The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 554: Arrogance, Dominance

"Say!" Ma Quan's voice was a little deep, and the voices of the finance boss and the sales director who were arguing were reduced all of a sudden.

They were old brothers who fought together back then, and they could feel the anger in Ma Quan's heart.

This fire, there must be against their own, but did not vent out. I do not know which unlucky person is calling in at this time ......

"What? Let me go over?"

"What a joke!"

"Get out!"

Ma Quan burst out like a volcano with endless anger.

As he grew older, and as his status rose, Ma Quan had rarely exploded with foul language. The two directors glanced at each other and ended the argument quietly.

Ma Quan angrily hung up the phone and threw the phone onto the table with a bang.

"Nonsense!" Ma Quan said angrily.

"Ma Dong, who made you angry?" A subordinate asked with concern.

"Hey!" Ma Quan didn't say anything, he froze violently, as if he remembered something.

"Ma Dong? Are you uncomfortable somewhere? Do you need to call a doctor?"

"Ma Dong?"

Ma Quan's secretary saw that his situation was not right and hastily asked.

"I'm fine." Ma Quan waved his hand, "Don't talk."

The conference room fell into a dead silence as everyone stared at each other, not saying a word.

After ten minutes, Ma Quan slowly stood up and picked up the phone. Every movement was slow, as if in slow motion.

"Check if there are still tickets to Haicheng before eight o'clock tonight." Ma Quan said, with a somewhat odd expression.

Haicheng? Where is that?

Few people in the crowd here knew the name of this city a few months ago. But recently, this name always existed in Changfeng Weichuang if nothing else.

There were already many people in the company who had implicitly expressed their dissatisfaction about the policy tilting toward Haicheng.

Ma Dong was going to put down the board of directors, which was crucial to the company, and rush to Haicheng?

The secretary did not ask why and immediately inquired.

"Ma Dong, there are no air tickets today." The secretary said.

In a third or fourth-tier city like Haicheng, the plane between the city and the imperial capital was not available every day.

"Then drive there." Ma Quan by this moment has returned to normal, calmly said, and a few minutes ago that rage Ma Quan judge two people.

After saying that, Ma Quan dialed the phone out.

"Feng Xuhui?"

"I will go to the sea city after the meeting at noon, see you at the city hospital."

After saying that, Ma Quan hung up the phone.

Many middle and senior management of Changfeng Wicresoft were surprised and baffled, what was wrong with Ma Dong? He was called by a district manager with almost no sales?

This thing how all through a strange smell.

"You guys keep arguing." Ma Quan coldly said.



Feng Xuhui's heart was like a roller coaster ride, sliding down to the bottom, only to soar high in the next instant.

His hand holding the phone trembled slightly, and his back and palms were full of sweat.

Although once threatened with resignation, but really want to resolve to resign, which is so easy.

When Feng Xuhui was scolded by Ma Quan, all thoughts were lost. But I didn't expect that a few minutes later, Ma Dong called and said that he was going to come directly by car.

This is simply the most bizarre plot.

After coming back from the dead, Feng Xuhui's heart rose up with a light and strange thought, and became more and more determined to believe in that fairy guiding the way in the imperial capital.

Back in the operating room, watching Zheng Ren skillfully complete the TIPS surgery, Feng Xuhui's heart gradually settled down.

Hold Zheng's leg, for sure!

If you can't even do a good job of holding a thigh, what else can you do!

Zheng Ren that side of the surgery without difficulty, preoperative reading, has been eliminated from the patients who do not have indications for surgery. And with the new method of determining the puncture point, Zheng Ren is becoming more and more proficient.

The 4 TIPS surgeries took less than half an hour each on average. The same was true for the second stage surgery, with general proficiency.

The skilled surgery and excellent technique not only brought Feng Xuhui confidence, but also made Director Kong firm in his belief.

Sure enough, after eleven o'clock, the TIPS surgery was all done.

"Bring up the patient with Buga syndrome." Zheng Ren said.

After saying that, he suddenly realized one thing, "By the way, did the patient do the preoperative account?"

"......" Dean Zhang looked so distracted that he completely forgot about it.

What Buga syndrome, where there is TIPS surgery important.

As for Wang Qiang, this patient is Cheng Lixue's, and he has nothing to do with it.

Look at the expressions of President Zhang and Wang Qiang, Zheng Ren smiled bitterly. This is the head shaving, this is difficult to do.

"Teacher Zheng, why don't we have a meal at noon." Dean Zhang laughed, "I was negligent in explaining the matter before the operation, I will arrange someone to get it."

Zheng Ren hesitated, after all, this was not the city hospital, if he crossed Dean Zhang and had to do the surgery, would it be too arrogant, too domineering, too inviting to hate?

Sighing, Zheng Ren said, "President Zhang, it's not that I have to do surgery, Buga syndrome looks particularly serious, in fact, interventional surgery can cure it."

"......" Dean Zhang, although he came from an interventional background, did not know much about Buga syndrome.

This rare disease, half a lifetime can not touch a case, what is good to study? If you encounter it, there is not the empire, the magic capital these higher hospitals it.

Have that energy, might as well study more common diseases.

When Gao Shaojie saw this, he knew what Zheng Ren had in mind, so he tried a wink with Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang hesitated for a moment, but then thought, this is a good opportunity to let Cheng Lixue lose face. Then he smiled and said to President Zhang: "President Zhang, why don't you guys go and have a bite to eat, you've been busy all morning. The patient side, I will go to communicate."

President Zhang nodded, and then warmly greeted Zheng Ren to have a bite to eat.

Zheng Ren was tired and hungry, and he couldn't hold on with just a hugeness.

Dean Zhang's attitude toward Zheng Ren had changed again.

Can do surgery, is the ability, but not a great ability.

Can do, can do surgery people are suppressed no surgery to do, scribbling life, or was sent down to the farm to raise rabbits thing is not unheard of.

But that will only do, and definitely not to the extent of the city hospital emergency department in front of the chief resident.

You see, within a few days, people do not even go to the provincial medical university hospital, directly a three-step jump, went to the imperial capital.

This kind of people, not to say befriend, how also have to leave a good relationship. In the future, there will be reunions in the mountains and waters, and will certainly beg to people's heads.

At noon, eat in the hospital small stove canteen.

Although repeatedly and repeatedly strictly prohibited, small stove canteen and the city hospital shrunk a few rounds. But the dean valued guests, but still made an extremely hearty meal.

No alcohol, less atmosphere. But President Zhang long-sleeved, talking about a lot of medical circle of strange and unusual, we chatted soundly.

As we talked, a slight snoring sound came.

President Zhang side head, see Zheng Ren crooked in the chair, asleep.

The most important thing is that you should be able to get the most out of your life.

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