The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 575 - Have you ever raised a banner

The time is still early, Gao Shaojie that side is out of the clinic, about to go together to see the Medical University Hospital. Then in the evening first look at the film, see the patient, and then go out to dinner.

Zheng Ren told Feng Xuhui to first take Professor Rudolf Wagner to a hotel room and inform him when to eat and when.

Of course Feng Xuhui wanted to go all the way with Zheng Ren, but Zheng Ren had made all the arrangements and he did not object.

Hu Hai's car drove all the way to the underground parking lot of the Provincial Medical University Hospital, and then took Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren to change clothes first.

The hospital has a large number of outpatients every day, so if you wear civilian clothes, you are not allowed to go in.

After all, the patients waited in line for a small day, each in an impatient mood. If someone swaggers directly into, every day because of these things to make a mouthful.

Hu Hai saved himself the trouble, anyway, it's not far, so he took Zheng Ren to change his clothes.

Li Su Mei took Xie Yiren back to the section waiting for the phone to go, she and Xie Yiren chatting is happy. What lipstick number matter, Zheng Ren also do not understand.

In Zheng Ren's opinion, lipstick is all one color ......

It is close to the end of the day, but there are still many patients lined up outside the clinic. Zheng Ren and Hu Hai walked into the clinic and went directly to Gao Shaojie's consultation room.

Gao Shaojie was seeing an elderly patient, percussing and probably estimating how much ascites.

Seeing Zheng Ren come in, he said excitedly, "Boss, you're here!"

Zheng Ren waved his hand, signaling him to go busy and ignore himself.

Put an old man on the consultation bed, the stomach of the clothes also lifted up, strange not old appropriate.

The patient's family listened to the temples slightly gray Gao Shaojie called Zheng Ren boss, are very puzzled. Surreptitiously with the corner of the eye to see Zheng Ren, measuring, speculation.

Gao Shaojie finished checking the body, disinfected by hand, picked up the film, inserted into the reader, said, "Boss, you palm a glance, I think the patient is suitable for TIPS surgery."

Zheng Ren nodded his head and padded over.

The patient was a typical patient with advanced cirrhosis, portal hypertension, ascites, and splenomegaly.

The indications for surgery were well chosen and there was no problem at all. Zheng Ren took another look at the labs and there were no absolute contraindications to surgery.

After some communication, Gao Shaojie gave the patient an admission order and left a phone number, and also gave the patient a liver MRI diffusion test.

Perfecting various tests before admission, especially the kind that require a queue, can shorten the length of stay and improve bed turnover.

This is a minor trick and has little impact on the patient himself.

While Gao Shaojie was writing the order, a man in a security uniform walked in.

Zheng Ren was recalling the patient's liver MRI scan+enhancement film in his mind when he heard a "bam".

The man in the security uniform was particularly cross, and walked in and kicked Gao Shaojie on his desk.

"Old Gao, you're great!" That person in front of the patient, directly angry: "Listen to my little brother said, you do not fucking give me extra number?

Gao Shaojie stroked his glasses with a disgusted look.

"Who gave you the guts!" The man spoke viciously.

Zheng Ren lifted his head and looked at it.

Huh? It seemed familiar.

The iconic big yellow teeth pulled Zheng Ren's memory back to that medical incident in the gynecology department a few months ago.

Yes, it was him.

Zheng Ren although face blind, but this person's mouth of that big yellow teeth, but also vaguely with vegetable leaves, can see what to eat at noon, simply do not be too obvious.

Later the people holding the banner, it seems to have him ......

"You are the people of Haicheng?" Gao Shaojie did not speak, Zheng Ren first opened his mouth to ask.

"What the fuck do you care about me ......" Big Yellow Tooth opened his mouth to curse, sideways glance, a trance, the words behind all swallowed back.

"Have you ever held up a brocade flag?" Zheng Ren does not remember whether the person who raised the banner has him, the mind is thinking of this matter, open mouth and asked.

"......" big yellow teeth shriveled up, a smile on his face, the waist also involuntarily bent down, "Dr. Zheng, Zheng, Zheng ...... "

"Ah?" Zheng Ren looked at his eyes, really did not dare to stare at his mouth, the mouth of the big yellow teeth like alive, just look, they will tell Zheng Ren about the noon lunch.

"Why are you here, old man." Big yellow teeth in the heart screaming bitter, paralyzed to the provincial capital, still can not fucking hide from this young master, they are guilty of what too old?

No, go back at night, must burn some paper, either set off some firecrackers, to go to bad luck.

"I came to do surgery with old Gao." Zheng Ren mildly smiled.

"Pa ~ ~" big yellow teeth a slap to his face, not very hard, but particularly loud.

A look at it shows that it is experienced, not the first time to do this.

"Master Zheng, I was wrong, I was wrong!" Big Yellow Tooth bowed his body and couldn't stop apologizing.

"You're selling the number?" Zheng Ren also did not stand up, not to mention did not stop, just faintly asked.

"This is not the Sixth Master said that we are not allowed to be a medical joker. I also think this thing can not do long, so I brought my brothers to the provincial capital to ask for a living." Big Yellow Tooth took the opportunity to stop, said with a smile: "Brothers are dragging their families, but also to have a mouth to feed ah."

"Don't be so cross, have a good talk." Zheng Ren said, "Besides, just call me Zheng Ren."

"Okay, okay, Dr. Zheng, I'll leave you alone." Big Yellow Tooth's eyes dripped around, trying to decipher Zheng Ren's expression, whether he was unhappy or not.

"Then I'll get lost?" Big Yellow Tooth looked at Zheng Ren uneasily and asked in a small voice.

"Go ahead, remember to talk properly in the future, don't be too greedy." Zheng Ren admonished.

Big Yellow Tooth bowed repeatedly, not even daring to raise his head, turned and ran away.

When he turned around, he was in too much of a hurry, and when he didn't pay attention, he hit his head on the door frame.

The "clang" sound was so loud that it was comparable to the one he kicked in the door.

Big Yellow Tooth did not dare to cry out in pain, covering his head, and instantly disappeared.

Hu Hai looked at Zheng Ren in dismay, little Zheng boss is not old, the surgery is good not to mention, how even this group of landlord are afraid of him?

This group of landlord is not simple.

Provincial Medical University Hospital security to whom, afraid of the Grand President does not have the right to arrange directly. This kind of jianghu matter, the legend is to see blood.

Every time you change security guards, two or even several parties have to settle privately.

It is said that this time it is even made a few lives out.

This group of people, no doctor wants to interact with them.

Generally come to the number, the doctor also knows that they are selling. Provincial Medical University Hospital is not as large as the imperial capital, the magic capital of tertiary hospitals, a number is not too expensive, but if a scalper number also has to be a few hundred.

Especially the expert number of such experts as Gao Shaojie, it is difficult to find a ticket.

Hu Hai shook his head slightly and exclaimed, "Mr. Zheng, you are really great!"

"Oh, a native of Haicheng." Zheng Ren said, "I've jerked off with their big brother once."

Zheng Ren was also thankful, he didn't want to encounter another incident of the Great Black Umbrella of the Imperial City. But this group of people are giving themselves face, it looks like they have to go back to Lian Xiaoliu for dinner and thank him.

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