The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 548 - I'm so stupid, really

"Hmm." Zheng Ren's eyes curled up, and the corners of his mouth beneath the sterile mask gently lifted to reveal a smile.

"......" Director Kong felt particularly silly.

Really, especially silly.

That side of the surgery was done, and he himself still brushed his hand, held it up, and came into the operating room.

Could it be that he was in a sleepy daze? Director Kong was a little strange, since it was not on the surgery, there was no need to be sterile.

He dried his hands with the isolation suit and took out his phone.

Just thirty-five minutes had passed since he looked at the time before he dozed off.

That's right. ......

"Mr. Zheng, you had a severe pelvic fracture with embolization of the internal iliac branch?" Director Kong asked.

He felt particularly stupid.

Really, especially stupid.

"Uh ...... yes." Zheng Ren felt the same way.

It must be which is wrong, Director Kong dumbly looked at Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren hands hard, pressure to stop the bleeding, but also can only look at the director of Kong.

The two masters of the four eyes, actually speechless ......

After nearly a minute, the hole director only trance off the lead coat, asked: "What is the machine of?"

"and the empire of the machine is similar, you are to see the silhouette? I'll do it later, you don't have to rush." Zheng Ren said.

Director Kong waved his hand and stubbornly came to the operation room.

The machine models were similar, and Director Kong operated it without any rustiness.

The super-selected image was well preserved, and Director Kong looked at it at multiplier speed, and the micro-guide wire kept swimming in front of his eyes as if it was alive.

There was no problem with the diagnosis, and the number of broken internal iliac vessels was not small, bolting four internal iliac branches.

But but ...... can but ...... why is it so fast?

It must be that he did not sleep well.

"Brother Zhou, it's done." Zheng Ren finished compressing and stopping the bleeding, and returned to the operating room after putting pressure on the patient's bandage.

Dr. Zhou laughed, "Mr. Zheng, you are really getting better and better at this."

He did not know about interventional surgery, only that Mr. Tian from the empire told him that this Mr. Zheng was a high level person. He also wanted to tell him that the next time there was a patient who had a vertebral body removed, the preoperative embolization of the transverse lumbar artery must be told to him earlier, and he flew over from the imperial capital to observe.

So Dr. Zhou picked up the good words, in the middle of the night to trouble people to do emergency interventional embolization, not to say the good, emotional intelligence is too low.

"Small surgery, nothing." Zheng Ren laughed, "Director Kong, you are tired, go to the duty room to sleep."

"Oh." Director Kong gave a confused oh.

He thought he did need to sleep, no, he was already hallucinating.

The machine replayed the surgical operation and there was absolutely no problem. Not to mention problems, there was not even a flaw.

Clean, nice and sharp!

But here's the problem.

It was done too fast!

Director Kong knew that Zheng Ren had done a good surgery, but in his impression, it definitely shouldn't be at this level.

It must be too sleepy, it must be.

How silly to think of yourself, to see how busy the Hai Cheng City First Hospital really is.

Not even one surgery was done, and just running along, I was already tired as a dog.

"Boss Zheng, I'm going to take a nap." Director Kong snorted and headed out.

Zheng Ren hurriedly pointed out the location of the male duty room in the operating room to Director Kong and told him to go over and rest.

Then he carried the patient down with Dr. Zhou again and sent him out.

The door of the operating room opened, and Chu Yanzhi came back carrying large and small bags.

"Brother Zhou, come and have a snack later." Zheng Ren said politely.

"No." Dr. Zhou saw that the emergency department is busy, naturally can not add to the mess, "back there are still a lot of work, another day I treat you."

After saying that, Dr. Zhou took the patient and left.

"Did it again?!" Chu Yan looked at Zheng Ren with incorrigible eyes.

"Well, the appendicitis is being done inside, I guess it's almost done." Zheng Ren said, "Grab a bite of the pad, the second half of the night do not know what it will be like."

"Mr. Zheng, it's already the second half of the night." Chu Yanzhi complained, "If you keep busy, it will be dawn. You can hurry to the empire, do not stay in the emergency woe."

"......" Zheng Ren also did not want to ah.

But I guess it's better when Director Kong is asleep?

Let's hope so.



Director Kong slept soundly, very ripe, very solid.

It's been a long time since I've slept so comfortably.

When he was awakened by the sound of the operating room door closing, it was already 7:40 am.

Sleep well, huh? This is not home! Where the hell is it?

After a minute of trance, Director Kong remembered that this is Haicheng, last night at twelve o'clock he could not hold himself up, which is why he slept in the duty room.

I went ...... Kong director immediately a sit-up, sat up.

Today also to go to the second hospital to do TIPS surgery!

Own to see TIPS surgery!

Zheng Ren will not go away.

Putting on slippers, Director Kong walked down the corridor.

The entire corridor was filled with an air of numbness, and the traveling nurses were like walking corpses "flying".

"......" Director Kong was stunned.

This is the surgery has been done until now?

"Zheng ...... Zheng boss?!" Director Kong shouted.

"Director Kong, get up!" Zheng Ren replied.

Talking is by yelling, otherwise everyone is tired and numb, but any voice smaller can not hear.

Director Kong followed the sound and looked over, and saw Zheng Ren sitting in the operation room doing silhouettes.

"Boss Zheng, you're doing surgery again?" Director Kong was a little embarrassed, he said he would "observe" the night, but he went to sleep first.

"Again?" Zheng Ren concentrated on the operation of the machine, his mouth said.

The first time I saw it, I knew that Director Kong's words did not go through his head, Zheng Ren understood all the literal meaning.

"Yes, I remember that you just finished a pelvic fracture embolization of the internal iliac vessels when I was sleeping."

Zheng Ren's hand was frozen in mid-air, seemingly in memory.

The atmosphere in the operation room was extraordinarily raw, and Director Kong felt like he had said the wrong thing.

After recalling for ten seconds or so, Zheng Ren smiled, "Director Kong, you are talking about that operation in the orthopedic department."


"That was followed by two obstetrics and gynecology scar pregnancy hemorrhages, three appendicitis, two cholecystitis, and a major resuscitation from a car accident." Zheng Ren said, "This is the interventional procedure for scar pregnancy just done, I'm doing the silhouette."

"......" Director Kong was stunned.

"Director Kong, there may not be time to wash up." Zheng Ren said somewhat apologetically, "The car is downstairs, we're going to the second city hospital."

"It's okay, it's okay." Director Kong hurriedly said, "Can you hold up?"

"It should be fine." Zheng Ren looked a little wilted, but his speech was still clear, "Squint in the car for a while, it's okay, there are only 4 TIPS surgeries today, they will be done soon."

Four ...... TIPS surgeries ...... are still done quickly ...... Director Kong felt that he must still be awake.

How else could you hear such a statement? It is surprising to hear someone use "only" to describe 4 TIPS surgeries.

I really want to go back to sleep. I guess I'm still getting old. I stayed up until 12:30, and I was hallucinating to this extent.

"No, there are still a few more stage 2 surgeries. But no problem." Zheng Ren finished the silhouette, the machine punched out, and he took the film and went to explain the procedure to the patient's family.

Leaving Director Kong standing in the operating room, it was like sleepwalking.

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