The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 559: Making money for you

There is a treatment center about TIPS surgery!

Ma Quan knew all kinds of information about interventional procedures, otherwise he would not have been able to take Changfeng Microtron from a small company to a national enterprise.

Even now, Changfeng has grown up and even has a grudge against material science.

A smaller company can imitate and be satisfied with a mouthful of food, which dares to covet such a lofty discipline as materials science.

TIPS surgery, known as the crown jewel of interventional surgery!

The country's 200 million hepatitis B patients, the need for TIPS surgery, at least 2 million people!

He immediately realized the value of what Director Kong said about this matter.

And Director Kong was frank enough not to call several companies together and shout prices at each other.

At the very least, Ma Quan knew that Director Kong was using Cook's product at home. Self products even into the 912 hospital, the same director Kong did not use.

This time, only called himself, did not see Cook's people, Ma Quan slightly puzzled, but then realized that this is Director Kong give face to Zheng Ren.

Although it is very difficult to understand why he would do so, but Ma Quan knew this opportunity he absolutely can not let go.

"Director Kong, thank you for your support of Changfeng." Ma Quan stood up and bowed respectfully.

"It's okay." Director Kong waved his hand and smiled, "It's your manager Feng's good business, it's Boss Zheng's support for you, it has nothing to do with me."

Ma Quan was silent for a moment, then asked, "Director Kong, can you give a hint as to what kind of support is needed?"

"Hmm?" Director Kong snorted coldly and sat at the end like a mountain.

Ma Quan knew that he couldn't hide this little bit of cleverness from the old fox, Director Kong.

He must not make him angry.

People are not no choice, let the cooperation of many years Cook do not use, but must use the long wind, is indeed to give Zheng Ren face.

But on second thought, Ma Quan was confused.

Never encountered this kind of situation, in earlier years, when the intervention supplies just entered the mainland, are the international manufacturers to do.

At that time, the country was poor, people gave some loose silver, it was a huge sum of money. Now, however, the situation is completely different.

This is not, the bankruptcy and liquidation of Parkson, they all dare to want to go up to share a piece of the pie?

The change is obvious.

Then the former relevant experience is completely unable to apply to the situation at hand.

Ma Quan's mind flashed, one program came up with, was immediately rejected.

After ten seconds or so, Ma Quan saw Director Kong's face getting sunken, and with a cross heart, he said, "Director Kong, you also know that we have no experience in this area in Changfeng."

He paused and watched Director Kong's expression.

"Boss Zheng's matter, we will definitely support. Specifically, please help us by giving a proposal."

"And then is it good to bargain?" Director Kong said coldly.

"Uh ......"

Still not let bargaining? Ma Quan a hesitant kung fu, see director Kong took out his cell phone, began to go through the address book.

The eyes glanced at Director Kong's phone heard a marked Cook's name, Ma Quan back a cold, cold sweat instantly wet shirt.

"Director Kong, so." Ma Quan in the hole director finger point up the moment almost with a roar to say: "you give a program, I side if I can, certainly go all out. If our company can't take it, you can find another company, we have no complaints."

This is almost a plea.

Director Kong said in a deep voice: "Consumables or something, the factory price plus 5%, is your company's profit. Sales price according to the national uniform price, the middle profit, you do not have to worry about." (Note 1)

"......" Ma Quan never dreamed that Director Kong would propose such a scheme.

This kind of desperately low factory price is something that only private hospitals do.

But private hospitals rarely do major surgery, such as TIPS surgery, which they basically won't touch.

Because private hospitals are usually small specialties, such as hemorrhoids and so on. Or women and children's hospitals, eye hospitals and so on.

Like liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver such interventional surgery, need large tertiary hospitals underlying support, private hospitals can not afford to support so many people.

What is Director Kong thinking?

Ma Quan was stunned for a moment and saw that Director Kong did not hesitate to find the phone and immediately pressed it, ready to find Cook's people.

He immediately yelled, "Director Kong, yes!"

Director Kong, at this time, had a smile on his face.

"Director Kong, what's wrong?" Zheng Ren's voice came from the doorway.

"Boss Zheng, this is not to earn money for you." Director Kong joked.

"Hmm?" Zheng Ren was puzzled.

"I thought about it, using the research fund, afraid to take you on a crooked path. But you said the identity of a Nobel Prize candidate, in 912 a year to take a hundred thousand, hundreds of thousands, you do not mind less, I feel ashamed." Director Kong said.

"And then what?" Zheng Ren began to be interested in earning money since he and Xie Yiren had spent more than a thousand on a meal. Once upon a time, Zheng Ren also needed money, but still put learning technology first.

Now the intervention level has been world leading, also feel the huge economic pressure, naturally can not ignore earning money.

"Do not go through the middleman, long wind factory price plus 5%, to provide consumables for TIPS surgery. At the Institute, normal sales. A set of ...... is estimated to have 20-30,000 profit, you and the hospital one half." Director Kong said.

Uh ......

Zheng Ren was speechless.

According to the number of the source of disease in the empire, according to their own surgical standards, a year of ten to twenty million income is easy ah.

"The money is still a bit small, but let's make do with that for now." Director Kong said.

Ma Quan cried, make do, there is so make do.

Longwind's annual net profit is only about a hundred million, how to director Kong here, tens of millions of dollars into a patchwork.

"Not bad." Zheng Ren smiled, "Manager Feng, when the time comes, you just contact me."

Zheng Ren's words made Feng Xuhui's mind set.

Mr. Zheng is a man of honor, no matter what, he never forgets himself. It seems that his career of concentrating on hugging the thighs can still continue.

Feng Xuhui thought in his heart.

"Boss Ma, then it's settled." Director Kong smilingly said, "You go back, let's talk about specific things in the empire."

"Director Kong, Boss Zheng, the other day Professor Rudolf Wagner said the product into the Heidelberg University Medical Center ......"

Ma Quan did not forget this matter.

"Oh, looking for Fugui'er ah." Zheng Ren looked back and greeted Yang Lei to call the professor.

Soon, the professor came to the office, long blond hair is not flowing at all. After staying up in the ward for many days, his hair was almost catching up with the felt.

"Boss, Gaha?" Professor Rudolf Wagner came in and spoke.

"This is the manufacturer of consumables for the application of prostate interventional embolization, don't you want to get in some supplies?" Zheng Ren said.

"Oh." The professor was not much interested and said casually, "Find someone to go back with me and just do the procedures as soon as possible. Our side is fine, but I'm afraid that when they export the procedures can not be done, make the ink Zhangji."

Zheng Ren does not care about it, the rest let Ma Quan and the professor talk about it, they ...... want to go back to sleep.



Note 1: The profit model of a private hospital near us, removing the middleman. Research institutions in the empire, not counting the main body of the hospital, should be able to play the rubric.

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