The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 89: The First Snow of 2*** Year

The whole operation was very tense, Chu Yanzhi wiped Zheng Ren's sweat three times, and the pop-ups in the live broadcast room were much less than usual.

Many of the doctors in the live room turned off the pop-ups and watched the live broadcast in peace and quiet. Only young, good lively doctors like a relaxed atmosphere, while watching and talking.

The more nervous you are, the more you have to skin a couple of sentences, or else the surgical action will go out of shape.

It was only when Zheng Ren completely stripped the appendix that the atmosphere eased slightly.

The appendix after anthrax is brittle, like a single piece of charcoal that will shatter at the slightest touch.

When a whole anthrax appendix was completely removed from the abdominal cavity by Zheng Ren, many doctors who were not too convinced by Zheng Ren before all knelt down.

[What a specimen to make.

[This is simply a legendary king, never misses.

I've done anthrax appendix. I've done a few cases of anthrax appendixes, and no matter how careful I was, they were all fished out one by one. Continue to worship the great gods.]

In the live room, the doctors used pop-ups to express their admiration and respect for the surgeon.

In the operating room, it was seen that the appendix was removed in its entirety, and even the traces of blood oozing from the adherent parts were light and almost invisible.

Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi looked at each other and saw infinite surprise in each other's eyes.

"Gentamicin rinse."

"Warm saline rinse."

"Is the antibiotic test sensitivity done? Negative, good, open three ceftriaxone."

A single instruction, a step-by-step action, simple and fast.

An appendectomy took a record 1 hour and 32 minutes for Zheng Ren to complete the surgery.

On appendix night, such a long time is enough for Zheng Ren to do ten surgeries, counting the anesthesia time.

The moment the abdominal cavity was closed, a feeling of technical sublimation appeared in Zheng Ren's heart.

The more difficult the surgery, the more exercise.

What's more, Zheng Ren is just a person doing surgery at the moment, there is no one even to help, let alone no one to discuss together.

All choices have to be decided by yourself.

A mistake in a decision can lead to complex complications after surgery, and can even lead to the death of the patient.

This is pressure, but also motivation.

Zheng Ren moves forward under pressure and also gets sublimated after the pressure is gone.

After closing the abdominal cavity, Zheng Ren sutured the subcutaneous tissues and sewed the skin with an angled needle and seventh gauge suture.

At the end of the surgery, the patient's vital signs were stable and there were no accidents.

Zheng Ren was surprised that this person's physical quality was simply too good to endure 2 hours of general anesthesia in a state of infectious shock, and there were no complications or signs of cardiac arrest.

This person does not look like a homeless person, the general homeless because of a long period of nutritional disorders, calorie intake is not enough to cause low physical quality, the risk of undergoing general anesthesia surgery is still very high.

He, on the other hand, looked thin and bony, but was as strong as a pit bull.

I hope his post-operative recovery will be just as fast, Zheng Ren thought.

The patient was sent back to the ward, because there was no escort, the old Pan director specially arranged a nurse on his ward special care.

No matter how you say it, it is still a human life.

The rich and powerful people with money, is a life.

No money vagrant, is also a life.

In front of the doctor, as long as the scope of their ability, human life and human life is the same weight.

When he got off the stage, Zheng Ren was surprised to see that Chang Yue was writing the case of John Doe in the doctor's office.

As usual, it was impossible to tell that she had been drinking all night last night.

If I had to say something different - it seemed that her hair was a little damp, as if she had just taken a shower.

In one night, drank 11 cases of Big Green Stick ......264 bottles ......171600ml ......

And she surprisingly did not feel at all, and her expression did not look sleepy.

The handsome guy who sparred with her is still in the doctor's on-call room for an infusion.

Amazing! Zheng Ren praised Changyue in his heart.

"Go rest when you're done writing." Zheng Ren rare emotional intelligence for a time, warm voice and often Yue said.

"Not tired." Changyue still had a stern face and replied in a raw voice.

But from the speed and tone of her speech, this girl did not drink too much, like nothing.

Zheng Ren admired the five bodies.

Knowing that after getting off the stage, old director Pan rushed in.

"The hospital side of the cost guarantee thing, I talked to the medical office, it is difficult to do. Try to save a little, that way I can go again also say." Old director Pan was a little helpless.

"Understood." Zheng Ren nodded.

The hospital all cost accounting, like this kind of anonymous, the welfare department does not care, all costs are pressed on the hospital, doctors, nurses.

Can save it, but the treatment must also be treated, can not stand by and watch people die is not.

"Go, go check the circle room." The old Pan director then smiled and said. Obviously, he did not want these trivial things to put Zheng Ren's mood down.

When we arrived at the post-operative patient's ward, the vital signs were all stable, the general anesthesia had been fully awake, and the man showed a strong and vigorous vitality, as evidenced by the metabolism of the drugs.

The exudate and pus in the body were sucked away and the body temperature dropped.

Looking at this situation, Zheng Ren was more optimistic about his expectations for future recovery from his condition.

After leaving the ward, the two went to Lin Yuanshan's father's ward to look around again. Lin Yuanshan was not there, and was accompanied by a middle-aged woman.

The old man had already awakened, perhaps stimulated by years of gallbladder inflammation, and he was not as sensitive to pain. A bottle of analgesics, up to now do not feel pain.

Just the old man wanted to drink water, fasting water time is not enough, he began to make trouble.

Old children are like this, there is really no way, Zheng Ren and the old Pan director finally decided to use handbands to fix the old man's limbs to the side of the bed, so that he will not pull out the stomach tube.

Zheng Ren called over a nurse and just explained what he meant when Chang Yue coldly appeared at the door.

"No need for now, I'll talk to the patient for a while." Chang Yue's expression was indifferent, a stereotypical stiff expression even to Old Director Pan.

Old Director Pan was a little puzzled, but he was used to saving face for the subordinate doctors in front of the patient's family.

This is a good habit, but unfortunately, Chang Yue can't understand it.

Leaving the ward, Zheng Ren and Old Director Pan returned to the office and the two chatted for a few minutes.

When he heard that last night after dinner, and then go out for a snack and spell wine, the old director Pan was extraordinarily interested. When the old man was young, it is estimated that he was also a good drinker. As he gets older, blood pressure and blood lipids rise, he also drinks less and less.

But he was obviously particularly interested in young people sparring.

When he heard that Chang Yue and Su Yun one drank eleven boxes of big green sticks, the old Pan director laughed, "like my soldiers!"

Zheng Ren a black line.

Can drink is a good soldier? This is for the alcohol allergic Zheng Ren, is absolutely another 10,000 points of blows.

The two were chatting when Chang Yue walked in, his tone flat, and said, "The patient is stable."



Zheng Ren and Old Director Pan both looked at Chang Yue in surprise.

"What did you say to him?" Old Director Pan was amazed in his heart, not bad for a blamed doctor who can chat with people who killed red-eyed people to become friends, it's really a cow.

"Just calmed down a bit and chatted with him." Chang Yue said easily, "The old man is like a child, it's easy."

"How is Su Yun, is everything okay." Old Director Pan was concerned.

"It's fine, don't even need to look." Zheng Ren shook his head, "I just saw the nurses on shift nursing, I guess for the time to compete for nursing him, not a lot of noise."

Su Yun that is a little master, still use their own concern? There is that time, might as well go read a book, check the room.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The earth is white, I do not know when it started snowing. As far as the eye can see, the sky and the earth are white, and large swathes of snowflakes fall onto the windowsill and then turn into water.

"Huh? It's snowing, I guess it's going to be busy today." Old Pan director did not lament the magnificent beauty of the first snow, the first reaction is to be busy today.

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