The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 579 - Midnight Call

When Zheng Ren went upstairs, Xie Yiren had already closed the bedroom door, told him to sleep in the other room, and then there was no more sound.

Washing up, lying down, Zheng Ren lay on the bed.

Although there is a small regret in his heart, but more is happy.

Thinking about tonight's scene after scene, Zheng Ren's eyes gradually closed and soon fell into a deep sleep.



Medical University Hospital President Qi every day after dinner, slow walk for an hour, go home to write brushes, then watch TV, and then go to bed early.

People in their fifties should take care of their bodies. To a certain age, live long is the hard truth, money ah what is not so important.

Today is also the same, President Qi went to bed at nine o'clock.

At eleven fifteen, the phone rang.

In the quiet room, so ear-splitting!

He set only a few calls to be able to come in during the night for fear of disturbance. Dean Qi sat up sharply, and his first thought was that there was a major social mass casualty event!

It seems to go back to 20 or 30 years ago when he was still working in the clinic, the body dopamine, adrenaline secretion, the whole person instantly awake.

Picked up the phone, at this time, President Qi's lover dissatisfied with a word, turned around and went back to sleep.

He took a look at the phone, and strangely enough it was a classmate working in the United States that he only contacts once or twice a year.

Strange, what is he calling for? Is it possible that he is going back to China in the near future?

Because of the time difference, this group of students contact each other, mostly through chat software messages. The reasoning behind this is that you should not do to others what you do not want to do to others.

This time to call themselves, there must be something big.

But after all, it was a transatlantic call from the United States, Dean Qi thought there would be nothing wrong, so he picked up the phone and tiptoed out of the bedroom.

Relaxed, dopamine and adrenaline levels were lowered, and there was some discomfort in muscle tissue throughout the body.

"Old Wu, what's up?" Dean Qi's tone was a little impatient, this point of displeasure, always to express.

"Old Qi, have you read the latest issue of TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine?" The other side seemed not to hear the displeasure in Dean Qi's tone and spoke excitedly.

"You can't get first-hand information in China."

"It's on the website!" The other side said, "A recent paper on TIPS surgery, the first author is Chinese and the second author is Professor Rudolf Wagner of Heidelberg University."

"Oh, TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine is very strict, but publishing one or two papers is nothing, right? We had two papers published in our hospital last year ......"

"No, no, Lao Qi, you misunderstood what I meant." Old Wu hurriedly said, "You are not engaged in the direction of intervention, you do not know the value and significance of this paper.

According to the paper, using liver NMR diffusion localization can make puncture much easier. Lao Qi, you know what, this is subversive!"

Dean Qi was silent, his eyes narrowed.

He was guessing what his classmate meant when he called.

"I just asked someone at the Heidelberg University Medical Center, and I was told that Professor Rudolf Wagner has been in the country for a long time. I asked around again, and Professor Rudolf's assistant went there later, and the coordinates are at your place!"

"Hmm?" Dean Qi frowned, "Do I have it here?"

"It's the north of the earth, it's not clear. But the province can be published in TheNewEnglandJournalofMedicine, it is estimated that only your hospital doctor." Old Wu said, "I owe you a favor, you take the time to ask, this thing is true or not, I look at the paper, how to feel so unbelievable it."

"......" President Qi was reflecting on the strength of his control over the hospital. Such a big thing, he would not know?

"Old Qi, let me tell you, if there was no Professor Rudolph, I would have thought it was academic fraud. But the great Professor Rudolph is only in second place as an author, and really can't figure it out. You grasp the time to implement it, I'll wait for your news here."

Dean Qi was also curious, agreed to hang up the phone after.

He frowned in contemplation, the intervention section, the gang under the hand, in the end, who can make such a big deal.

Will not ah, even if the German professor came to the country, go is a private relationship, they do not know it makes sense. But the scientific research declaration, the hospital will allocate funds. And the provincial research fund, they are also one of the judges, will not bypass their own to go.

This is a strange thing.

President Qi picked up the phone and just dialed the number of the director of the intervention department, Jin, when a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

He then ruthlessly hung up on Director Jin and found another phone to call out.

"Director Lin, a few days ago you and I said that there is a ...... where a small doctor, the level is very high, help us solve a medical hidden danger to come?" President Qi asked.

That side of Director Lin is obviously a little tired, still in a half-asleep state, did not slow down for a while, flabbergasted.

"Director Lin, I asked you a question!" Dean Qi's voice was a few degrees colder, and the morose intent turned into an invisible electromagnetic transmission to Director Lin's ears, instantly coalescing into frost, making Director Lin wake up.

"Dean!" Director Lin shivered and jumped up, ignoring his lover's blank stare, and walked to the living room, "It's Dr. Zheng Ren, the chief resident of the emergency ward of Hai Cheng City First Hospital."

"Engaged in intervention?"


"The surgery is particularly well done?" President Qi suddenly felt so bored, a small doctor in Haicheng, it is impossible to have the so-called subversive ......

Just thinking, the voice of Director Lin came from the phone.

"TIPS surgery is particularly well done, it is the old Gao of the interventional department invited him to come to our hospital to teach." Director Lin said.

President Qi was stunned.

Could it be true? Teaching? Gao Shaojie? What is this guy up to? A doctor from Columbia University, leading a group at the provincial medical university hospital, and needing someone to teach?

Countless questions rushed into Dean Qi's mind, but he instantly smoothed them out and asked, "The level is really high?"

"Yes, that's why I suggested to keep him in our hospital." Director Lin smiled bitterly.

"Have you talked to this Dr. Zheng about this matter?" President Qi asked, "If you haven't talked about it, hurry up and talk about it, I approved the house matter."

An intuition told President Qi that the person Old Wu said should be the one that Director Lin talked to himself about.

In that case, what can give a house?

This year's funding ...... is a little tight, but it's not that bad. Besides, the time to do the procedure is long enough to verify the truth of the matter. If it is false, a kick away is it.

If it's true, hey.

"President Qi ......" then Director Lin's voice hoarse a few points.


"I said."

"When will the person come?"

"Zheng did not agree to come over, when I went, the director of the interventional department of the 912 hospital in the empire also went and tapped him to the empire."


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