sure enough.” He checked the injuries of the two with a black face, and lost some spiritual power to the two, looking up at Dongfang Shu, “Yuan Tai has been avoiding frontal contact with us, he Is procrastinating. “

“Look, what’s that!” The repairman who caught Liushui suddenly pointed in one direction and exclaimed.

Ye Zhizhou turned his head and saw a red light rising suddenly at the farthest boundary of the battlefield. Then the red light became stronger and stronger, and soon formed a mask to surround the entire battlefield.

“The monks there are disappearing!” A little monk took a step back in fear, shaking his finger in the other direction of the battlefield, “they are all turned into blood mist.”

“It’s a sacrifice.” Dongfang Shu looked over there, his body was filled with murderous spirit. “The red light is an ascension array. Opening up requires a wide range of life sacrifice. Yuan Tai wants to use the strength of the array to forcibly break open. The soaring passage, then use the merit of the people in the array to resist the calamity, skip all the cultivation process, and directly soar. “

Ye Zhizhou Lengheng, “It turns out that he not only wanted the lives of monks, he wasn’t even prepared to let go of those demons!”

“That’s not going to stop!” The man in the red robe protected some of the monks who were lower in the martial arts with spiritual power, and clenched the long whip, “while the formation is not done yet, we-”

“Who told you that the formation was not successful?” Dongfang Shu interrupted him and looked at Yuan Jing who was standing in the corner. “The moment the Yuantai came, the formation had already become. The fruits of victory must be Pick it yourself, isn’t it, Yuantai. “

Yuan Jing’s eyes moved, and she suddenly grinned with a twisted smile, and said maliciously, “Enjoy it, Lord Tianhe.” After speaking, the body turned into black smoke and disappeared into the air.

“Why …” The man in the red robe was startled again.

Ye Zhizhou carefully put Su Shi and Liusha on the flying instruments, and asked Dongfang Shu, “Can you start?” Accompanying Yuan Tai for such a long time, finally it was time to close the net. Yuan Tai wants to use this array to trap everyone, but does he forget that this owner also includes himself? I caught a cricket in my heart, and I didn’t see who was that cricket in the end.

Dongfang Shu nodded and reached forward and took his hand.

[Purple space is ready and can be opened at any time. ]

“Very good.” Ye Zhizhou shook back Dongfangshu’s hand, and the two’s spiritual powers began to converge, spreading towards the battlefield. How will the spirit rise to heaven! “

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