The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 581 surgery recording (Allied boredom fighting added 5)

"What's the research? Shaojie?" A voice came from behind, and Gao Shaojie, who was concentrating on Zheng Ren's words about the second-stage TIPS surgery to remove the retrievable stent, fell into a trance.

The voice was familiar and interrupted Gao Shaojie's thoughts.

Gao Shaojie turned around and was stunned to see Director Jin accompanied by Dean Qi standing behind him with a smile.

"President Qi, how are you?" Gao Shaojie immediately said politely.

"This is ......."

"Dean Qi, this is Mr. Zheng Ren Zheng." Gao Shaojie immediately introduced, "Boss, this is our hospital Dean Qi."

Dean Qi's heart was shocked, but there was no change in expression. Stretching out his hand, he shook hands with Zheng Ren and considered himself acquainted.

Boss? Usually only those with provincial research funds can address the boss.

Of course, many small doctors in small hospitals will also address the director as the boss in order to be funny.

But Gao Shaojie is certainly not this kind of person.

President Qi's mind flashed and began to recall the matter of this year's provincial research funds.

There is no ah, is it like Director Lin said, is the 912 hospital director Kong to contact the national natural science funds?

"Boss Zheng is in his prime, I envy him." President Qi thought about things in his heart, but his mouth said something else.

This skill is necessary for the officialdom, President Qi has mastered.

Originally, as a great dean, there is no need to be so polite to a small doctor, but President Qi glanced at Professor Rudolf Wagner standing behind Zheng Ren, and guessed in his heart that perhaps this is the world's leading professor of interventional medicine that his classmate said.

It was better to be polite, not to turn into a grudge.

"You're welcome." Zheng Ren laughed.

Seeing that President Qi kept glancing at the film out of the corner of his eyes, Zheng Ren said, "I'm studying the technique of recovering the stent for the second-stage TIPS surgery with Lao Gao."

"You guys continue." President Qi smilingly said.

Zheng Ren is also not polite, time is limited, the next time to come to the provincial medical university hospital, I do not know when the year and the month.

Gao Shaojie to master the second-stage TIPS surgery retrievable stent removal skills as soon as possible, so that they can go with confidence.

This is the difference between medical and other industries now.

Other industries, if you resign, job-hopping, said to go away. But this is not the case with medical care. Former patients must be entrusted to a reliable person so that they can feel comfortable. (Note 1)

Zheng Ren would like to have a brain to pass on all the experience he has accumulated in the system operating room to Gao Shaojie.

But see Gao Shaojie face pensive, confused, Zheng Ren also know can not pull up the seedlings to help grow.

A lot of things, or need surgery to hone, in order to have a deeper experience.

It is estimated that this time Gao Shaojie can master the surgical skills, intervention level can also be raised to the patriarch level.

The time came to eight o'clock and the early shift started.

Because the dean was waiting for the surgery, the morning shift ended hastily, and Gao Shaojie began to send the patient to the stage.

Dean Qi and Zheng Ren were chatting while walking to the operating room.

He was surprised that Zheng Ren was still only a chief resident of the emergency department of Haicheng City First Hospital and expressed some disdain in his heart.

A chief resident is not even qualified to do TIPS surgery, even if he is an interventional specialist. What's more, between words he knew that Zheng Ren came from general surgery.

Small places, really unprofessional in everything, this is all medical hidden dangers, President Qi thought in his heart.

But he didn't say anything, he was still enthusiastic.

After learning about the situation last night, he contacted his classmates in the United States and went online overnight to see the article published in the latest issue of TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine.

Dean Qi was also an elite in the medical field back then, with an eighth grade English major.

Although the medical field is now divided into extremely fine, various professional terms President Qi can not read, but it does not affect him to see the first author's name.

Zheng Ren, it really is him.

Contacted overnight to record the surgery, the medical director Lin perfected the legal procedures, busy as a dog.

But this has nothing to do with President Qi, who is ready to send the images to his classmates after the operation. That side heard that the Medical University Hospital is going to do the latest TIPS surgery today, has been impatient.

Changed clothes, Zheng Ren came to the operating room.

Gao Shaojie personally laid out the sheets, and Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner stood in front of the operating room's film reader to confirm that the patient's name and the film agreed, and then began to read the film one last time before surgery.

"Boss, it's ready." Soon, Gao Shaojie spoke up.

Today's surgery would leave images, and Gao Shaojie was vaguely a little excited.

Yes, excited.

The person who needed these images, no need to think about who it was. And Gao Shaojie from overnight contact surgery recording this thing, smell a hint of impatience.

He finally got ahead of them, Gao Shaojie was especially happy.

The professor did not go on stage, he walked out of the operating room, holding the bladder through the leaded glass to look at the surgery inside.

Dean Qi came over and asked, "Excuse me, you are Professor Rudolf Wagner of Heidelberg University, right?"

"Uh-huh, gah." The professor said.

Dean Qi almost fell down when he heard the professor's northeastern dialect out of his mouth.

Where is this all going.

He was in a trance, a mouth of northeastern German professor? This kind of creature does not exist in Dean Qi's world.

"Say it, you want Kah?" Professor Rudolph Wagner asked.

"Uh ......" Dean Qi was flabbergasted for a moment, then he forced out a smile and said, "Professor, I saw the article published yesterday in The NewEnglandJournalofMedicine article in the NewEnglandJournalofMedicine."

The professor was proud and just glanced at Dean Qi in a condescending manner.

"A new procedure that can be described as subversive." Dean Qi did not know how to intervene, so he had to say his classmate's words in their original form, "Congratulations."

"I should congratulate our boss." The professor said, "Since you saw the article, did you not look at the first author?"

"......" Dean Qi was stunned.

This was what he couldn't figure out.

Could it all be true?

"The boss first created it, I just followed and learned it. Of course, I did some work in perfecting the art form." The professor said.

Dean Qi really didn't know how to answer the question.

The world view, life view, and values were shattered and could not even be put together.

Thinking about his attitude when Director Lin told himself a few days ago that he was going to give a small doctor establishment, he was a little remorseful.

If the early shot, will this stay in the provincial capital?

But he also knew that with the 912 hospital out of the way, the possibility of leaving that one behind himself is really unlikely.

And something like water to oil years ago, and something like gene sculpting published in the journal Nature in recent years, made him even more wary.

It is better to wait until the operation is over and send the video to the classmates to be sure.

As his mind was reckoning, the operating room door opened and Zheng Ren had taken off his sterile gloves and walked out.

"Boss, old Gao is doing it very skillfully haha, it's almost catching up with my speed." The professor greeted him with a smile and spoke with a very different attitude from the previous attitude with Dean Qi.



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