The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 95: The suffering of interventionalists, you do not know

The lead coat equipped by the system seems to be no different from the lead coat prepared by the city hospital, the color and style are similar, really thrown on the lead coat rack, Zheng Ren himself can't tell the difference.

But the system, this big pig's feet simply does not have any explanation, what radiation ray energy conversion, is simply a dew. And only a lead suit, no lead skirt, lead cap, eyes and other supporting equipment.


Zheng Ren also did not have time to study, first put on the lead suit, and went to put on all the other clothing. At this time, the Chu sisters were quickly giving the patient general anesthesia.

Interventional embolization does not require general anesthesia, but the patient is in a state of shock, once there is agitation, the guide wire breaks in the blood vessel ...... then there is fun.

Brush your hands, wear sterile surgical gown, general anesthesia is over, and the procedure officially begins.

"Ever had an interventional procedure?" Zheng Ren asked.

Su Yun changed his clothes and stood next to Zheng Ren, like a shadow. Zheng Ren didn't think he would have such a handsome shadow, he always felt awkward.

"Didn't do it." Su Yun seemed to smile, his eyes narrowed up, very nice.

"......" Zheng Ren was speechless.

"Seeing that you've done it once, you'll pretty much understand what it means." Su Yun said very seriously.

Rub, you think you are a saint fighter? As long as you can't be beaten to death, you will become stronger?!

Zheng Ren is speechless, but there are assistants, it is better than that isolated situation is not.

Think of it as taking interns.

The patient's blood pressure 6040mmhG, Zheng Ren also do not and Su Yun nonsense, began to take out the puncture kit package, open and take out the puncture of an application tool.

Sterilization, puncture, a needle to see blood.

This is real kung fu, is Zheng Ren in the system operating room with experimental body practice hundreds of times, and in nitrite poisoning patients practice hundreds of times accumulated.

Su Yun's eyes suddenly lit up.

If the last case of placental abruption patient surgery, Zheng Ren a needle to see blood is a small probability event, then this time again a needle to see blood, the implication is worth pondering.

The blood pressure is so low, but still a success, can only say that Zheng Ren level is very high.

Although Su Yun has a cheap mouth, but his eyesight is as high as his face.

"Micro-guide wire." Zheng Ren held the arterial sheath and reached out with one hand.

Before the words fell, a micro-conducting wire was then handed to his hand.

Zheng Ren was stunned, this guy can ah, never been to surgery, but know what they want to do next.

This cooperation is simply as skilled as Xie Yiren's cooperation with his own surgical operation.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Is it really like he said himself, read it once and know it?

Tsk, really genius.

Zheng Ren thought while the movement in his hand did not pause, the micro-guide wire followed the arterial sheath into the femoral artery.

Apricot Grove Garden, live broadcast, pop-ups flying around.

[Just now, he was doing splenectomy and liver repair, but now he started to do pelvic fracture intervention embolization? Which hospital is this public number from?

[Don't talk nonsense, my teacher called Apricot Grove and said the source of the signal transmission is at Montreal Medical Center in Canada]

[Huh? Surprisingly, it is the hometown of Bai Qiu En? Does it mean that old Mr. Bai Quyen opened a live broadcast to teach people how to do surgery?

Things have been twisted out of shape by the mysterious power of induction.

But no matter who is doing the surgery, whether it is a foreigner or a Chinese, a public hospital or a private hospital, the technical level of the operator or the operators is top-notch, which no one can deny.

Nowadays, people believe that different people are doing different surgeries, so the statement that the video is from Canada is recognized by many people.

[Are there any interventional colleagues who can tell us about this procedure?

Yes, I can't understand it at all. I have met a patient like this, our hospital does not have an interventional unit, and the family signed for the surgery after the explanation, once the retroperitoneum was opened, the blood sprayed all over the room. There is no rule of law ......]

The actual fracture of the pelvis is a very important part of the procedure. The interventional embolization of pelvic fractures is mainly aimed at bleeding from two large vessels, the internal and external iliac. Venous injury, in the posterior peritoneal hematoma under high pressure, will close off, the bleeding will not be very large. But the same cannot be said for the internal and external iliac arteries. Simply put, the internal iliac vessels can be completely embolized without causing ischemic symptoms in the organism ......]

The person who pretended to answer the question was an interventionalist in a third-tier city.

He was distressed because the interventional techniques he had learned were rarely known to be used for purposes other than application in the circulatory department under stenting.

Since the last live broadcast of the placental abruption interventional treatment, he watched it many times over and over again and finally was confident that his level seemed to be comparable to this bully with a bit of legend.

Even if there is a gap ...... but it is not big is not.

This conclusion brought him infinite confidence, and he kept looking forward to the bull to open the interventional surgery live again.

As an interventionalist, it is lonely.

Because even in his own hospital, there are still 95% of people who do not understand interventional surgery, not to mention the ordinary people.

So he comes to the Apricot Garden every day, to the live broadcast, just to wait for such an opportunity to stand in front of thousands of doctors, to properly popularize interventional surgery.

Why? So big a blood vessel tethered, will not be lack of blood?

Go back to your anatomy book and take a closer look at the number of arterial branches near the internal iliac artery. But the external iliac artery is different, if directly embolized, it will lead to occlusion of the femoral artery, and the body will have symptoms, which can seriously lead to necrosis of the lower limbs. Therefore, the difficulty of the operation lies in the super-selection of the external iliac artery.

[I understand, but how difficult is this surgery?

I have done more than 20 of them, and the average time is four hours. You don't understand the suffering of an interventionalist.

In the Apricot Garden, the third-tier city interventionalist was popularizing the most basic common sense knowledge, and the live screen was already showing images of the micro-guide wire superselected into place, the microcatheter then entered, and a spring coil closed off the internal iliac artery directly.

The surgery was done faster than you said it would be.

The answer is admirable.

Of course, but as I said, the difficulty of this surgery is not the embolization of the internal iliac artery, but the super-selection of the external iliac artery.

On the digital screen behind the pop-up screen, a micro-guide wire has started to superselect the external iliac artery.

The microguide wire is very soft and thin, and it is extremely difficult to get into the branch of the vessel which is not much thicker than it is.

As an example, it would be very difficult to hold a whip in your hand and hit a ping pong ball at two meters. The vascular superselection is more than ten times as difficult as the example just given, so that gives a general idea.

[See, now it's just starting to get really difficult.]

The interventionalist started to introduce it. Not to mention Apricot Grove, even in the country, the interventional department is a rare department. In third-tier cities, there is usually only one hospital with an interventional department, with three or five doctors engaged in interventional procedures.

In second-tier cities, there may be two hospitals with interventional departments, but definitely not many.

Otherwise, a huge number of liver cancer patients would flock to Magic City** Hepatobiliary Hospital every year to receive interventional treatment in fifteen minutes.

The real super-selective treatment of liver cancer, fifteen minutes is simply not enough, the time to create a shadow is about the same.

But there are many patients and few doctors, so you can only do so with a lot of radish.

In the Apricot Garden, the interventionalists, who usually have no chance to talk at all, finally had a chance to show what they had learned and began to talk incessantly.

[It's not enough to superselect to grade 2 vessels; it's better to go to grade 4 vessels in order to avoid negative injury as much as possible. That's why every pelvic fracture embolization and hemostasis procedure is done for such a long time.]

This interventionalist stared at the keys on his cell phone, knocking up what he was going to say word by word, and was overjoyed.

Finally, one day, he could let everyone know the benefits of interventional surgery. Although he was not the one who live-streamed the surgery, he was still very happy.

What's more, he was able to speak to thousands of doctors about pelvic fracture embolization treatment, and this euphoric feeling made him drift away.

Because he kept staring at the phone screen, his eyes were a little blurry.

On the digital image behind the pop-up screen ...... how to superselect the fourth level branch of the deep iliac artery had ended and started imaging?

No, it must be his own eyes, the interventionalist shook his head and blinked hard. Looking closely, just as he was typing, the superselection of one branch of the deep spinococcygeal artery had been completed, the hemorrhage was found, and the operator was embolizing it.

Oh my God! How fast can you do that? Three seconds of real manhood, right?

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