The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 550 - This, not your fault

One step late?

Director Lin was a little puzzled, but then understood that this was the Imperial City 912 Hospital also came to dig people up!

In a flash, his mouth was filled with bitterness.

Had I known, yesterday and Gao Shaojie over it would have been better.

Although the provincial medical university hospital is high and mighty, but that depends on with whom to compare. Compared with the Hai Cheng City Hospital, it is indeed. But if and the imperial capital 912 hospital ...... simply can not compare OK.

The people are one of the top several large tertiary hospitals in the country, the provincial medical university hospital in their view, just an ant-like existence.

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands dirty.

"Director Lin, your awareness of our boss Zheng is still not enough." Director Kong had been looking at Director Lin unfavorably for a few minutes.

Dare to steal someone from Laozi! Tired of living?

Director Kong also had palpitations in his heart, if things hadn't just coincided and he had made another trip to Haicheng because of the Nobel Prize, perhaps Zheng Ren would have agreed to it.

Although he also knows, Zheng Ren promised Director Lin is unlikely.

After all, his own side of the door has long been open for Zheng Ren. The conditions given by the Medical University Hospital ...... huh.

"Huh?" Director Lin did not know what Director Kong meant.

"This time, our hospital leadership attaches special importance to the matter of Boss Zheng going to work in the imperial capital, and entrusted me to communicate and negotiate with Director Pan of the First Hospital of Haicheng City." Director Kong let go of his hand and followed behind Zheng Ren, walking towards the sick bay, while saying, "Boss Zheng went to the imperial capital to have his own research lab. The scientific research project has been declared, and the special approval procedure taken, the first batch of funding is thirty million RMB."

"......" Director Lin was speechless.

"For special talents, the title is not a problem. By the way, more than ten years ago, there is a paragraph, I don't know if Director Lin has heard of it." Director Kong smilingly said.

Director Lin was in a dumbfounded state, he expected that this trip might not be able to poach Zheng Ren over. But definitely did not expect to meet the 912 hospital in the empire to dig Zheng Ren, and people's conditions ......

Dean Zhang and Wang Qiang had already been blasted outside by the nine heavenly thunderbolts.

"What segment?" Director Lin was in a trance.

"That year, the Ministry of Health said to select the third-class hospital, to the national hospital to submit materials." Director Kong smiled, winning.

"I know." Director Lin remembered that time the provincial medical university hospital up and down the concerted efforts, efforts for more than half a year, which was the first batch of the trial.

At that time, Director Lin was still working in the clinic. First-hand experience, during the pain and suffering, feel a lot.

"Imperial Concord Hospital, the pressure did not submit materials." Director Kong smiled, "but in the end, the Ministry of Health also had no choice, directly to the Concord into a tertiary hospital."

Said, his words paused, finishing the tone, said, "Concord is not a third-class hospital, which hospital has the face to say they are a third-class hospital?"

"......," Director Lin.

"......" President Zhang.

"......" Wang Qiang.

Gao Shaojie nodded, if Zheng Ren is not a deputy high, positive high, who has the face to say that they are? Director Kong means this.

Director Lin whirled to understand the meaning of Director Kong forehead has been sweating out.

He recalled when he told Gao Shaojie the "good news", Gao Shaojie's tone was somewhat ambiguous.

At that time he still felt that Gao Shaojie was too nerdy.

I didn't realize that he was too naive, too childish, too innocent, too damn whimsical.

"Director Lin, you are wise to recognize talent." Director Kong saw that the fire had been enough, so he changed his tone, patted Director Lin's shoulder and said, "It's just that the platform of the Provincial Medical University Hospital is too small to accommodate Boss Zheng. This, is not your fault."

"......" Director Lin continued to be speechless.

Gao Shaojie said - the temple is too small to accommodate Mr. Zheng, the Bodhisattva.

This phrase echoed in his ears.

Could this be true?

"In the future, come to the empire, Road 912 to find me. Meeting is fate, although Boss Zheng will not go to the Medical University Hospital, but this eye of yours, I still appreciate." Director Kong said.

Said, has walked into the hospital area.

From the moment he stepped into the sickbay, the fatigue on Zheng Ren's body was swept away. As if he was a warrior and heard the call to charge, his entire essence changed.

"Boss, the four patients on Wang Qiang's side, you have seen the film yesterday. Let's go take a look at the patients and then send them to the stage." Gao Shaojie interrupted the conversation between Director Lin and Director Kong and spoke to Zheng Ren.

"Good." Zheng Ren nodded his head.

As he was talking, a tall, thin figure walked out of the office.

"Mr. Zheng, long time no see." He looked enthusiastic and greeted him.

Hmm? Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment.

It still looked familiar ...... as if he had seen it before somewhere?

"Director Cheng, something wrong?" Wang Qiang's face fell for a moment, somewhat unhappy.

Cheng Lixue this is digging a corner, Wang Qiang can feel it.

However, he could not say anything, after all, Zheng Ren was initially invited by President Zhang from the city hospital to do the surgery.

Moreover, the person appointed by the hospital to learn TIPS surgery is also the director of Cheng Lixue.

He can only be annoyed, but there is no way to tear the face with Cheng Lixue.

Cheng Lixue didn't pay any attention to Wang Qiang, as if he didn't care to talk to such an "inferior doctor".

"Mr. Zheng, I have also found a patient with advanced cirrhosis and intractable ascites." Cheng Lixue smilingly said: "You first look at the film?"

Zheng Ren is indifferent, if there is, do it, it is not a big deal.

The second hospital of the city's personnel disputes, Zheng Ren does not want to get involved.

President Zhang also did not want to directly sweep Cheng Lixue's face, see him very positive, and thought to correct the wrong idea, so first sent Zheng Ren to the office.

Cheng Lixue took out the film bag and said, "This patient, the preoperative preparation has been completed, Mr. Zheng take a look at the film, and then I will take the patient up."

Steal the table!

This is a very clear stage grabbing.

Some places, grouping after inviting professors, there is this problem. The contradictions and entanglements, if it evolves, is enough to write a history of the blood and tears of the ward's feud.

Wang Qiang immediately unhappy, ready to turn his face hard choke Cheng Lixue.

Gao Shaojie pulled the sleeve of Wang Qiang's white suit and told him to be quiet.

Zheng Ren did not answer Cheng Lixue's words, but took the film out of the film bag and inserted it into the film reader.

With his left hand under his right armpit and his right hand on his cheek, Zheng Ren read the film in silence.

"Boss." Professor Rudolf Wagner said, but then did not continue.

Zheng Ren just nodded his head and continued to be silent.

Gao Shaojie glanced at the film, frowned, and reviewed it carefully.

The atmosphere in the office was a little awkward.

Cheng Lixue was pleased to be able to give Wang Qiang a hard time, which he was happy to see.

"Mr. Zheng, the film has also been read, I'll send the patient up here?" Cheng Lixue estimated the time, it was about three minutes, so he spoke once again.

Zheng Ren continued to be silent.

"President Zhang?" Cheng Lixue thought Zheng Ren was unwilling to sweep Wang Qiang off his feet, so he lifted up Dean Zhang Keming.

"This patient has a wrong diagnosis and cannot do TIPS surgery." Zheng Ren said.

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