The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 551 - What are you looking at (Allied bookmate 130619130541388 added more 4)

Cheng Lixue is angry!

This is to put on their own small shoes!

The patient's diagnosis of cirrhosis is clear, and the film shows that the abdominal volume is also very large, so who is he to say that he is wrongly diagnosed?

Cheng Lixue stared viciously at Gao Shaojie, it must be because of this professor from the medical university, it must be!

Then, he glared at Zheng Ren, barely suppressing the anger in his heart, and said, "Mr. Zheng, I think the diagnosis is clear."

As soon as the words left his mouth, a wave of hot blood rushed to Cheng Lixue's head, and he angrily clicked his hand on the film on the reader and said, "The symptoms of cirrhosis are obvious, the portal pressure is very high, and a lot of ascites! I don't know why Mr. Cheng said my diagnosis is wrong, is it because he doesn't want to be my patient?!"

The last sentence is a bit of a heartbreaker.

By saying this sentence, it had torn all the skin.

It meant that between Cheng Lixue and Zheng Ren, there was no more possibility of cooperation.


Cheng Lixue can not tolerate!

Is tolerable, who can not tolerate!

MMP, how dare you not be my patient!

President Zhang's face changed, half a step forward, between Cheng Lixue and Zheng Ren.

Just about to speak, I heard Zheng Ren leisurely said: "Director Cheng, did you not see the patient?"

"Hmm?" Dean Zhang froze for a moment.

Cheng Lixue's face turned red and was also puzzled, how did Zheng Ren know that he didn't see the patient?

But how could he admit that!

He thought that Zheng Ren was deliberately throwing dirty water on himself, there was no way that he knew that he didn't see the patient.

Yes, that's right! He is not a fortune teller, so why should he know that he did not see the patient.

This idea made sense.

So, Cheng Lixue became even angrier!


But without waiting for him to speak, Zheng Ren asked Wang Qiang for a tube of pen, gently clicked on the film, and said, "On the film, it does look like cirrhosis of the liver with a large spleen, and it's an advanced form."

Cheng Lixue snorted coldly.

"But has Director Cheng noticed that the patient's liver has not shrunk, but has increased in size?" Zheng Ren asked.

"......" Cheng Lixue did not even look at the film very carefully, the liver did not shrink, that is not very normal ......

Of course, Cheng Lixue also knows that this is not normal. Although it is said so, but this rare case can occasionally see.

Cheng Lixue more and more feel that Zheng Ren this is more and more its crime.

"This is not cirrhosis of the liver, but Buga syndrome." Zheng Ren sighed and said, "Buga syndrome is a post-hepatic portal hypertension characterized by obstructive lesions of the hepatic veins and the inferior vena cava above its opening caused by various causes, often accompanied by inferior vena cava hypertension."

"It looks like there are similarities to the presentation of cirrhosis. It's possible to make a wrong judgment, but it's usually hospitals below the county level that misdiagnose, so how come Director Cheng didn't see it too? It shouldn't be."

Zheng Ren's words were plain, no accusations, only questions.

But every word was like a big invisible hand that slapped Cheng Lixue in the face.

"You ...... can't be!" Cheng Lixue forced himself to argue.

"Director Cheng, if you personally went to check the body, you will definitely find that the patient has the physical signs of Spiderman, and the abdominal body surface veins are bulging, and the double lower limbs are boot-shaped necrosis. All these, you can tell very clearly, are not the same as liver cirrhosis." Zheng Ren's tone remained flat.

However, the slap intensified.

Professor Rudolph Wagner bristled, disdainful of Cheng Lixue.

Director Kong, on the other hand, smiled and stood at the end, he had seen it all, but he was only a guest, if Zheng Ren ignored, he waited for no one to whisper a reminder.

But, without doubt, Zheng Ren saw it.

Gao Shaojie face expressionless, coldly looking at the film.

This is if the doctors under Gao Shaojie, or even Wang Qiang took the film of Buga syndrome as cirrhosis to him, Gao Shaojie long ago all smashed the film in the doctor's face.

Can not understand, but even the patient does not look, it is too much.

President Zhang saw Cheng Lixue's face turned red, a word could not be said, has guessed that the goods should really not see the patient.

He hurriedly rounded up and said, "Teacher Zheng ......"

"Let's go take a look at the patient." Zheng Ren said, "Buga syndrome was almost incurable before there was an interventional procedure. But with interventional surgery, it's no longer a difficult problem."

"Interventional surgery entered the clinic, one of the most typical diseases, Director Cheng really shouldn't be unaware of it." Zheng Ren shook his head and looked at Dean Zhang.

Dean Zhang was also helpless, asked the ward where the patient was, and took Zheng Ren over to see the patient.

The patient was lying on a hospital bed with a high belly and dry, thin limbs, a typical cachectic state. Because the stomach was high and the limbs were as thin as bone, it was like a big-bellied spider with only four legs lying on the bed.

In a trance, there was a magical feeling.

Zheng Ren glanced at the system panel at the top right of his vision, and the diagnosis given above was the same as the one he read - Buga syndrome.

After greeting the patient and the patient's family, Zheng Ren began to personally check the body.

Lifting up the patient's abdominal clothing, three veins of about 1cm in diameter snaked around the patient's belly like small snakes.

The symptoms were exactly the same as what Zheng Ren had judged in his office before, without the slightest discrepancy.

All the doctors went silent.

Zheng Ren percussed to determine the ascites and to determine the extent of the liver area. Then he began to look at the patient's feet.

A pair of purple feet appeared in front of the crowd.

Ischemia, but not to the extent of necrosis. But even if it was just that, it was still very heavy.

Zheng Ren asked a few more questions about the medical history, before leading everyone out of the ward and back to the office.

"Typical spider signs, and booty syndrome due to venous return problems in both lower extremities is also clear." Zheng Ren went back to the film, nodded at it, and said, "So, the patient's diagnosis of Buga syndrome is pretty much confirmed."

Cheng Lixue's face was as red as if it was dripping blood.

"Director Cheng, I remember that you were the one who went to the first hospital in the city a few days ago and said you wanted to learn TIPS surgery, right?" Zheng Ren said.

There was silence, a silence.

"MRI diffusion can not read, it does not matter. It is also difficult to determine the relationship between the portal vein and the hepatic vein vasculature in advanced cirrhosis with nuclear magnetic diffusion itself." Zheng Ren looked at the film, his tone was flat, "but as a doctor, as a director, not looking at the film before surgery, not looking at the patient, this is too much!"

Cheng Lixue was speechless, he lowered his head and took a few steps backward.

"Mr. Zheng, do you think this patient's surgery can be done?" Dean Zhang asked.

"Manager Feng, do you have the vascular supplies there?" Zheng Ren asked.

"Thrombolysis? I brought them, just in case you want to do thrombolysis." Feng Xuhui said happily.

"No need for thrombolysis, ordinary guidewires can do it." Zheng Ren said.

Cheng Lixue suddenly raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and his lips moved as if he wanted to say something.

Professor Rudolph Wagner glared at him and said, "What are you looking at!"

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