The World of Deities

The World of Deities

Author:yong heng zhi huo
Chapters:1176 | 3.9


On Mount Olympus in the center of the world, Zeus, the king of the gods, holds the thunder spear tightly and smiles at the worlds. In front of him, the gods are like a forest. In the silver hall in the north, Odin on the supreme throne holds the spear of the heavenly realm and looks down on the world. In his eyes, endless winds and snow. In the south, on the banks of the Nile, Amon, at the helm of the Sun Ship, gazed down on the Aegean Sea. Under his feet, dry bones are like mountains. In the land of the two rivers, Mazda, the Lord of Light and Wisdom, holds the eternal fire and looks westward at the world. His heroic king Gilgamesh carried the oracle on his back in his expedition to Greece, and his warships were like a sea. In Plato's Academy, a young man named Suye steps up to the mountains and ascends to the top of the extremity.

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