The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 587 - This is sister-in-law, right?

Zheng Ren hung up the phone and turned back and said, "Old Gao, help me book the nearest high-speed train. Oh yes, two tickets, and ...... and my girlfriend to go back together."

"Boss, do not eat a mouthful of food at night and then go back?" Gao Shaojie is particularly embarrassed.

Zheng Ren ran to the provincial capital to teach himself to do surgery, no surgery fees not to mention, not even a meal.

Thinking about it, Gao Shaojie ashamed.

This thing really can't think, think more Gao Shaojie feel that they do particularly inappropriate.

"It's okay." Zheng Ren speed up the speed of the silhouette, end within ten minutes.

Gao Shaojie has booked a high-speed train ticket, there is still one and a half hours before the departure.

He hurried downstairs and took a look at the post-operative patient.

The postoperative patients of TIPS surgery were in a stable state, the first emergency blood ammonia check had been returned, and two patients had slightly higher blood ammonia values, but they were within the tolerable range.

The post-operative care of this piece, the level of the Medical University Hospital or pass, Zheng Ren did not advise too much, just let Gao Shaojie attention, do not careless.

Then Gao Shaojie drove, after picking up Xie Yiren rushed all the way to the west station of the provincial capital.

Send Zheng Ren into the station, Gao Shaojie this is quiet.

A day more than ten surgeries, to determine the mastery of the new TIPS surgical access problems, and by Zheng Ren knocked all afternoon, the surgical technique has improved by leaps and bounds.

Looking back on it now, it was like a dream.

"Old Gao, you are really lucky." Professor Liu looked at Zheng Ren's figure disappearing into the sea of people and said with emotion.

Running flying daggers not for money, this kind of thing ...... if others say, they certainly do not believe.

But witnessed, especially Zheng Ren's sentence - you want to learn? I teach you ah.

More so, Professor Liu's heart was strongly shocked.

Gao Shaojie shook his head and nodded again, saying, "Indeed, too much luck."



Zheng Ren rushed and got on the high-speed train.

First-class seat, very spacious, only a dozen people in the whole carriage, sparse and somewhat cold.

Zheng Ren did not let out a long breath until he sat down.

"After a day of surgery, tired, right?" Xie Yiren asked.

"Well, it's okay."

"What do you want to eat tonight? I'll make it for you."

"I have to invite someone to dinner when I get back." Zheng Ren said, "That's, the guy who chased the debt to the disposal room the time you just arrived at the emergency department and we both did the external upper suture."

"Oh, it's him." Xie Yiren said.

"He's been helping a lot lately." Zheng Ren told Xie Yiren about Lian Xiaoliu's help to himself, these are favors, more or less have to return.

And recently may have to go to the imperial capital, although a little tired, but can only overcome a little, seize the time to return the favor.

Zheng Ren whispered to Xie Yiren about what happened on the operating table today, hearing Zheng Ren use hemostatic forceps to tap Gao Shaojie radial radius, Xie Yiren smiled into a flower.

Zheng Ren also told Xie Yiren about the professor was found back by Su Yun, today did not go into the matter.

Xie Yiren said: "I guess it's not a matter of thesis, yesterday Yanran sister looking for me, said Ji Feier discharge is going to register to prepare for marriage, they want to help Ji Feier prepare a lifetime anniversary."

Zheng Ren looked at Xie Yiren's simple shining eyes and suddenly felt a sense of guilt.

Although out of good intentions, but always feel where it is not right.

Su Yun, these guys, were simply too good at tossing and turning.

"I contacted the property manager for them and let them discuss it on their own." Xie Yiren smiled and said, "The professor can play the violin, I think they are ready to make the anniversary a little more romantic."

Zheng Ren was speechless.

Professor, the world's leading expert in interventional disciplines, came to Haicheng and turned into the kind of person who plays the violin to sell his art?

Su Yun this brain circuit ......

A few minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

Two people got off the car and walked out of the high-speed railway station.

Even Xiaoliu a black suit, standing outside the high-speed rail station pick-up point, a face do not enter the look of a stranger, no one within three steps around.

Seeing Zheng Ren come out, Lian Xiaoliu could not stop waving his hand to greet Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren also waved his hand and ran over to Lian Xiaoliu.

After meeting him, Zheng Ren smiled and said, "Hello."

Lian Xiaoliu was flabbergasted, and the smile on his face immediately froze.

Zheng Ren then woke up, scratched his head, and said, "Sixth brother, sorry, just returned from the provincial capital, polite used to."

Lian Xiaoliu lightly punched Zheng Ren's shoulder and laughed: "I said, how to be so polite with me. If you're so polite again, don't say I'll turn my back on you."

Zheng Ren laughed.

Although he knew that Lian Xiaoliu was not a good person, but people are polite with themselves, they are not good to do too distant.

"This is younger sister, right?" Lian Xiaoliu saw Xie Yiren following behind, so he asked.

Xie Yiren blushed, did not deny, lowered his head and looked at the marble floor.

Zheng Ren nodded smilingly and asked, "Brother Six, what do you want to see me about?"

Lian Xiaoliu glared and said, "Nothing can't find you for dinner?"

"I was thinking of looking for you to jerk off recently, but the unit is too busy, I have not been able to find the time." Zheng Ren said.

Lian Xiaoliu grabbed Zheng Ren's trolley case, all the way out of the station and got into his car.

"Mr. Zheng, or the big tycoon small string?" Lian Xiaoliu strapped on his seat belt and asked.

Zheng Ren glanced at Xie Yiren in the back and asked, "Yiren? What are you going to eat?"

"Both." Xie Yiren said quietly as the blush on her face had not yet faded.

"Okay, then let's go eat small skewers."

On the way, Zheng Ren and Lian Xiaoliu had a few words of conversation before Lian Xiaoliu explained the situation.

It turned out that Qin Liren, who had surgery in the imperial capital, was due for a review. This time, he had learned his lesson, made enough connections, found a professor in the imperial capital, and then went to the hospital for a review.

The results of the review took the professor by surprise.

Comparing the front film and the film of the review, several scattered malignant tumors of about 1cm had been deposited full of iodine oil and were completely killed.

This treatment effect was unbelievable.

The professor asked about the surgery and contacted Director Kong to see the review film.

Director Kong, however, did not treat Qin Liren well. After reading the film, he threw down a sentence - Boss Zheng's surgery, not to review in Haicheng, but to come to the imperial capital, is this not bullshit?

Then it was very dissatisfied with the people shooed away.

Qin Liren's liver malignancy has been considered cured, although the news is good news, but he could not accept.

He often uses his cell phone to look up information about liver cancer when there is nothing to do, and the survival period of 3-6 months, known as the king of cancer, all of this has brought great pressure to Qin Liren.

He never thought he would be cured, although the professor in the imperial capital also told him that the scattered tumor cells would definitely still be there, he just didn't know when they would strike.

But at the very least, he was now considered a healthy person.

He carried the film to the Magic City again and went to several professors to see it. The final conclusion was unanimous - the surgery was exceptionally well done and the liver cancer had been cured.

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