The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 552 - Fortunately, it was done early

Cheng Lixue has no words to say.

The first thing you need to do is to look at you and say what?

The price is not to say that Professor Rudolf Wagner is tall and big, he can not beat him. The key is that this thing ...... people say is reasonable.

He stared blankly at the film, and then lowered his head and turned to leave.

No one stopped him, Zheng Ren's words were there. As a department big director, the minimum sense of responsibility still has to have.

Pre-operative hastily look at the film, not even look at the patient, how to say this is not right.

President Zhang sighed, but fortunately, thanks to the foresight of the hospital, has been grouped in advance.

Go Cheng Lixue, not still have Wang Qiang in it.

"Mr. Zheng, when will this patient surgery be done?" President Zhang asked.

"Let's do the TIPS surgery first." Zheng Ren said, "Then start this case of Buga syndrome at noon."

At noon ...... Director Kong's brain shook for a moment.

At least 4 cases of TIPS surgery, and an unknown number of patients with second stage TIPS surgery, Zheng Ren actually said that he wanted to do the Buga syndrome patient at noon?

Director Kong only knew some fragments about Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner's research on TIPS surgery through Su Yun's side.

What Su Yun said was not very detailed, except that the surgical approach of TIPS surgery had changed significantly and Zheng Ren was able to control the number of punctures to a global leading level, basically 1 successful puncture.

For this, Director Kong was convinced.

Otherwise, Professor Rudolf Wagner would not be upside down to take this project to declare the Nobel Prize.

But ...... believe it, but can not imagine.

In the mind of Director Kong, deep-rooted is - TIPS surgery for each one, at least 2-3 hours, and that's less.

Carefully, the puncture site is chosen as if on thin ice. And, of course, a certain amount of luck.

Four TIPS surgeries, in the eyes of Director Kong, take a little day. Not to mention that there are some patients with second-stage surgery, as to how to do the second-stage surgery, Director Kong's heart also does not know.

He was curious about it.

Can Zheng Ren ...... really do it so fast?

Director Kong just wanted to doubt, but then he remembered that early this morning pelvic fracture embolization of the internal iliac vessels branch surgery.

This kid, the speed of growth is really fast, director Kong heart lamented.

Director Zhang nodded hastily, and then Wang Qiang took Zheng Ren to see the patient.

The patient was in average condition, but there were no contraindications to surgery. After seeing the first patient, Wang Qiang took to the stage and prepared for surgery.

He was happy.

It was a great day, I didn't think Cheng Lixue, the idiot, would bump himself up and hit his head.

To be honest, Buga syndrome, Wang Qiang didn't know much about it.

Most of such patients were misdiagnosed as advanced cirrhosis, and even Wang Qiang could immediately identify one or two cases he had misdiagnosed from his memory.

After his complacency, he was a little weak and scared. If not for Mr. Gao Shaojie Gao's gatekeeper, he was afraid that he would have followed in Cheng Lixue's footsteps.

Must be cautious, cautious and cautious again.

As for the few cases of suspected misdiagnosis, Wang Qiang was going to call back tonight and have the patients come in for a re-confirmation.

Zheng Ren saw the rest of the patients and was taken to the operating room by Dean Zhang.

While changing clothes, Professor Rudolf Wagner asked, "Boss, you are going to the imperial capital?"

"Well, there is scientific research on that side of the imperial capital, and I may have to go there recently." Zheng Ren glanced at Director Kong and said.

"If you can go within a week, I'll let Xi Bao Er take the patients back by herself and we'll both go to the imperial capital together." The professor said fondly, "I really want to stay here and be your assistant, ah."

Director Kong's face was smiling, but his heart set off shocking waves.

Professor Rudolph Wagner, probably Wang Qiang, Dean Zhang did not know, and maybe even Gao Shaojie of the provincial medical university hospital did not know.

But Director Kong in the imperial capital, how can not know this person.

The world's top interventional discipline leader, who willingly stayed in Haicheng to be Zheng Ren's assistant?

Director Kong had palpitations in his heart.

He himself could not look at the provincial medical university hospital and defied it.

But when facing the Heidelberg University Medical Center, is it possible that the 912 Hospital will also become the position of the Medical University Hospital? Even if not, it is still in a weak position.

After all, in the country also have to talk about seniority. Zheng Ren deputy senior position of the problem, until now, Director Kong did not dare to pat his chest that can be solved.

But he went abroad to go around, and then come back, gold-plated, it's completely different.

Fortunately, they started early ah!

Director Kong's heart rejoiced, his eyes narrowed into a slit.

After seeing Zheng Ren do TIPS surgery, if it is really as imagined, we must hurry to urge the family to send people to replace Zheng Ren to the empire.

This thing, there is no time to lose!

Really if Professor Rudolph Wagner proposed an invitation ...... director Kong replaced himself to Zheng Ren's position, feel a little.

This is an invitation that can not be refused.

Changed clothes, the crowd went to the operating room.

Wang Qiang wore a lead suit and stood in the operating room. He didn't do anything, and Gao Shaojie was the one who did all the preoperative preparations, including laying the sheets and punctures.

Even though he knew that he would probably not be able to go on the stage, Wang Qiang still took out 12,000 percent of his sincerity to put on the lead suit first.

"Boss, it's ready." Gao Shaojie saw Zheng Ren come in and hurriedly greeted him.

Zheng Ren nodded his head and pulled his trolley case to the dressing room.

"Hmm? Does Mr. Zheng want to use any new supplies?" Dean Zhang was a little strange when he saw it.

Feng Xuhui had asked about this matter when he saw Zheng Ren pulling his trolley case down early in the morning.

"Mr. Zheng brought his own lead suit."

"......" Even the lead coat brought its own ...... Dean Zhang was speechless.

But maybe this is a pet peeve of people? May also say.

I heard that Zheng Ren in the city's first hospital, even the instrument nurses have special.

A lead coat only, no big deal.

Zheng Ren and the professor brushed their hands on the stage, and Gao Shaojie directly retired. He didn't even wear a lead coat, he was just responsible for going on the stage to sterilize and puncture, doing the work that a most junior doctor should do.

"Teacher Gao, hard work." Zheng Ren was a little embarrassed.

Gao Shaojie hesitated for a moment, and his face became serious.

"Boss, just call me Old Gao." Gao Shaojie reminded again.

Zheng Ren sweated profusely and nodded his head repeatedly.

Only then did Gao Shaojie go out and the lead door closed silently.

TIPS surgery, officially started.

In the operation room, the crowd stared intently, and Director Kong stared without blinking an eye.

"Director Kong, there is nothing to see." Gao Shaojie saw Director Kong's focused face, and knowing that he was closer to Zheng Ren, he whispered.

"Hm?" Director Kong was stumped for a moment.

There was nothing to see in the surgery? What does this mean?

"The boss's newly researched TIPS surgery focuses on the preoperative nuclear magnetic diffusion image on the judgment of the needle entry point, specifically to the surgery, the puncture is fine. It does not require much fine manipulation ...... uh, of course, the manipulation is also important, but not the most critical."

Gao Shaojie introduced to Director Kong.

This was said by Su Yun and Director Kong, and now Gao Shaojie said it again. Director Kong nodded and did not say anything.

Gao Shaojie can only say so much, say anything more, completely unnecessary.

Besides, Zheng Ren's side had stepped on the line and the puncture kit entered the portal vein.

The puncture kit reached its intended location in the portal vein, moved slightly invisibly, and then removed.

"Director Kong, the operation is done." Gao Shaojie smiled.

He smiled because at this point, he finally looked out!

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