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Chapter 544 - What a complicated intussusception

Zheng Ren communicated with the previous patient with acute appendicitis, the patient's family, and when they saw that it was a child less than a year old who was sick, they were generous enough to give the operation to the child.

Subsequently, Zheng Ren asked Director Sun to find the first director of the anesthesiology department to anesthetize the child.

After all, Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi were not experienced enough, and the anesthesia for children, especially for young children under three years old, was very different from that for adults.

Ready for everything, Zheng Ren took Director Sun to the operating room.

Director Kong early all heard the chaos in the corridor, and the sound of a child crying milkily.

He was curious. Generally, there are few pediatric surgeons, and only places like provincial cities have pediatric surgical specialties.

The city? It is impossible to have.

I did not expect that Zheng Ren even do pediatric surgery ...... this is also OK.

The director Sun changed his clothes and went directly to the operating room with the child in his arms. Seeing Director Sun leave, Director Kong asked, "Boss Zheng, involved in a wide range of ah, pediatric outside can also do?"

"It's not a matter outside of children." Zheng Ren frowned, also a little difficult.

"Hmm?" Director Kong was stumped for a moment.

"The patient's air enema has failed and is considered to be caused by intestinal pinworm disease." Zheng Ren said.


Although not a general surgery specialty, Director Kong knew that intestinal parasites could not be diagnosed well. Zheng Ren did not even have a CT on this side, how was the diagnosis of cerebral worm disease?

And intestinal entrapment is the most common cause of pediatric intestinal obstruction. In most cases, viral infections (often from the upper respiratory tract) cause the lymphoid tissue of the intestine to expand, creating an initiation point that causes the proximal part of the distal intestinal canal to "stretch", thus causing intussusception.

If the air enema does not work, the only way is to operate and perform a manual repositioning.

This disease has nothing to do with parasites at all.

Look at Director Kong's hesitant expression, Zheng Ren took out the chapter left by Director Sun X-ray point film.

By now it was dark, there was no way to look at the window. Zheng Ren could only crane his neck and look at the film against the light and said: "Here, back to the blind part, you can see the image of the filament. We can consider this an artifact or overlapping shadow that appears in the case of fluoroscopy, but we cannot exclude the possibility of images of intestinal parasites."

Seeing the film, Director Kong regained a few moments of confidence.

After all, he had been dealing with images all his life, and without the image film, Director Kong had a feeling that his whole body's martial arts were invalidated.

At this moment when he saw the film, Director Kong's eyes narrowed.

Zheng Ren said the location, he saw it. It is indeed suspicious, but if not for Zheng Ren's reminder, with Director Kong's clinical experience, the probability would not have judged it to be a parasitic disease.

It is very difficult to push forward, it is much easier to push backward.

First decided that what Zheng Ren said was right, Director Kong thought backwards and immediately found the theoretical basis.

"Here, the density on the image is not correct." Director Kong then said, "I think you're right."

"Not only here, but also here." Zheng Ren pointed to another location and said, "It is estimated that the patient is infected with pinworms, whose ingested eggs hatch in the small intestine, and the adult worms live in the appendix area ......"

"Mr. Zheng, Mr. Zheng, have you finished changing your clothes?" As he was talking, Director Sun ran in like a fire butt.

Seeing Zheng Ren and another person studying the film, he was stunned for a moment.

What was there to study in that film? Only out of a doctor's instinct, Director Sun subconsciously ordered an X-ray film only after the air enema failed.

This film he also looked at, it was just a simple intussusception.

"Introduce." Zheng Ren smiled, "This is Director Sun of the Second Department of General Surgery of our hospital."

Director Sun stretched out his hand in confusion, but he didn't expect Director Kong to just nod his head, signaling that he knew about it.

"This, is Director Kong of the Interventional Department of 912 Hospital in the Imperial Capital."

Director Sun stirred for a moment.

912 Hospital, the country's top military hospital, is also the country's top large tertiary hospital.

Before a moment of slight displeasure like a cloud of smoke drifted away, even if there is, now there is no time to care about this.

Their own little grandson is under anesthesia, to open surgery, which there is still time to care about the attitude of others to their own.

"Director Sun, Director Kong and I both suspect intestinal parasitic disease. The surgery will be done later, you see to get the director of pathology to palm a look. If it's a parasite, you need to take the appropriate worm-killing drugs after surgery." Zheng Ren said.

Director Sun was a little puzzled and confused.

But since Zheng Ren said so, then no matter what he was asked to do, he would definitely only agree

"Boss Zheng, this level of diagnosis, but you have left me, the old man, far behind" Director Kong smiled, no jealousy, no envy, just a statement of fact.

Zheng Ren shook his head, changed his clothes and came to the operation room with the two directors.

Director Sun wanted to brush his hands on the table, but both hands were trembling slightly, so he couldn't get into surgery.

Zheng Ren pressed Director Sun's shoulders and said, "Director Sun, you observe the stage."

After saying that, he yelled, "Su Yun!"

"Do what!" Inside the lounge, Su Yun's voice came out.

This guy, relying on the fact that he drank some wine at noon, had been slacking off after the heart surgery. Anyway, there was Cao Guozhen watching over that side, so there wouldn't be a problem.

"Brush your hands and get on the stage!" Zheng Ren saw that the big director of anesthesiology had already given general anesthesia to Director Sun's little grandson, so he went straight to brush his hands.

Brush your hands, disinfect, and lay the sheet.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun both did it together and quickly made the preoperative preparations. Then disinfect the hands, put on clothes, and wear sterile gloves.

The light from the shadowless lamp was bright and a little blinding.

"Boss, what operation?" Su Yun asked.

"Cesarean probing."

Su Yun's eyebrows frowned slightly, but did not speak.

Lower right abdomen, rectus abdominis parietalis incision, 5cm.

For an adult, 5cm is a small incision. But for an 11-month-old infant, this incision is already large.

In the meantime, the Apricot Garden live room is open.

[Now the operator is becoming less and less attentive, the number of live broadcasts is so small.]

The actual appendicitis surgery you will seemingly get every day.

The actual surgery today is really appendicitis. No, how can there be intestinal stasis and intestinal parasites?

The doctors who came in first unleashed their hand speed and chatted with pop-ups while looking at the patient's medical history.

Then the excitement came to a head.

Infant, 11 months old, ineffective air enema for intussusception, and a diagnosis of intestinal parasites.

With such a complex disease, and such a young child, the difficulty of the surgery rose geometrically.

I wonder how the surgeon could see the intestinal parasites.

Isn't there a post-enema spot film in the file? I guess it was diagnosed based on the imaging data.

[I can't, that spot film ...... I'm in the imaging business, I'll take a closer look.

In the live screen, the operator's hand starts, the knife falls, a small amount of blood is dipped off, electrocautery to stop bleeding, blunt separation, the operator and the assistant, instrument nurses cooperate like a flowing stream.

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