The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 590 Domestic violence!

[This is my fault, when do you need that side?

【December 9th at the latest. Is the time tight, Sister Lin?

Zheng Ren advanced the time by one day, it is estimated that S.F. can almost arrive, but always leave a little buffer time.

I'll send the address to your section, is that convenient?


The first thing you need to do is to wait and receive it, so let's not talk about it, I'm going to prepare something.

The first thing you need to do is put down your WeChat and realize that you didn't tell Lin Jiaojiao how much it would cost to buy something.

Forgetting, Zheng Ren is a little embarrassed.

But thinking about it, such a small tube of lipstick, how much can it cost, a hundred or so dollars only, it's not a big deal.

After arranging one thing, Zheng Ren relaxed.

No matter how Su Yun they tossed, they have the gift in hand, or very relieved.

Winter warm sun, sun on the body, no harsh north wind, let people feel the whole body relaxed.

Zheng Ren had the book in his hand, but actually went into the system library to read periodicals.

The day was quiet, and Zheng Ren went to the emergency department to see two rounds in his free time. The weather was cold, and there were many fewer traumas and accidents of all kinds, so the emergency department was slightly clearer.

One day, just like that, passed.

This is good.

If it could be like this every day, how good it would be.

Zheng Ren asked Xiao Yi Ren to have dinner, Xiao Yi Ren said she was preparing the scene for Ji Feier's engagement and asked if Zheng Ren wanted to come.

Su Yun they do not want Zheng Ren to go, after all, someone needs to be on duty inside the home. And Zheng Ren also does not want to go, he always feel to see Xiao Yi Ren busy, being in the dark, the mood will be a little strange.

Perhaps because of Director Kong's provocation, exhausted all the gods of the night shift, like the night shift is also very quiet, even an appendicitis did not come.

The days passed uneventfully, Zheng Ren finally found a lot of time to drill into the system library and read the periodicals and magazines to the full.

He found that his memory has grown compared to the previous, how much is not easy to judge, after all, the system does not have his body data, can only roughly estimate.

Read the book, vividly, simply do not have to life and death instantaneous thought plane spread.

On the 8th, the clouds were dense, the north wind was getting bigger and bigger, blowing the airtight windows rumbling.

Everyone is busy, that horrible night shift received appendicitis, cholecystitis patients static point three days after the antibiotics have been one after another patients proposed to automatically discharged.

Zheng Ren is still reading journals and magazines.

Su Yun has not seen the shadow these two days, it is said to be busy. Zheng Ren expressed helplessness about this, it seems that he is also the one to be cheered.

But these things are not as important to Zheng Ren as reading journals and magazines.

He occasionally thought back to the system mission, if the research center was established, would he complete the mission within a month?

Thinking about the huge amount of surgical training time and the system that rarely issues tasks now, Zheng Ren remembered that if he had surgical training time, he must not waste it.

As for why the big piggy bank was promulgating fewer and fewer tasks, Zheng Ren also found it hard to understand.

In the afternoon, Zheng Ren was reading a book in the system library when his cell phone suddenly rang.

Picking up the phone and seeing that it was the emergency department, Zheng Ren's blood pressure immediately went up.


"Mr. Zheng, there's a patient, come down and take a look."

"What kind of disease?" Zheng Ren heard the voice on that side was not very urgent, and calmed down. But then some confusion, the internal medicine doctor who called himself some ...... anger?

"I suspect domestic violence! The child is injured all over!" The internal medicine doctor lowered his voice and said.

"......" Zheng Ren frowned, hung up the phone and went straight to the emergency department.

Domestic violence, scolding children, this kind of thing has become extremely rare as a family with one child has become the norm.

At least in the years that Zheng Ren has been practicing medicine, he has not encountered a single case for the time being.

The adult people, such as the middle-aged female patient with several steel needles inserted in the skull, this kind of years ago cases, Zheng Ren does have some impression.

Domestic violence? Abuse? Zheng Ren has been pondering, all the way to the emergency department at a fast pace.

There were not many patients in the emergency department, and it was a "slow" period in the emergency department.

On the red hard plastic chair in the corridor sat a woman in her thirties, holding a seven or eight year old child tightly in her arms.

The child's arms struggling, ten fingers are scarred, there are old wounds, there are new wounds that have not yet fully healed, and even faintly visible traces of blood.

And his face, too, is a variety of wounds. Densely packed, like a spider web. The lip was bitten, and a line of blood hung on the face, miserable.

Zheng Ren was stumped for a moment.

Looking at the child's appearance, it was really possible to judge it as domestic violence.

The system, however, did not think so, and the background color given by the system panel was a bright red of a serious illness.

The diagnosis was - Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.

Damn it, how could it be this disease! Zheng Ren's eyebrows unknowingly furrowed.

The emergency internist was not sitting in the consultation room, but stood coldly not far away with hostility in her eyes, looking at the child's parents.

Seeing Zheng Ren appear, she immediately trotted to Zheng Ren's side and asked in a whisper, "Mr. Zheng, call the police."

Zheng Ren shook his head, and then sighed.

"Mr. Zheng!" The internal medicine doctor was not satisfied with Zheng Ren's performance.

After a few months of bonding, the doctors in the emergency department had already recognized Zheng Ren's technical level, and called out Chief Zheng willingly.

But this matter in front of us, in the eyes of the emergency medicine doctors, is a sign that Zheng Ren does not want to take responsibility and wants to escape.

In the emergency department, it is common to encounter fights between husband and wife and quarrels between neighbors.

The emergency physicians are seldom to the police.

People two, bedside quarrels and bed-end, this kind of thing is the most common. Zheng Ren also encountered an example of two quarrels, the husband used a kitchen knife to cut his wife's back a 20cm long, deep muscle wound.

The victim also does not call the police, was convinced by the husband, static point three or five days of antibiotics automatically discharged.

But that is, after all, adults, with the ability to act on their own.

In front of me, it was a seven or eight-year-old child. The child was drooling and looked a little demented symptoms.

It was because the child was demented and mentally retarded, and the parents wanted to abuse the child to death to save the burden. That's what the emergency medicine doctor judged, and was convinced.

"Mr. Zheng!" She was dissatisfied with Zheng Ren's reaction and called out again in a low voice, her words holding infinite dissatisfaction and anger.

"It's not what you think." Zheng Ren sighed and said, "I'll ask for the medical history, and you go and prescribe a serum uric acid test for the child."

"Hmm?" The emergency internal medicine doctor was stunned for a moment.

Serum uric acid, which is the basis for the diagnosis of rheumatism. The child in front of him was traumatized and severely abused, what did it have to do with rheumatism.

Could it be that Mr. Zheng was busy and confused these days?

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