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New book "The Healer Sleeps No More" has been uploaded

Dear book lovers.

Report one thing - 80 days apart, I'm back.

During this period of time, I wanted to take a good rest, and I had arranged many trips, after all, I did not go out for two years, so I was suffering.

But we all know the situation, all my arrangements have become fragmented.

Where did not go on, at home on duty to come. Countless flow transfer table ...... now the clinical work is tedious to a certain extent.

After all, the hospital is one of the gathering places, one of the portals of epidemic prevention and control, it is good to be cautious.

A few days later than scheduled, but always back.

The new book, "No Sleep for the Healer", is still about the doctor's story. Chapter 1, the young man in sunglasses; Chapter 2, the ghost presses the bed. Well, is not still inside taste.

The story is as easy and interesting as possible, and I hope you will like and support it. There are some pits in the last book that I try not to step on, for example, so it is not decided, quantum mechanics; can not see the disease, rheumatic immunity. The rheumatism and immunity are something that I will be careful to write about. Countless laboratory test sheets, simply too boring, it is difficult to write interesting.

Okay, new book uploaded, we go through together.

Yours sincerely


True Bear First Ink


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