The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 585: Is this teaching method scientific?

Li Jianguo sent the patient down, but Gao Shaojie did not let the next patient up.

He followed Zheng Ren's action, put his left hand under the right armpit, his right hand on his cheek, looking at the film on the reader and dazed.

Well, Zheng Ren knew that he was dazed.

Many truths, said is useless.

Only in the continuous practice of repeatedly pondering, understanding, to recognize the essence.

Gao Shaojie is still at the very beginning of the situation, whether he or Zheng Ren did not expect to just master the TIPS surgery access problems, and then to start the second phase of the training of surgery.

Zheng Ren did not speak, what should be said, say anything else is useless.

"Boss, this nook is the problem of manipulation, he can't understand." Professor Rudolph Wagner walked in and stood next to Zheng Ren, leaping forward to say, "Let me try."

Gao Shaojie gave the professor a wary look.

"Fugui'er, let Old Gao try again. I don't have time today, what time is your flight?"

"After six o'clock in the evening." The professor said, "I'm a man you've beaten with hemostatic pliers, let me try, there's no problem for sure."

Zheng Ren smiled.

He could be sure that Professor Rudolf Wagner did the second-stage TIPS surgery with a high success rate, and the rest was a matter of proficiency.

But if he wanted to do it, it would be better to go back to Germany.

Here, it is Gao Shaojie's patients. Although the old Gao tube called himself the boss, but he can not do too much is not.

But the professor is really good luck.

Was hemostatic clamp hit a surgery, and broke through.

Thinking of this, Zheng Ren suddenly had a thought and glanced sideways at Gao Shaojie.

Unexpectedly, Gao Shaojie also the same action, only in the opposite direction.

Four eyes facing each other, some words need not be said too thoroughly.

"Old Gao, you have decided?" Zheng Ren was still unsure and asked.

"Try it. After all, Fugui'er level of growth, I am witnessing it." Gao Shaojie gave up everything, just to take a step further with a hundred-foot pole.

This step was so hard, so hard that Gao Shaojie could hardly see any hope.


Try it!

Gao Shaojie then brought the patient in and began to lay out the sheets, sterilize, and prepare for the surgery.

"Boss, I'm telling you, thieves pull well." Professor smilingly said: "I go back, ready to special sterilization in the sterile package of the same instruments, who go on stage, do not do well, a knock to the radial radius. I guarantee that the usual learning can not, three or five times to learn."

"Don't bullshit, hurry up and get out." Zheng Ren helpless, the professor let Su Yun and Changyue they brought more and more no spectrum.

Not at all immodest.

As he was talking, the professor's cell phone in the pocket of his isolation suit rang.

"Gaha!" The professor picked up the phone and asked.

"I'm flying to Magic City on the evening flight, then home."

"Huh? Oh, good."

After the three tone words, the professor was silent.

"What is it, Fugui'er?" Zheng Ren was curious and asked.

"Brother Yun said, let me go back to Haicheng now, it's urgent." The professor was also confused, but Su Yun didn't say anything about the matter on the phone, he just ummed and ahhed in response.

"What the hell is this kid Su Yun up to?" Zheng Ren muttered to himself.

"I don't know." The professor said, "Boss, I guess it might be something about the declaration information. Then I'll return the ticket and rush back now."

"OK, I'll have Manager Feng send you." Zheng Ren took the professor out of the operating room and had Feng Xuhui drive the professor back.

Although the professor was a language genius and now communicated without any obstacles in this hot land, Zheng Ren was still worried.

He took the high-speed train back at night as well, and as a surgeon who had seen too many car accidents and traumatic injuries, Zheng Ren was reluctant from the bottom of his heart to take the highway by night train.

After arranging things for the professor, this side of Gao Shaojie has laid a sterile sheet, ready to start surgery.

Zheng Ren just about to enter the operating room, did not expect to be stopped by Professor Liu.

"Zheng ...... Zheng teacher, can I go in and see the operation?" Professor Liu cheekily, did his best to ask.

"Hmm? Look, it's okay." Zheng Ren replied simply, did not go to the brain at all.

Professor Liu did not expect it to be so simple, and was slightly stunned for a moment, then joyfully followed Zheng Ren's butt to brush his hands and put on the lead suit.

The heavy lead door closed and the surgery began again.

Gao Shaojie saw Professor Liu followed in, slightly surprised, but then dawned.

Just ......

A little embarrassed ......

But such thoughts only flickered in Gao Shaojie's mind.

Learn to operate is really, what embarrassment, what embarrassment, that are indifferent emotions.

Surgery began again, puncture, stepping on the line, retrievable stent airbag deflated, the stent began to move when Zheng Ren began to guide up.

"Lower left, 15°."

"Don't use brute force, snap!"

"Yes, continue."

"No, snap! It's 15°! Not enough angle."

"Snap ......"

In the operating room, only Zheng Ren's voice and the slightly dull snapping sound of the hemostatic forceps tapping on Gao Shaojie's radial radius reverberated.

Professor Liu looked dumbfounded.

When he was leading students himself, he had never done this before.

Whether graduate students or doctoral students, or advanced students, want to learn to learn, do not want to learn or not enough talent to learn, just let it go.

It's not your own child, so why beat people up?

Now teachers are not beating students ......

"Snap ...... snap ...... snap ......"

Professor Liu felt a raw pain in his wrist, the radial radius has been bone fracture general.

How could it be like this?

By later, Zheng Ren spoke less and less. More often, after guiding a direction, talking with hemostatic forceps.

A wrong, hemostatic forceps then knocked on Gao Shaojie right radial radius.

Because wearing sterile gloves, so the sound is extraordinarily dull, not at all crisp.

Professor Liu gradually got used to this "teaching" method, he could feel Gao Shaojie's level was growing rapidly.

Forty-year-old young and middle-aged professors, there is a social status, usually the dean of the big talk are not willing to say directly.

I really did not expect that one day, will be on the operating table, was so "rough" treatment.

But roughness has the advantage of roughness, Gao Shaojie in the "popping" sound, with forty-five minutes, the end of the operation.

This time, Zheng Ren did not do anything at all ......

Well, it's not surgery.

The only action he took was to hit Gao Shaojie's radial radius with a hemostatic clamp.

Zheng Ren is very pleased, is this teaching method very scientific.

The professor was urged by the hemostatic forceps to advance in the operation.

And just the surgery, many places Gao Shaojie obviously can not do, but under the correction of hemostatic forceps, guidance, soon to be able to do.

Well, should we keep this way?

Unfortunately, that guy Su Yun learned surgery too quickly, I really want to use hemostatic forceps to knock his radial radius ah.

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