The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 91 Unconventional First Aid

Dr. Song held the patient to death and used his feet to keep looking for support, trying to increase a little friction.

But the bridge surface is slippery, there is nowhere to hold on to.

It is said that this kind of rescue is absolutely illegal, but the special situation special treatment. If you want to follow the ordinary process, it is estimated that the people rescued, early cold.

Two stretcher worker brother in the following with the body to do fencing, and finally block the momentum of the slide. But the high slide down, the force of the impact and the usual force of someone kicked in the body is about the same.

Not caring about the pain, Dr. Song covered in blood, there are patients, there are their own, the patient did not suffer secondary damage to the stretcher, step by step moved back to the 120 emergency vehicles.

Oxygen, blood pressure measurement, 8040 mmHg, the patient is in hemorrhagic shock state. The ambulance siren sounded more poignant and turned around to rush to the city hospital.

No one would compete with the ambulance as long as they could avoid the vehicle, because that was the green channel about life.

In the ambulance, the input of fluids, pressure-raising drugs, maintaining the patient's vital signs. Dr. Song, regardless of his own wounds, began to check the location of the patient's trauma, and kept in touch with the emergency department, constantly reporting the condition, so that that side was prepared early.

Twelve minutes later, the ambulance finally returned to the emergency department of City Hospital No. 1.

A flatbed truck was already parked at the entrance, and Zheng Ren had been waiting for a long time.

The patient moved to the flat car, the nurse with the car handed over a few tubes of blood just drawn and sent to do laboratory tests. The most important laboratory tests are blood type, HIV syphilis test, because patients with serious trauma need blood transfusion, there is no doubt about it.

The flat car raced to the emergency resuscitation room, and Zheng Ren gave the patient a subclavian vein puncture while the ultrasound room doctor was doing the ultrasound.

At the same time, the nurse placed a gastric tube and urinary catheter in the patient and prepared the skin in the operating area.

The directors of the departments of surgery, orthopedic surgery, brain surgery and urology had been standing by for a long time. All of them are experienced veteran doctors, the patient's situation was in their eyes, and it was not difficult to see what to do next.

The diagnosis is clear, consider liver rupture, spleen rupture, hemorrhagic shock.

Because the patient was tall and the car was a little smaller, it did not hit the chest.

Director Sun was also on the scene, and he said seriously, "Xiao Zheng, you are young and quick with your hands, go do it."

Zheng Ren nodded, this was not the time to be modest. The emergency operating room had long been prepared and pillowed. The emergency surgery here can save at least five to ten minutes of time.

The patient's life or death may be decided in these few minutes.

"Push to the emergency operating room and prepare for surgery." Zheng Ren said.

"Old Director Pan, I'll go to the emergency surgery, you can direct the resuscitation below." Zheng Ren said to old director Pan as he was leaving.

"It is estimated that there will be many injured people." Old Pan director's eyebrows wrinkled into a ball, "you go, something I call to the operating room."

There is no excessive communication, there is no point in saying anything at this time.

The director of the medical department Zhou has long been here, and without the presence of Zheng Ren, began to record the situation and the medical department on behalf of the hospital authorized to give the emergency department doctors the right to operate.

Zheng Ren walked quickly upstairs, the system mechanical female voice sounded in his ears.

[Urgent task: serial car accident.

Mission content: Resuscitate the patient injured in the serial car accident.

Mission reward: unknown.

Mission time: 1 day.]

Perhaps because the incident was sudden and the number of injured people was unknown, so even the system did not give a clear task reward.

Zheng Ren has gradually figured out the system master fuck, this is a big fucking pig's foot, can foresee a little bit of the future, but not very clear, or not willing to speak understand.

The liver surgery itself with the system to give the surgical experience, to cope with emergency surgery, completely enough. But splenectomy has only been done once by itself, and there is not much experience yet.

After doing some calculations, there are still 14,920 experience points, and if you buy the surgery set time, you should have a little more than 4 hours.

Splenectomy, compared to repairing the liver is a very simple operation.

For Zheng Ren, who is an expert in general surgery, 4 hours of surgical training time should be barely enough.

The repair of the spleen may not work, but if the spleen is simply removed, there is absolutely no problem.

Zheng Ren rushed all the way to the operating room and saw that inside the operating room Xie Yiren was preparing the surgical instruments, and the two sisters Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi were preparing for general anesthesia. The teacher of the two, who had always only appeared and rarely spoke, also appeared in the operating room, silently helping the two to be busy.

The surgery was being prepared, and it was time to go change and prepare myself.

Zheng Ren went to the dressing room to start exchanging surgery time for the surgical set for splenectomy.

In a sense, splenectomy is even easier than appendectomy.

This is because a complex appendectomy has to face a condition like an ectopic appendix that gives all surgeons a headache. The spleen, on the other hand, is rarely ectopic.

There is nothing difficult about finding it, freeing it, clamping it, and removing it. As long as the anatomy of the arteries and ligaments is clear.

In 4.14 hours, Zheng Ren practiced 43 splenectomies, averaging less than 6 minutes a piece.

If it were in the operating room, it would not be so fast. But inside the system training, Zheng Ren does not have to consider the closing steps such as flushing and closing the abdomen, just open the abdomen, face one after another various kinds of spleen rupture, and then remove it is enough.

The difficult part of the surgery is to handle the splenogastric ligament with care for the abnormally developed short gastric artery, so as not to cause negative injury or damage the stomach wall. The next step is to find the splenic artery and vein. As long as the anatomy is clear enough, it is difficult to fail the surgery.

Zheng Ren even did a few cases of difficult splenic nodules, and the overall process went smoothly.

Time was up and Zheng Ren took a look at the skill tree.

According to Zheng Ren's idea, his general surgery skills should have grown from 2044 points to about 2200 points because of reading books and doing surgeries, plus splenectomy training.

But when he noticed the skill tree, he was stunned.

The skill tree had grown from 2044 points directly to 3154 points!

What was going on?

Thinking back on the experiences of the past few days, Zheng Ren felt that perhaps the system had given him 300 liver surgery experiences that caused his skills to skyrocket.

In any case, it was a good thing anyway.

Zheng Ren also left a mind, in the future must look at the skill tree more, do not have skills have grown, you do not know.

The accumulated skill points have 1529 points, still more than 300 points to upgrade from expert level to master.

Zheng Ren some regret, if you can directly upgrade, you will not be stingy. The first thing to do is to ensure the success rate of salvage, as for the skill points, you can still do the task again after using up.

The main line task prompt, has been completed. Zheng Ren thought about it, it should be gangrenous appendectomy, considered a level 3 or 4 surgery, giving more completion.

Claim the mission, 1000 more experience points and 10 more skill points. There is 1 frame left for mission completion.

The experience and skill points were of little use, and Zheng Ren simply ignored them.

Walk out of the system space, Zheng Ren began to change the isolation suit, put on the hat mask, directly to brush hands.

Brush hands, disinfection, into the operating room, Xie Yiren handed over sterile large clamp and curved tray, curved tray is iodine gauze.

She told Zheng Ren that the traveling nurse had gone to get blood, and the blood bank had 16U of fresh frozen red blood cells and 1000ml of fresh frozen plasma for the patient.

It seemed insufficient, Zheng Ren calculated while disinfecting and laying the sheet.

Putting on the surgical gown and standing under the shadowless lamp, the sharp scalpel handle was handed over.

Zheng Ren took it, and the operation began!

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