The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 56: Public opinion offensive is dead in the water

Although the gallbladder adhesions were serious and the peritoneum formed by inflammatory exudation as well as the greater omentum wrapped the gallbladder area so tightly that no clear anatomical structure could be seen.

However, Zheng Ren still did not hesitate to continue to open two mouths under the observation of the endoscopic lens, below the sword prominence and 2cm below the rib edge of the right anterior axillary line.

Liu Tianxing had a disdainful smile on his face, and Zheng Ren's coherent actions had a completely different meaning in his view.

If a mature doctor sees adhesions this heavy, more than half will give up lumpectomy to remove the gallbladder, change the operation and choose open surgery.

After all, the open surgical view is more direct.

Together with Zheng Ren's miraculous finger, hemostatic forceps blunt separation technique, Liu Tianxing did not think he could not do down this cholecystectomy.

But ...... young people are young people, ah, know the difficulty is a valuable character. And in the medical industry, especially in the very sinister medical environment now, doing a bad surgery may lead to the loss of one's reputation.

For a moment, Liu Tianxing was in a bit of a trance, and a figure appeared in front of him.

That was the senior student, the surgery was beautifully done, and he was okay as a person, but just a little arrogant.

What happened in the end? Still not go to the farm to raise rabbits?

Young people, do everything too aggressive, do not know how to be careful to sail a million years.

The mouth of gold, the truth of the destruction of the bones, is the need for time to sharpen.

Not only now, far in the Republic of China, Liang Qichao because of hematuria suspected of malignant tumors in the kidney, nephrectomy. The operator was the president of the then Union Hospital, the national urological bull.

What was the result? There was a small tumor in the right kidney, and the post-operative pathology determined that it was a benign tumor. And after the operation, there was still hematuria, and the symptoms were not relieved.

The bull did not cut the wrong kidney, and Liang Qichao also recognized this matter. With the current diagnosis, but can be rare immune nephropathy and other diseases, but the medical level at that time is so high, it is impossible to diagnose.

Liang Qichao himself approved, but his students and close friends did not.

They were all literary people with super influence, so they spread the story that the bull of the Xiehe Hospital operated on Liang Qichao and cut the wrong kidney, throwing countless dirty water on the Xiehe Hospital. (Note 1)

This is still the Republic of China, to the present, what sewing anus and other irresponsible reports are still less?

Director Liu smiled faintly and picked up the phone.

"Xiao Wang, this is your brother Liu."

"Mm-hmm, there is such a thing. There's a doctor under me who, with the backing of someone above him, disobeyed his superior doctor, strawmaned people, and is doing a surgery that he can't even do at his level."

"Yes, yes, I was angry too, but there was nothing I could do. I was so angry I had a heart attack, and I'm in the hospital now."

"Yes, that's what I mean, this ugly phenomenon should never be condoned, to return a blue sky to our common people in Haicheng!"

"Good, thank you very much."

Hang up the phone, Director Liu laughed: "Like this kind of people, they should be sanctioned by public opinion!"

Cen Mang did not answer, his face was very unpleasant, a little blue. In the light, it looked a little confused.

"Well?" Director Liu was not happy, Xiao Cen ah, what is your attitude? But he did not say, just use a tone of voice to express his dissatisfaction.

"Director ...... director, he is wandering ......," Cen Mang stammered.

Focused on the phone, Director Liu forgot to look at Zheng Ren's surgery.

In Director Liu's opinion, he would find the surgery particularly difficult, is there a need to watch?

Looking up at the TV, the lumpectomy separating forceps and grasping forceps deftly like a person's two hands, is bluntly separating the adhesion tissue around the gallbladder.

The phone call, the gallbladder has basically been freed ......

How did this ...... man become so skilled? Not have never done lumpectomy gallbladder surgery?

Director Liu a wave of hot blood rushed to his heart, a blur in front of his eyes, and hurriedly closed his eyes to calm himself down.

In the Apricot Garden website live room, the voices shouting 666 are rising and falling.

[The clamp is used so well, it's like operating under direct vision.]

[Who told me that Da Niu doesn't know how to perform lumpectomy? This surgery is by far the best I've ever seen done.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see him.

[Young people, the low level of technology limits your imagination, learn it well.

In the live broadcast, the grasping forceps and separating forceps were released step by step, and it only took a few minutes for the sticky mess of the gallbladder and the anatomical structure of the gallbladder triangle to be basically exposed.

Clear and lucid.

Doing this step, the difficulty of the surgery has been reduced from S to D level. As long as doctors who have done this kind of surgery look at such a clear anatomical structure, they basically will not make mistakes.

[It's really impressive that it took a few minutes to completely expose the anatomical structure when it was so heavily glued].

[This tour could be written in a textbook. It's simply too clear. I judge that the operation is over in 5 minutes.]

[It seemed like I was dreaming. I must have been awake. It seems like just over 8 minutes since the endoscope entered the video, and the surgery is almost over.]

Yes, the surgery is almost over.

It took just a few minutes for Zheng Ren to lift the weight and completely solve the difficult part of the surgery. All that was left was to use the ultrasonic knife to peel the gallbladder from the gallbladder bed, then clamp the gallbladder duct, gallbladder artery and remove the gallbladder.

The surgery was done calmly, with less than 10 ml of bleeding, no hesitation in any possible doubt, and the operation was done with a clear mind, and the whole process was smooth.

However, only experienced surgeons who have performed hundreds of such surgeries know how strong the operator's background is in these minutes.

Rich anatomical knowledge, skilled operating techniques, and stable hands, meticulous inner ...... then there is the proficiency of lumpectomy.

It was awesome!

Really too awesome!

Countless 666 brushes passed through the Apricot Garden video broadcast room.

Unfortunately, this is not an entertainment live video site, can not be rewarded. If you can, Zheng Ren does not need to say a word, a surgery less than twenty minutes, there will be tens of thousands of income.

In the special needs ward, Director Liu closed his eyes to calm his already chaotic heart.

Can not be angry, can not be anxious, he admonished himself. Only the body is his own, if he gets angry, what can he do in the future?

After a few minutes, he felt much calmer.

The room was quiet, only the sound of Cen Mang's heavy breathing came.

Director Liu did not dare to open his eyes to see what step the surgery had done, afraid that his own blood pressure would rise again if he saw Zheng Ren skillfully freeing the gallbladder and freeing the connective tissue in the gallbladder triangle.

"Xiao Cen, did his surgery go well?" Director Liu asked.

"......" Cen Mang was silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

"How the hell is it?" Director Liu was unhappy.

"The main ...... director, he is done." Cen Mang hesitated again and again before whispering.

What? Done?

Does not exist!

That can't be!

Director Liu where can still care about his blood pressure, fiercely opened his eyes, only to see that the image on the TV is not the process of freeing himself as expected, nor is it the action of separating the gallbladder from the gallbladder bed, not even the use of absorbable clamps to close the gallbladder duct, titanium clamps to cut the gallbladder artery.

Zheng Ren is using the suction device to suck the bile left in the gallbladder ......

This damn ...... is also too fast.


Note 1: This was written a few days ago in the burn superhero A Bao's microblog. Once upon a time, I heard and saw news that the president of Concord Hospital had cut the wrong kidney. Specific, I did not check the literature, said the wrong, we do not hit the face.

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