The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 567 Birthday preparation meeting

Sending Director Kong to the airport, on the way the old director and Zheng Ren explained many things. The trivial, complex, repeatedly dictated.

Zheng Ren was a little touched, many things he did not think of, but Director Kong helped himself to think of.

Some of these things are related to life, some involve the future of the hidden danger, but all by the director of Kong defused in the invisible.

The good fighter has no hefty achievements, this is really true.

Seeing Director Kong walk into the security checkpoint and waving his hand, Director Kong made a gesture of contacting by phone and his figure disappeared around the corner.

Su Yun said, "Boss, your life is really good."

"Not bad." Zheng Ren was not polite either.

He knew what Su Yun was talking about, and there was nothing to be polite about this kind of thing.

Su Yun saw Zheng Ren's bland expression and opened his mouth to spray him, at the same time, the phone suddenly rang.

He took out the phone and connected.

"Hmm? What's going on?"

"Okay, the boss and I will rush back immediately."

"Gather and prepare for the meeting."

After saying that, hang up the phone.

Zheng Ren began to think that it was a big emergency rescue, just tense up, but then heard Su Yun say to prepare for a meeting.

How many times does this mean?

He looked at Su Yun in confusion, only to see Su Yun looking at himself with a disgusted expression.

"......" Zheng Ren really could not guess what happened.

"Boss, hurry up." Su Yun said.

"What is it?"

"It's not your plan to celebrate Little Eren's birthday that went awry." Su Yun said, "You're good, you said the plan and ran away as soon as you flung your hands, are you not going to care about other things at all?"

"......" Zheng Ren was speechless and sighed.

It was all his own pot, and it didn't seem appropriate to dump it on Director Kong ...... who hadn't flown away yet.

"How do you all know?"

"You on the surgery, Cui Heming to find the expert Xiaomin to find you, just let us stop directly." Su Yun said, "Does it feel like I am very powerful?"

Zheng Ren glanced at Su Yun, he did not complain about anything. In front of Su Yun's face of this goods, basically most girls will not keep their mouths shut, right?

"What's wrong?" Zheng Ren curious, asked.

"A sentence or two can not say clearly, your plan does not work, too small, and no beauty. Simply put, it's not romantic." Su Yun said, "Let's discuss together and increase your plan."

Zheng Ren really wanted to carry Su Yun over and ask him nicely whether he would give Xie Yiren's birthday by himself or we would all do this thing together.

But as soon as he thought of the gossipy faces of the gang of goods, Zheng Ren held back.

"Xiaomin made PPT, certainly huge professional, when the time comes, you do not jump on the line." Su Yun has a smug face.

I really want to smack him ah, Zheng Ren thought in his heart.

His own physical quality improvement, and I do not know if he can beat this practiced guy.

Su Yun no longer continue to talk, holding the phone in his hand, fingers quickly sliding on the phone screen, hand speed exploded to at least 400APM.

Zheng Ren is also curious about how big a program these guys are going to make out.

Soon came to the first hospital of Haicheng City, after getting off, Feng Xuhui wanted to say something and then stopped. But then when he saw Zheng Ren and Su Yun jumping out of the car and going all the way to the dust, he shooed up and said, "Mr. Zheng, can I go along and see if there is anything I can do to help."

"OK, then I'll trouble you." Zheng Ren said.

Feng Xuhui's heart was happy.

"Grab the parking, the second floor shows the classroom." Su Yun said, and ran up with the speed of emergency medical resuscitation.

Coming to the demonstration classroom, the others just arrived.

Zheng Ren swept a glance, except for Xiao Yi Ren, almost all these people who are very close to each other came.

Su Yun really big mouth ah, this thing let him know, the whole world will know.

Some helpless, but there is no good way out.

Zheng Ren felt that everyone's gaze was weird ...... looking at his whole body uncomfortable.

Pretending to be calm, Zheng Ren walked into the show classroom and found a position to sit down.

"Okay, be quiet." Su Yun stood directly to the front, took a laser pointer from Chang Yue, tried it and then said.

"This time, it's the boss who wants to give little Iren a birthday ...... By the way, is anyone on duty outside?" Su Yun asked.

"Talked to the nurse, something to greet us." Zhong Min said.

"Just saw a round of patients, the condition is stable, nothing is wrong. You hurry up!" Changyue said at the same time.

"Then let's start now." Su Yun cleared his throat, turned off the lights, opened the PPT, and a picture that Zheng Ren looked familiar with but couldn't remember where appeared in front of him.

"This is the couple's alley on Linyin Street, and the specific time is set at 23:00-24:00 on December 10." Su Yun said, "Usually at this point, the businesses in Lovers Lane have been proofed, so we don't have to consider the problem of having idle people appear."

Saying that, Su Yun began to play the PPT.

The overall design plan was discussed by Su Yun and others together with the young girl called Yu Fengmin.

Zheng Ren originally intended to find a cafe, open all night, and then create some romantic atmosphere will be enough.

But can't help the number of people who came up with the idea, one person an idea, and soon turn this thing into a huge program.

Their setting has been changed from indoor to outdoor, from a store to a small square outside of Lovers Lane. On several stores along the road, lights were to be installed to turn part of the small square into a stage.

Zheng Ren listened dumbfounded, his heart thumping.

According to Su Yun, the lights came on, and if he didn't hold a ring in his hand and kneel down to propose to Xie Yiren, he would simply be sorry for the setup.

"The problem now is that we install the lights and are questioned by the owners. Give money, but also can not, that side simply do not talk to us." Su Yun used a laser pointer to make a gesture of tapping the projection screen.

The demonstration classroom was silent.

Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi looked at each other, they both seemed a little hesitant. But after a few seconds, Chu Yanran said, "Why don't we try from the business bureau side?"

"Not good." Su Yun frowned and said, "Don't find trouble for the family."

"Well ......" Zheng Ren looked at some ideas in his heart, he hesitantly said, "This is Linyin Street, right."

"Boss, you really do not shop ah!"

"If I remember correctly, Eren told me that her family has seven buildings on Linyin Street." Zheng Ren said.

"......" Su Yun was stunned, then slapped his leg and said, "Does that mean the owner of the back, is Xie Yiren?!"

This thing ...... is getting odd.

But it is estimated that Xie Yiren's father hired a professional manager to be able to take up the activities of so many CBD area housing rentals.

"I'll go ask? But what reason to find to talk to Little Yiren?" Chu Yanzhi was a little flustered.

"Reasons are good to find, you go ask first, then contact by WeChat." Su Yun immediately shot.

This kind of thing, lying, is not just open mouth? Think that everyone is the same as Zheng Ren?

Zheng Ren was just about to speak, when suddenly his phone rang.

"Mr. Zheng, a patient's carotid artery was cut by glass, 120 emergency vehicles have been received and are returning to the emergency room!"

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