The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 96: One shot into the soul

It doesn't seem that difficult, I looked at the time and it took less than five minutes to embolize a blood vessel branch.

That's the big bully doing the surgery, and the difficulty of the surgery has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The first thing you need to do is to go for appendicitis, you can three minutes a? Give you thirteen minutes, you can't even finish an appendectomy.

In Apricot Grove, there are still many people who have a number in mind.

In the interventional surgery room, people with even more numbers in their hearts were standing next to Zheng Ren, watching his amazing operations with awe.

Su Yun is right, the operation has seen once, he will do.

After watching the interventional surgery of placental abruption once, Su Yun has an understanding of interventional surgery, plus solid basic skills and recently watched interventional surgery videos on his cell phone, he believes his level should be higher than Zheng Ren.

Originally also prepared Zheng Ren super-election failure, feet on the seven-colored auspicious clouds to become the savior.

I did not expect ...... Zheng Ren superselection to be so fast and accurate, and there was no expected failure at all.

Micro-guide wire diameter 0.014in, in is inches, 1 mm is equal to 0.03937in, converted over, micro-guide wire diameter is less than 0.3556 mm.

The diameter of a class 4 vessel is only about 0.5 mm, which is not much different from the diameter of a micro-guide wire.

Want to manipulate the thin, soft micro-conducting wire outside the body a hair into the soul, directly super-selection success ...... Su Yun frustrated to find that he simply can not do.

Thinking the same as Su Yun was the interventionalist from the third-tier city in the Apricot Garden.

He is different from Su Yun, Su Yun is relying on talent, read it and know it. He has actually operated hundreds of interventional procedures, including dozens of interventional procedures for pelvic fracture vascular embolism.

One of the difficulties and sufferings, a sentence can not say.

So, Su Yun just disappointed words, he witnessed Zheng Ren's surgery, felt is shocked!

Interventional surgery super-selection can still be so powerful?! Less than 0.5 mm grade 4 blood vessels, micro-guide wire in one fell swoop, this is simply divine!

He was silent, and for the first time, he also had the idea in his heart to go to the hospital where the operator was for further training and study.

At this moment, he was as convinced by the technique of Zheng Ren's surgery as those doctors in the Apricot Garden who had shouted countless times to go and study.

[The fourth class IV vessel, I see that the bleeding should have stopped.]

[Almost. It turns out that complex pelvic fractures can be treated this way. There seems to be an interventional department in our hospital, I'll go for a consultation sometime.

Seeing the pop-ups from doctors who knew nothing about interventional medicine, the third-tier city interventional doctor slowed down and sent a pop-up.

[If it is orthopedics, the lumbar transverse artery can also be embolized with interventional surgery before vertebral tumor resection. In that case, the surgical bleeding will drop from 5000ml to about 1500ml.

The bull has no time for science, and uses action to explain everything. Then, it's better to do the science on his own.

A flame called ideal rose in his heart and continued to send out pop-ups and give presentations to the professional doctors.

[The operation is coming to an end, this is the last vascular branch superselection.]

[Successful superselection, post-embolization imaging, no bleeding points can be removed.]

[The operation was perfect, and it took ......]

When he glanced at the time, he still couldn't help but go silent.

23 minutes 15 seconds ......

Change yourself to do it, it takes 4 hours. People do, only 23 minutes, this is the gap ah.

But he could not afford any desire to challenge.

The unnamed operator behind the Apricot Garden Live is like a mountain that can't be climbed over, so people look up.

In the operating room, Zheng Ren turned off the machine and made a gesture, and Chu Yanran then opened the induction lead door and came in to push the medicine to the patient.

The microcatheter and arterial sheath were pulled out, and Zheng Ren turned away and said, "Compress and stop the bleeding."

Su Yun was stunned, and then understood, this is fucking to use himself as a small doctor ah.

But there is nothing you can do, Zheng Ren surgery is perfect. What else can you say if your skills are not as good as others?

Su Yun nodded, pressed on the patient's femoral artery puncture point with sterile gauze, and looked a bit dazed.

Once compared, did not feel that Zheng Ren interventional surgery is so good ah, is it because the last instrument does not and hand?

Maybe it is, Su Yun's brain is running fast, looking for the reason.

"Hey, are you sober yet?" Chu Yanzhi then came in and saw Su Yun's gaze a little dull, so he asked.

"......" These words, like a sharp knife, stuck in Su Yun's heart.

Yesterday ...... drank a break, what a shame.

He is known as a thousand cups can not fall, but he lost to a woman, or the kind of wood in the hands of a woman, it is really not willing to ah.

Today is not a good day, surgery than Zheng Ren, drinking than Chang Yue.

"It seems to be not yet sober." Chu Yanzhi while packing up the anesthesia equipment, while saying, "can not drink, drink less, look at you drink. I'm telling you, drinking like this is especially harmful to the body. You are not too old now, you do not yet know ......"

"Can you not nag." Su Yun couldn't hold back and began to fume.

"Huh?" Chu Yanzhi's eyes smiled open a flower, "It's not like I'm the one who drinks too much."

"......" Su Yun was speechless, "You can't get married like this."

"I did not drink too much."

"Hurry up and pack your things, it will be fifteen minutes soon."

"I'm not drunk."

"I'm telling you, next time I'll fight you alone if I can!"

"I haven't had too much to drink."

With just one sentence, the sarcastic Su Yun was choked speechless.

Zheng Ren was very happy to see him defeated.

The patient's blood pressure rose steadily, and bags and bags of fresh frozen red blood cells were fed in, bringing the patient a chance to live again.

Fifteen minutes, the pressure to stop bleeding ended, and after the local puncture site was pressure bandaged, several people reached together and lifted the patient onto the flat cart.

As with the morning patient, there was still no general anesthesia to wake up, and with a tracheal intubation, Chu Yanran pinched the skin all the way back to the ICU ward.

Because Su Yun was there, Zheng Ren did not follow him back.

The surgery was done successfully, and there is little point in going back with. Zheng Ren came to the dressing room, took off the radiation ray energy conversion lead suit, and carefully felt the difference between the pre-op and post-op.

It was really different.

The operation time was short, only 20 minutes or so. But with the airtight, dozens of pounds of lead clothing on his body, even in such a short period of time, he should have been drenched in sweat.

This time, the body was dry as if the tens of pounds did not exist. And full of energy, if there is a digital figurative words, Zheng Ren can be sure that now his energy value, physical strength value are full.

Uh ...... later or tired and sleepy, put on the radiation ray energy conversion lead suit, go stand under the X-ray machine to take a picture? Then another day full of vitality?

The system, that big piggyback to give their own things, there is no manual, what if it is just their own psychological effect?

Zheng Ren dismissed his brainstorming ideas, took the radiation ray energy conversion lead suit and entered the system space.

At the same time, a pleasant ding-dong sound rang out.

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