The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 558: Don't believe in pie falling from the sky

Ma Quan sat in the back seat, looking at the plains flying by on both sides of the highway, his eyes narrowed into a slit.

He made two more phone calls to Feng Xuhui, asking in detail about the situation before and after Director Kong said he would get to Haicheng by eight o'clock in the evening.

But the analysis came down to nothing.

This matter breathes an air of oddity.

In general, the section director and the big boss of the consumables company have little opportunity to meet except for large meetings.

It is enough for the section director to contact only the sales salesman and business manager.

Why, in the end, should he make a trip himself?

At first, Ma Quan thought Feng Xuhui's ability to do things was not enough, so he was angry. But after thinking about it, he had some doubts.

But this doubt but Ma Quan hundred thoughts.

The only thing that was certain was that Director Kong, as the director of the intervention department of the top tertiary hospital in the country, could not have nothing to tease himself. The only thing that Ma Quan can think of is that he is the director of the interventional department of the top tertiary hospital in China.

This is the only reason Ma Quan can think of.

The side of Parkson International, but also to bite down a mouthful of meat. Among the wolves, to get a piece of the pie, it is not easy.

Domestic market, is also difficult. Just by playing the national brand, more and more people do not buy it.

After all, whether it is a cell phone or TV, broken can be replaced, it is amazing to spend more than a thousand or eight thousand.

But medical devices, but completely different.

Even if the patient wants to use domestic medical equipment because it is cheaper.

But the surgeon in charge will also be very careful and deliberate.

After all, compared with imported consumables, domestic consumables are really not very good.

The shortcomings in material science cannot be broken through by such a small company as Changfeng Minimally Invasive.

The technology can be copied, and then breakthrough.

And material science ...... huh.

Ma Quan felt some cold, tightened the clothes on his body and looked at the almost unchanging landscape outside.

Already not to guess the intentions of Director Kong, but to think back to whether there is a possibility of finding a breakthrough in materials science on the ParkSide International.

It's hard, but no matter how hard it is, it has to be overcome.

A few hours later, Ma Quan arrived at the First Hospital of Haicheng City.

He still remembered the last time he came in person, looking for two escorts. In the end, the chaperone was actually overfilled by two doctors from the city's first hospital, so embarrassing and helpless.

"Ma Dong, you're here." Feng Xuhui stood early in front of the emergency building of City Hospital No. 1 and waited, his face was frozen red and whistling, looking a little wretched.

Well, the attitude is still decent.

Ma Quan got out of the car, looked at Feng Xuhui, directly into the emergency building.

Feng Xuhui followed behind, wanting to say something, but his mind was blank, he simply did not know what to say.

"Manager Feng, why did you refuse to build the overseas sales department?" Ma Quan asked in a deep voice.

Feng Xuhui hesitated for a moment and immediately told the truth: "Ma Dong, I am just a newcomer, it is only by chance that I ran into Mr. Zheng to make a small contribution to the company."

Ma Quan continued to walk forward, followed by a shrewd and competent middle-aged man in his thirties.

"My experience and ability can't support building an overseas department." Feng Xuhui continued, "Instead of failing and causing losses to the company, it's better to stay here and tap opportunities in Zheng."

"Hmm." Ma Quan was somewhat satisfied with Feng Xuhui's words.

"But ......" Feng Xuhui hesitated for a moment.

"But what?" Ma Quan asked.

"Zheng may go to the 912 hospital as a leading group professor." Feng Xuhui so distressed, this matter was reported to Ma Dong on the phone before, but Ma Dong did not say anything.

Want to follow General Manager Zheng to the Imperial City, it looks like the difficulty is not ordinary ah.

"Is the news sure?"

"Sure, Director Kong came to Haicheng this time just to convince General Manager Zheng."

The middle-aged man following the horse's body wanted to say something, but moved his mouth and did not speak.

The things Feng Xuhui said were heavenly nightmares in general.

People who run business all year round have a deeper understanding of the medical system than even the average doctor.

Who would say no to being able to go from Haicheng to work at a top national tertiary hospital like 912 Hospital in the empire? And also the big director of the intervention department personally to invite?

Even if you can do the surgery of prostate embolism, this will not happen.

Just in front of Ma Dong, it is better to be cautious.

Recently Ma Dong is not very good temper, he is aware of.

"Professor Rudolph Wagner, is it in." Ma Quan did not want to discuss the matter of Zheng Ren again, there was something odd about this little doctor, Ma Quan could not figure it out.

"In." Feng Xuhui immediately said: "Prostate embolization after the patient the day after tomorrow's train, to return to Germany. The surgery is particularly satisfactory, the professor is estimated to leave in the near future as well. Recently he has been guarding the ward every day, recording all kinds of data."

"Well, in a moment, you can talk to Professor Rudolf Wagner. This, is Sun Changlin, who is in charge of the overseas market." Ma Quan didn't turn around and said indifferently.

Feng Xuhui and Sun Changlin said hello, and then followed Ma Quan in silence all the way upstairs.

Although there is still half an hour before eight o'clock, but arrive a little earlier, appear a little more sincere.

"Mr. Zheng went to surgery, and it is estimated that he can come down in another ten minutes or so." Feng Xuhui said on the side.

As he was talking, he came to the office door.

Ma Dong knocked politely on the door, and Director Kong, who was sitting opposite the door, raised his head.

"It's the boss of Changfeng Microtron, right?" Director Kong said indifferently.

"I'm Ma Quan." Ma Quan bowed slightly and said politely.

"Come in and sit down." Director Kong was very casual.

Even if the other party was a multi-million or billion-dollar tycoon, Director Kong had the courage to do so.

What's more, the other party has begged for it.

So it looks like Director Kong is slightly, but in fact, it is rightfully so.

"Director Kong, the matter of the empire, thanks to your help." Ma Quan sat down and snorted with Director Kong.

But Director Kong went straight to the point and said, "Not to mention this, there is an opportunity for you, see if you have the guts."

Hmm? Is it so soon to the meat of the drama?

"You say, you say." Ma Quan guessed in his head, but his mouth was polite.

"Boss Zheng is going to the imperial capital to set up a treatment center at 912 Hospital that has something to say about TIPS surgery." Director Kong said, "You Changfeng, are you interested?"

"What interest?" Ma Quan didn't expect Director Kong to say that at all and spoke out of turn at once.

"Hmm?" Director Kong was a little upset, "Only one of you was approached, so I'm not saying anything. Originally, according to my intention, is to find a few more, we do down to open conditions. Who gives a good price, good policy, will use whose supplies."

Ma all awe.

"But then, considering that your little manager and Zheng boss relationship is good, I guess he will not think much. Then call you first, and do not engage in competition, if you give similar conditions, all TIPS surgery supplies will use the long wind."

"......" Ma Quan smelled a pie, or the kind that falls from the sky.

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