The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 568 Carotid artery dissection without hemorrhagic shock

It was the 120 emergency doctor who called from the emergency vehicle.

Zheng Ren "Huo" immediately stood up, hurriedly asked: "The patient still has blood pressure?"

"Blood pressure ......11065 mmHg." The 120 emergency doctor hesitated slightly and said.

"......" Zheng Ren was stumped for a moment.

He did not hear wrong, just should have said the carotid artery to come.

That's a carotid artery! After cutting, blood can be bared around the circle on the roof of the kind of large artery.

The carotid artery is cut, but the blood pressure can still remain normal? Is he not awake or the 120 emergency doctors are not awake?

"Look at the blood pressure again and restate the condition." Zheng Ren said in a deep voice while pulling open the door of the showroom and walking out.

Su Yun made a gesture, and after a simple arrangement, followed Zheng Ren to the emergency room and waited for the patient.

"Mr. Zheng, the blood pressure is confirmed correct. The patient's family said that 15 minutes ago, because of a quarrel, the patient smashed a glass into the wall. A glass ballast flew out and cut the patient's carotid artery."

The doctor of 120 emergency reported hurriedly.

"I have repeatedly confirmed with the patient's family that I did see blood spurting out of the neck with my own eyes. But there was only one stream, and then it was gone."

"What about the wound?" Zheng Ren asked.

"The family wrapped the wound with a towel, and I didn't dare to open it. The patient's blood pressure was stable, and I was worried that something would go wrong if I opened it."

"Good, do the right thing." Zheng Ren said, "Hurry back."

After saying that, Zheng Ren hung up the phone.

Strange ...... Zheng Ren pondered.

"Boss, come and talk about it." Su Yun said, "To see if the family has been drinking."

Well, Su Yun is right.

It is also possible that it is drunk ...... This is not even the fucking point of lunch, the possibility of drinking is unlikely.

However, it does not exclude this possibility.

The two simply did not go to the emergency resuscitation room, standing on the inside of the gate and waiting.

The emergency department's flat car has long been waiting there, the accompanying inspection saw Zheng Ren, smiling and greeted.

"Mr. Zheng, you're quite busy this shift." The accompanying inspection said.

"......" Even the accompanying inspection knew about it? Zheng Ren speechless.

"I came to the city hospital for more than five years, the night before last shift, is the busiest one. I did not even sleep, ran all night." The accompanying inspection said.

"Then what." Su Yun snickered on the side: "On this life, no way."

Chatting, the sound of 120 emergency vehicles sharp call came. The sound is getting closer and closer, several people silent down.

As the emergency vehicle steadily stopped in front of the emergency building, the door opened and the emergency surgeon jumped down.

"Chief Zheng." He immediately looked at Zheng Ren and said, "The patient is in stable condition."

Zheng Ren nodded.

Whether or not the family was drinking and talking nonsense, or there was some reason to cover up the condition and the onset of the disease, as long as the condition was stable, everything was okay.

The patient was pushed down, and Zheng Ren was stunned to see the system panel at the top right of his vision marked - carotid artery laceration injury.

The process described by the family matched, but the carotid artery was lacerated and the blood pressure was fine?

Zheng Ren does not believe that towel pressure can stop the blood spurting out of the carotid artery.

Two steps forward, Zheng Ren took a look at the patient.

Her face was normal, without the pale color caused by massive bleeding. Seeing Zheng Ren up, she also smiled, just want to talk, was Zheng Ren stopped.

"Do not move, do not move at all, hear clearly?" Zheng Ren said loudly.

"I have nothing to do, doctor." The patient was lying on the flat cart and said with some dissatisfaction.

The left side of her neck was covered with a yellow towel, and no blood was seen on the towel .......

What's going on here? Zheng Ren became more and more confused.

Push the patient to the emergency resuscitation room, first pressed on the cardiac monitor, Zheng Ren took a look.

Blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, all normal.

Seeing Zheng Ren carefully, Su Yun was also a little puzzled.

He paid attention to the patient's family and observed that the demeanor and behavior were normal, with no signs of alcoholism.

"Tell us what happened." Zheng Ren stood at the patient's injury test and asked the family while carefully removing the yellow towel.

There was no blood spurting out, and there was no obvious break in the neck, just a scratch of about 4mm above the left sternocleidomastoid muscle.

If not for Zheng Ren's good eye, this small scratch could easily be ignored.

No oozing, no bleeding, no subcutaneous hematoma!

Carotid artery injury, is this the manifestation? Zheng Ren once again suspected the big piggyback.

This goods for a long time does not give the task not to mention, this time also gave such an unreliable diagnosis.

"Doctor, I was stunned to see a stream of blood spurting out." A middle-aged man said to.

"Sure it was a stream of blood?"

"Sure, sprayed on the floor of the house."

The doctor of 120 emergency said, "Mr. Zheng, I saw it, the amount is about 20ml."


The big piggyback's diagnosis matched the family's story, and Zheng Ren didn't ignore the small probability of various possibilities.

"Do you have any discomfort?" Zheng Ren began to ask the patient, "Answer slowly, talk slowly too, don't rush."

"Doctor, it's all okay." The patient saw Zheng Ren's serious face, experienced it carefully, and then said, "It's just that the left side of my neck is a little uncomfortable when I'm gasping for air."

There was no clear abnormality either.

Zheng Ren changed a piece of gauze for the patient, and then said, "Prepare to do CTA of the neck."

Su Yun nodded his head, he knew why Zheng Ren was nervous.

Surgeons, not afraid of blood and flesh, are afraid of this kind of patients who look normal but are out of breath in the blink of an eye.

When they were brought in, they were fine and had no problem talking. Really if the carotid artery has something, was ignored, the patient died suddenly, the family if not trouble is strange.

If Su Yun did not study medicine, encounter this kind of thing, sent to the good, the doctor also said it was fine, the blink of an eye, the person is gone, he will not make the city of the sea a hospital shutdown on the hell.

At this time, only the most detailed examination can be done, rather than to kill the wrong.

To determine whether there is a problem with the blood vessels in the neck, the best test is the CTA examination of the neck vessels.

It is a one-step procedure, simple and hassle-free.

Zheng Ren watched over the patient to avoid the patient moving around and causing irreversible damage. Su Yun went to contact the CT room, saying that there was an emergency patient on this side who needed to be examined.

Near noon, that side of the CT room was also ready to close.

Just in time to do the last patient, Su Yun came back and said, Zheng Ren carried the first aid kit, let the accompanying examination cart, brought a nurse, several people ran all the way to the CT room.

Sister Zhao heard the sound of the flat trolley and knew that Zheng Ren and the others were coming, so she welcomed them out.

"What patient?" Sister Zhao asked.

"Carotid artery injury." Zheng Ren said.

Sister Zhao took a look at the patient, saw that there was nothing wrong, and did not refute Zheng Ren's words, opened the door and let the flatbed enter.

Together with the family, several people carried the patient flat to the CT consultation bed, the patient's lover stayed in the CT room, and Zheng Ren nagged a few more times, telling the patient to never move around, before entering the operation room.

"Mr. Zheng, thank you." Sister Zhao saw that there was no more patient's family and her condition was not urgent, so she said with a smile.

"Hmm?" Su Yun wondered, "Sister Zhao, why are you thanking him?"

"My neighbor said, went to the medical university, the doctor there can be enthusiastic. Said the patient of the boss of Haicheng Zheng, all the way to the green light."

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