The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 74 - Isolated (next)

"Bang~~" the door of the emergency operating room was violently pushed open, and a certain one of the Chu sisters burst in hurriedly, holding a sterile packaged bag in her hand.

"Director Pan, gel sponge!"

Sure enough, the consumables that old Director Pan wanted were delivered within ten minutes. It was fortunate that City Hospital No. 1 was in the center of the city, and the headquarters of many medical device companies were nearby. If it was in the suburbs, even a helicopter wouldn't have arrived so quickly.

The 2u bag of fresh frozen red blood cells quickly deflated, and Xie Yiren, who had been watching the infusion situation without hesitation, immediately copied the lead jacket and put it on.

The lead coat is heavy, she picked it up with some effort, but the action is very determined.

"Put it there." A lazy voice said, "This kind of thing, is what men should do."

Xie Yiren was stunned to see Su Yun, who had been standing by her side, casually pick up a lead jacket and put it on, and put a lead skirt around it, walked to the operation desk, and pressed the intercom button.

"Zheng Ren, pause the operation, there is no blood."

After saying that, he ruffled the black hair on his forehead.

"Would you?" Xie Yiren asked.

"Me, the strongest man in the world, there's nothing I won't do." Su Yun said.

Even in front of many directors, he blurted out all kinds of middle-aged words without a trace of shame at all.

This was also considered odd.

Zheng Ren gestured inside, and Su Yun opened the thick lead door and walked in.

The lead door closed and the operation continued.

In the Apricot Garden live room, the live screen of the lead wire began to superselect after a short pause.

The so-called superselection is from the thicker superior vessel through the bifurcation and into the thinner next level vessel.

Like a river, it goes from the main stem into the tributaries. Experienced veteran boat owners know that it is difficult to enter a tributary smoothly at such times in the face of turbulent river water, the inertia of the main stem, and requires a great deal of experience.

The same is true for surgery.

The guidewire in the left internal iliac artery did not hesitate, and in one fell swoop, it was superselected directly into the left uterine artery.

[It seems to be not difficult at all, did it go well.

[The operation is simply wild!

[Uh ...... vascular doctors have been stunned, this operation, simply out of this world.]

Even for professional doctors, there are situations where they are separated from each other.

Faced with the smoothness of the internal iliac artery superselection into the uterine artery, the pop-ups of Apricot Grove Park were immediately divided into two factions, those who did not understand thought it was without difficulty. Those who knew, on the other hand, did not hesitate to offer their knees.

The guidewire was superselected in place and the microcatheter began to enter.

The speed is fast, yet it passes smoothly at every difficult corner point, not violent, and the operation is silky smooth.

The gel sponge was injected, closed, and embolization of one uterine artery was completed.

One has been successful, can another be far behind?

Two minutes later, the right uterine artery was also embolized.

After waiting for a minute, Zheng Ren reimaged the uterus, and the deadly "smoke" in the uterus did not reappear.

Withdrawing the guidewire and catheter and stopping the bleeding with pressure, the operation was over.

Su Yun only changed a bag of fresh frozen red blood cells, it was fine to do. I thought the operation would last at least fifteen minutes, but I didn't expect it to be over in a few minutes.

He stared at Zheng Ren, and after looking at him for a few seconds, he ruffled the black hair on his forehead and smiled.

It was so beautiful.

"Mr. Zheng, is there a shortage of people in the emergency room?"

"What?" Zheng Ren did not expect Su Yun would ask himself this question, some dazed, pressed in stopping the bleeding subconsciously said.

"I heard that you did all the surgeries by yourself recently, what a poor single dog, even the surgeries are done by yourself." Su Yun good-looking, mouth is also really owed, obviously good words, in his mouth immediately changed the taste, "need a very competent, 10,000 times more beautiful than you assistant?"

"......" if not being pressed to stop the bleeding, Zheng Ren had the impulse to slap him to death.

In the operation room, many directors are looking dumbfounded.

The director of anesthesiology, Wang Wang, glanced at the hanging table in a trance, the operation time ...... seemed to be longer than Zheng Ren said, using more than 6 minutes, but is this a fault?

Should not count.

The old Pan director's mouth smiled, hands clasped in front of his chest, a look of complacency. Seeing Zheng Ren successfully complete the surgery, the smugness in his heart seemed to be a little more than if he had completed the surgery himself.

The ICU director fell into a state of confusion after the storm, originally he was determined to remove the uterus of the person. Can you have children, which is as important as living, people who hesitate on this kind of choice are stupid in his opinion.

Therefore, he had great prejudice against the old Pan director and Zheng Ren.

But ...... never expected that Zheng Ren would finish the uterine artery embolization within a few minutes.

What the hell!

Although happy, he went into a trance and confused state.

This all violated his perception of the medical system, the general surgeon, when did he become so bullish? Even interventional embolization?

"Bang~~~" The door of the operating room operation room was opened again with force.

The poor door, once encountered emergency resuscitation situation, bear again and again ignored the storm is it.

"The patient's family agrees to remove the uterus, the anesthesiologist starts anesthesia, the nurse counts the instruments and prepares for surgery!" The director of obstetrics Su's face is very unpleasant and hurried, it is clear that the communication with the patient's family did not go well, just barely let the family do a choice of life or death.

After saying that, director Su saw that no one in the operating room operation room seemed to hear her words, did not move at all, she was suppressed emotions burst out.

"What the hell are you waiting for?"

The department director herself carries an aura of intimidation, especially when it comes to emergency resuscitation.

At this moment, there is no superior-subordinate relationship, there is no Erskine, everyone must be fully committed to rescue, do every bit of effort to pull the patient back from the death line.

The expletives that come out of the mouth are not without quality.

"Director Su, the operation is over, the uterine artery has been closed off, and the bleeding ...... haemorrhage has stopped." Old Pan director of bad taste erupted, especially enjoy this moment, he said here, paused, a good appreciation of Director Su's anxious expression, which continued: "Go back to the lower body to fill the compression to stop the bleeding, a day or two later to do induced abortion on it."

"......" Director Su's eyes suddenly widened, and his pupils seemed to have disappeared in response to the light reflection.

"What did you say?" She refused to believe it, and her voice was a little shrill, like a piece of broken glass, stinging every one.

"The operation is done, the uterus and the patient are preserved." Director Lao Pan did not panic and said, "As for whether there will be DIC in the future and whether the induction of labor will not go well, that's your business."

After saying that, his face was full of complacency, "Emergency resuscitation, how can you not come to our emergency department?"

"Uh ......" Director Su only then noticed the image data being looped on the operating table.

From the first imaging huge smoke, then a breath of embolism, and then the second imaging smoke disappeared, what does this mean, Director Su naturally clear.


The previous impatience was instantly extinguished, and the whole person came out of the stressful state of the outbreak, his whole body's strength was withdrawn, and he sat down paralyzed in the chair, muttering, "That's good, that's good."

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