The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 90 Ice Rescue

In early winter, the temperature is not too low, the snowflakes fall directly melted, a cold wind blew, it will be formed into thin ice.

This is one of the most dangerous conditions, the driver has not yet realized that the road conditions have changed dramatically.

If the snow falls at a time when it is late at night, there may not be much danger.

But now is the morning rush hour, 30 to 40 mph is not fast, but driving on the ice is another matter.

The old Pan director's voice has not yet fallen, Zheng Ren saw through the office window on the opposite side of the main road several cars in succession tailgating, touching together.

A foot on the brakes, pull up the handbrake, the vehicle is still slowly moving forward, that sense of desperation ordinary people can not experience.

And at this moment, many people have this experience.

The hospital opposite the main road vehicle driving speed is not fast, rear-end collision is also a small scratch and scrape, there is no major damage.

But encounter things more car owners, must go to the hospital to check, stay and watch, it makes sense.

So, it can be expected that the emergency department is bound to be hot today.

"Ding ring ring~~~" the old director Pan's cell phone rang, using the oldest alert tone.

"Hello, this is me."

"Good, don't worry, I'll be ready on this side."

"Yes, the blood bank side, leave now to go to the downtown blood bank to get blood, all kinds."

Listening to the sound of the old Pan director's conversation, Zheng Ren knew something big had happened. A surge of adrenaline, endorphin conversion, crackling of high-energy phosphate bonds in the body, releasing a lot of energy.

"There was a massive vehicle collision at Pentium Bridge, and witnesses reported serious injuries. 120 emergency vehicles are heading to Pentium Bridge, let's get ready." Director Lao Pan said in a deep voice.

Snow for water, water freezes into ice, this situation is not common, but in Haicheng every few years there will be so once.

The vehicles driving on flat ground is okay, in the city, the speed of the car is no faster to where. But the vehicle on the overpass is different.

The inertia of free fall plus the very small friction on the ice, one car after another ......

Zheng Ren brainstormed a tragic picture, but he knew that the real situation might be even more tragic.

Pick up the phone, call Xie Yiren, tell her to find the head nurse, lighter surgical instruments, if the number is not enough, go to the supply room and get some more. Also instructed Xie Yiren to ask the Chu sisters to take inventory of anesthesia and resuscitation drugs, so as not to have their hands full when the time comes.

"Can it still hold?" Zheng Ren asked Changyue.

"No problem at all." Changyue stood up and went to brew a cup of Nescafe instant coffee.

Zheng Ren truly felt that Changyue was a hanyou, whether it was drinking or working ......

"Go, let's both go to the emergency department and wait." Director Lao Pan said, "We still have to get all the departments of the hospital ready."

These are normal processes, no doubt.

Because of the icy road, the vehicles were moving slowly. Although the Pentium overpass is not far from the city hospital, usually a round trip 10 minutes is enough, but replaced by now, Zheng Ren estimates how the 120 emergency vehicles will take half an hour to return.


120 emergency process, after receiving a call from the city's 120 emergency center, the nearest hospital 120 emergency vehicles must be set off within 3 minutes to the accident site.

A few minutes ago, when the siren sounded, the doctor in charge of 120 emergency jerked up, carrying the first aid kit and nurses boarded the ambulance parked outside the emergency port.

The master driver stepped on the gas pedal, ABS anti-lock system immediately started, the ambulance drifted 10 meters directly at the entrance, which slowly grasped the direction.

"The road is so slippery today." The driver's heart was palpitating.

There is no doubt that the usual small injuries and illnesses first aid does not open the loud speaker open, a heart-palpitating piercing flute sounded.

The roadside vehicles heard the ambulance flute, are careful to dodge, to the ambulance moved out of a life lane out.

The road is very slippery, even if most people are aware of the ambulance to give way, it is not a moment to do.

Turtle speed, usually less than five minutes of the road, walking more than ten minutes, the ambulance arrived under the Pentium overpass.

Looking at ...... thirty or forty cars crashed together, like a long metal dragon, different cars have different damage, many thin sheet metal vehicles have been deformed.

The inertia of sliding down from the bridge caused huge damage.

The doctor in the ambulance took one healthy step to get off, slipped and fell to the ground. The first aid kit in his hand flew out and slid along the ice surface for nearly twenty meters before stopping.

"Xiao Song, is everything okay." The nurse who came down behind him cautiously stepped out of the car and asked with concern.

"Yes." Dr. Song grinned, his hands and face were on fire and painful.

You don't have to look to know that large abrasions, considered disfigured. Fortunately, he is a man, a female doctor, it is estimated that the patient first aid back to the hospital to seek death.

The first-aid kit is the first-aid kit that you can pick up and start moving to the scene of a series of car accidents.

"Doctor, this side, this side!" Someone shouted.

"I'm dying, hurry up and save me!" Dr. Song glanced at the man and did not pay attention to him.

According to his own judgment, straight ahead, towards a car has been deformed car.

Can shout for help, 80 to 90 percent are all right people, after all, they still have the strength to shout. Of course, here is to say nothing is not a big deal. Dr. Song has also seen the calf tibia fracture, their own motorcycle and run a few hundred kilometers of the tough guy it.

Not far from the car has been deformed, the car door with blood, inside a quiet, around also did not see the injured, can only see the driver's seat seems to be someone lying there.

It is estimated that there will be a big deal!

"Doctor, help!" Along the way, people kept shouting.

At this point, a choice must be made. Dr. Song could just pick a patient to carry back to the clinic, which would be the most convenient and the least objectionable. Do not even have to risk climbing the slope on a bridge full of thin ice, simply can not stand.

But he still insisted on his own judgment, the heaviest patients will certainly not survive his next rush. To pick up, must pick up the heaviest patients back.

After falling seven or eight heels, Dr. Song, who was bruised and swollen on his hands and knees, finally arrived at the deformed cart.

The car door fell to one side, the driver in the car a face of blood, the steering wheel hit the chest and abdomen joint, people lying on the steering wheel, life and death unknown.

Too late to hesitate, Dr. Song rushed to grab a car door, want to stabilize their feet, so as to force the patient out.

Unexpectedly, the door twisted and deformed, and the sharp metal edge then left a wound in his hand.

Blood gushed out.

No time to pay attention to such a "small injury", Dr. Song stabilized his footsteps, a hold of the patient, open the seat belt, with all his strength to pull the patient out of the car.

The bridge is very slippery, it is not easy to come up, and even harder to go down.

Dr. Song took a look at the patient, pale, weak pulse, estimated that there is internal bleeding. He took a somewhat desperate look at the nurses still trying to climb up under the bridge and the caregivers carrying the empty stretcher, shouted, let them go down and wait for themselves, and then lay down directly, supported by the feet on the wheel, and then pulled the patient to himself.

In this way, Dr. Song "slid" down with the patient.

The most important thing is that you will be able to find the best way to get the most out of the surgery.

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