The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 6 How I look so good

"I go to ......"

"How did he guess?"

"Guess? You diagnose brain hemorrhage by guessing."

The surrounding doctors were talking like a boiling pot of water.

Today's reversal was so fast that these doctors with rich clinical experience could not accept it.

No consultation, no physical examination, no auxiliary examination, a glance at the brain hemorrhage is known, but also arranged for a separate escort, after the examination directly to the neurosurgery department.

This has exceeded the cognition of many doctors on duty in the emergency department, and all of them are unaware of it.

"That patient does not look like a brain hemorrhage ah, did not expect it really."

"No wonder the director of the old Pan Zheng directly into the hospital chief, people are really capable, not to mention, the old director of this eye poison very ah."

"That is, the old director was the director of the high cadre ward in the military hospital. If you don't have two skills, you can sit in that position? Mr. Zheng is also powerful, not to mention the other, just this one diagnosis I am convinced."

Zheng Ren smiled when he heard the surrounding colleagues' comments. Although he was mild-mannered, he was also secretly happy at this moment.

Not because of his colleagues' praise, but because the system was simply too thoughtful.

But after Zheng Ren's heart was happy, a layer of uneasiness enveloped him.

The patient's life and death is tied to the system, what if the system has any mistakes, then what? No, in the future, you must insist on checking the body, at least do a double insurance is right.

Clinicians are like this, even the diagnosis given by the big director, the emperor magic capital professor, are half-trusted, no one took over directly to believe in all.

This time, Zheng Ren is also curious, plus the patient has a medical doctor to see, even if the system diagnosis is wrong, the patient in neurosurgery will not have any problems.

But in the future, it is still necessary to be careful.

Yuan Li seems to have aged a dozen years at once, his spirits are gone, drooping eyes, listlessly back to the consultation room.

He was puzzled, Zheng Ren did not even ask questions, physical examination, on what basis to diagnose the patient brain hemorrhage?

This is not scientific ah!

Dr. Yuan Li was still not convinced, and it just so happened that no patients were being seen at this time. He clicked on the film reading system and looked up the patient's head CT.

Sure enough, the CT showed a subtle bleeding around the anterior communicating artery in the skull. The amount of bleeding was only about 1 ml. If not for the fact that the patient was already in a coma, this amount of cerebral hemorrhage could easily be judged as an imaging artifact.

Although he was sure that Zheng Ren's diagnosis was right, Yuan Li still did not understand why Zheng Ren could diagnose cerebral hemorrhage without doing anything.

Meng, this one is definitely a Meng!



Zheng Ren is quietly waiting for the arrival of emergency stitches.

But it is strange that the emergency department, which usually has numerous small and large traumas, is not a patient who needs sutures.

The emergency department is not always ready for major resuscitation and serious trauma, and it is still up to Zheng Ren to do surgery in the emergency department.

Wait until 11:30, Zheng Ren greeted Yuan Li as if nothing had happened, he went to the cafeteria to eat first, and helped himself to see a while.

Yuan Li was in a trance all morning and did not show too much kindness to Zheng Ren's release, not even saying a polite word like thank you, and went to eat with no expression.

When Yuan Li returned, it was already more than twelve o'clock when Zheng Ren arrived at the canteen.

After the meal time, the canteen is not a lot of people. Zheng Ren hit the rice and found a corner to eat while savoring the new functions the system gave him.

For the doctor, the system opened up to Zheng Ren's function is really like opening a matchless, invincible rhythm.

"Isn't that Zheng Ren? The brain hemorrhage patient brought in this morning said he was the first to find it."

"A brain hemorrhage, there is nothing. I reckon he's already at the level of a great yin and yang master with his non-competent physique."

"Haha, yes chant. Follow Professor Mori Yu Ichiro to the stage, did not learn something, and finally all the black pot on the back, this is really bad luck."

Not far from Zheng Ren, there were a few people eating, Zheng Ren knew them, they were all ICU doctors.

They spoke without deliberately lowering their voices, even if they were talking about Zheng Ren.

"Meng's." A man raised his head, looked at Zheng Ren's back, and said faintly.

"Little Su is right." The doggy next to him immediately shouted 666.

Zheng Ren heard the voice and knew who was speaking.

Su Yun, the nephew of Dean Fu, a graduate student from the Union Medical College. It is said that the year has been admitted to the doctoral program, and then I do not know why actually returned to Haicheng.

This kind of clear and strange brain circuit, Zheng Ren is unable to understand.

But people are the second generation of medicine, how to do how to make sense, their ...... former self can not be compared.

As for now, Zheng Ren feels even more incomparable, is that he and himself can not be compared.

Su Yun hair is very long, black and shiny, a strand of broken hair like bangs hanging in front of the eyes, a pair of large black eyes like flawless gems dotted in the fair face.

At first glance, the feeling is that this girl is really good-looking, and her face value can definitely score 90 points.

But when you look at the second look, you will fight a doubt that seems to be a little boy.

Su Yun's turnaround rate is super high, both on the street and inside the hospital.

He is such a person, better looking little boy than the majority of girls.

"Brother Yun, if you do surgery, there are others what matters. It is estimated that this time to Professor Sen Yu with the table, it can only be you, and the operation will not have any twists and turns." A doctor who looked more than ten years older than Su Yun said.

He seems to call Yun has been very skilled, there is no hint of awkward chatting emotions.

Su Yun blew a breath, black hair floating in front of his forehead.

"Surgery, what is there to do." Su Yun said, "Know why I did not do surgery?"

"Yes, that year you have been admitted to the Concordia cardiothoracic surgery Han doctoral students, why not go to study?"

This question Zheng Ren also has, he put his ears up to listen to Su Yun's gossip.

Su Yun back to the sea medical, not the second generation of doctors sitting on the mountain so simple.

"Do not want to give trouble to the anesthesiologist."

Hmm? What's the relationship with the anesthesiologist? Zheng Ren and the ICU doctor next to Su Yun were both stunned for a moment.

Su Yun gently lifted the broken hair on her forehead, and there was loneliness in her eyes.

"I have the smartest brain, the most flexible fingers, and was born to be the best surgeon, but fate is unfair to me." Su Yun's tone was as lonely as snow, like an old man who has seen through the world, "Fate has surprisingly given me the most amazing looks."



"My stunning face cannot be concealed even by wearing two layers of sterile masks, and every time a patient is anesthetized before surgery, the anesthetic dose has to be increased. Some patients even gave the largest amount of anesthesia can not, you say I still how to do surgery?"

The air around the room became quiet and stagnant all of a sudden.

Zheng Ren held back the laughter in his heart and tried to swallow his rice, afraid that it would be bad if he accidentally spewed it out.

"Cough cough cough ......" Su Yun's side dog leg is also not so low lower limit, after a long time this cough a few times, said: "Yun brother'er, I think you are right."

Zheng Ren continued to hold back strongly, afraid that he opened mockery, provoked Su Yun.

It was not because Su Yun was the nephew of President Fu and did not dare to provoke him.

Rather, because Su Yun is the common male god of the nurses in the hospital, if the nurses know that they have provoked him, in the future, I am afraid that there will be no one to match the table with them in surgery.

The thought of being alone in surgery and not even having an instrument nurse made Zheng Ren shiver.

What? Hospital arrangement? The nursing department assigned?

Nowadays, the nurses are all post-95 and even post-00, and they dare to resign if they don't like it. Anyway, the hospital does not earn much, and live hard. If the face is too good, record a small video, or when the anchor, earn more than in the hospital.

If the face value is not enough ...... is not there is a skin, beauty, filters, long legs, long legs special effects it.

Even the nursing department is not willing to mess with this group of small nurses, so their male god ......

Zheng Ren three bites to eat all the food, immediately leave the table.

Already far away, the ears drifted back to Su Yun's words: "How do I look so good."

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