The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 84 - This is so uninteresting

After the patient's surgery was successfully done and the anesthesia was awake, the Chu sisters and the doctors from the second department of general surgery escorted the patient back to the emergency ward.

The Chu sisters, who had been muttering their mouths and were very unhappy, happily escorted the patient down together this time.

The original suggestion was to find Zheng Ren for surgery, but Uncle Lin did not listen, and finally Zheng Ren saved the stage, which made the Chu sisters incomparably arrogant.

Zheng Ren and Director Sun went to the dressing room to change clothes.

In a sense, the locker room is the same as the bathhouse, where we can reveal our hearts and say things that we normally can't say in our hearts.

"Xiao Zheng, you're really good at this." While changing clothes, Director Sun sighed, "We seldom invite doctors from the imperial capital or the magic city to perform surgery at the city hospital, but I still know the highest level in the country. Your style of freeing the intestinal canal is very similar to Professor Wang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. If I didn't know my roots and knew that you had never gone out for further training, I would have thought that you were taught by his hand."

"Director Sun, I'm flattered." Zheng Ren smiled.

"By the way, you don't have a girlfriend yet, right?" Director Sun is much more open-minded than Director Liu, knowing that young people can't be suppressed, and everyone has the day to get old.

Just like the old director more than ten years ago, resolutely refused to do lumpectomy, finally retired, the city hospital lumpectomy surgery only ushered in an explosive growth.

Because the old director suppressed his subordinates too much at that time, the old director still does not come to the first hospital. It is these previous lessons, so director Sun treat subordinates, especially talented young people or very kind.

But he did not expect to meet such an oddball type of existence.

Zheng Ren's surgery was good, so Director Sun was happy to see the hunt and wanted to close the relationship between the two. What did Zheng Ren need? Director Sun did not know.

But the most conventional way, is certainly to introduce the unmarried young people to the object it.

In the future, when Zheng Ren developed, drink up, but also to blow a brag about how they took care of him back then and so on.

Zheng Ren listened to Director Sun ask himself this question, stunned for a moment, and then smiled bitterly.

"What's wrong?" Director Sun asked.

"Yes, not yet, but there is no intention to find a girlfriend or get married in a few years." Zheng Ren said.

"Why?" Director Sun smilingly said, "The flower has a re-blooming day, no one is young again. Nowadays, young people ...... like my son, have countless girlfriends and have no character. But you this, also seems a bit extreme."

"Director Sun, ah, you know, I just promoted to chief resident." Zheng Ren smiled bitterly.

Director Sun immediately understood Zheng Ren's meaning.

Total hospitalization meant at least a year to throw to the hospital.

22 hours a day, 29-30 days a month, the hospital is home, talk about girlfriend? Which girl is not willing to romance? Which girl is not willing to spend the moon? Who would like to talk about love in a hospital full of sterile water smell.

Doctors often joke that every hospital bed and every hard plastic chair has been dead.

In this kind of place ...... not to mention love, even if there are real feelings, cold for more than a year, it is expected to deteriorate.

How many people were green during the total hospitalization? This is the unspoken thing.

Because know, so director Sun is helpless.

Sighing, he said, "Your emergency department still needs to enter people."

"Wait and see, no one can give me a hand now." Zheng Ren said.

"Hmm? Didn't Su Yun go? You two have a bad relationship? Not so much, Su Yun but against the pressure of Dean Fu, insisted on going to the emergency department." Director Sun was surprised.

"Su Yun is the doctor in the care unit, he will do the surgery?" Zheng Ren asked.

"He did a good surgery, slightly worse than me, but not much worse." Director Sun looked at Zheng Ren meaningfully, "You should know that when he came to the city's first hospital, but not yet into the clinical students. Even if there are many surgeries at Concord, there is not likely to be too many opportunities for him to operate. He's talented enough to be the kind of person who will probably see it and know it."

See it and know it? That's a fucking protagonist's aura, okay? The thought of the main character's halo falling on a pretty pussy, Zheng Ren was a little depressed.

"How do you know he's doing well in surgery?"

"His former girlfriend, with appendicitis, from anesthesia to surgery, was done by him alone." Director Sun said, "This kid simply does not let people into the operating room, originally everyone was waiting to see the joke, did not expect his girlfriend a day to get off the ground, three days later discharged home."

Zheng Ren heard about this incident by chance, but did not think it was true. Besides, it was just an appendicitis.

"Then again, the girlfriend should be or must be. I see the old Pan director is good to you, hospitalization is always estimated to be just a year. First find a suitable object, and then when you have time to spend more time with."

Director Sun changed his clothes and went downstairs with Zheng Ren.

Old Director Pan was sitting in the emergency ward, saw Director Sun come down, and together they saw the post-operative patient.

The patient woke up from general anesthesia, said a few words, and then fell into a drowsy sleep.

Vital signs were stable, and Lin Yuanshan naturally thanked him a thousand times.

He was a little embarrassed, he didn't expect that after a big detour, it was Zheng Ren who finished the operation.

After leaving the ward, Lin Yuanshan kindly invited all the people who operated to dinner.

Such is the culture of the wine table. The success of the operation, the family invited guests to dinner, one is to thank, and the other is to draw relations, so as to facilitate future visits to the doctor.

Lin Yuanshan does not have the possibility of pulling together, he just wants to express his gratitude.

This matter can not be opposed by Zheng Ren, and finally director Pan and director Sun settled, so that a deputy director of the second department of general surgery to cover the shift in the emergency ward, and a group of people went to the hotel.

Because of the dean and the director of the relevant departments, Zheng Ren ate a depressing meal. Look very delicate meal, in fact, there is not much fragrance.

In his perception, the small skewer store in front of his home is the most delicious place in the world.

The Chu sisters seem to be generous and comfortable in this kind of occasion. The conversation and laughter add a lot of color to the table.

A few hours later, finally all the bigwigs were full of wine and food, so they dispersed.

The car Xie Yiren, Su Yun still like a slug with the side, can not shake off. When he sent the old director Pan home, Zheng Ren suddenly received a phone call from the Chu sisters.

It turns out that they also did not eat well, about the Chang Yue together to eat a snack.

Young people are very lively in nature, although there is still an emergency shift, the phone is on standby and can not drink, but can not stop them from the pursuit of lively life.

Anyway, someone is on duty, Zheng Ren happens to be treated as a prisoner out to let off steam.

Xie Yiren drove and went straight to the location of Yuehao.

The weather has gradually cold down, it looks like the first snowfall in a few days.

The stall is not open, but the cold weather is not extinguish the enthusiasm of the foodies. Outside can not eat, then inside the house.

The place was chosen by the Chu sisters, still the crawfish store near the hospital.

According to them, the crawfish will soon be gone, and if you don't eat again, you'll have to wait for next year.

Soon, several people gathered at the stall.

Chu family sisters cheerfully came to a group photo, saying that the family should be neat and tidy.

This is Zheng Ren, Su Yun, the Chu sisters, Chang Yue, Xie Yiren six people for the first time in a group photo.

"You guys are really uninteresting." Waiting for the crawfish to be served, Su Yun habitually ruffled his forehead black hair, "Those old guys are not here, still not drink some wine? Do not make the golden bottle empty to the moon, have not heard of it?"

"I'm afraid there's an emergency at night." Xie Yiren honestly refused.

Su Yun provocative tone, this girl simply do not hear. In her world, everyone is a good person, there is no such negative emotions as contempt and mockery.

The Chu sisters looked at each other, Zheng Ren did not know whether it was Chu Yanran or Chu Yanzhi said that she could have a drink.

Zheng Ren must have refused, Su Yun's provocation, simply does not exist in his perception, directly ignored.

Finally Su Yun looked at Chang Yue, who had been silent, and asked, "Do you drink?"

"No." Changyue raw cold refused.

Perhaps some people do not care about the face, but they are polite, no one is as straightforward as Changyue. This relatively strong boredom made Su Yun uncomfortable.

"Finally, I know why I have to throw you out to carry the black." Su Yun abominably smiled and said, "This is so boring."

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