The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 541 - It's all Director Kong's pot (Allied bookmate 130619130541388 adds more 2)

A small section member of the medical office rushed to the director's office carrying various equipment.

There is no communication, no dialogue, the small clerk set up the camera equipment, and began to carry out "routine" procedures with the director of the old Pan.

Looking at the old Pan director about the condition, about the rescue of Zheng Ren and the upcoming surgery, as if he had seen it with his own eyes, Director Kong was inexplicably surprised.

The two men of the first hospital in Haicheng City, do they have telepathy?

Zheng Ren pulled the patient, pinching the heart and went to the stage. The following old Pan director is responsible for other things, frankly face in the Kong director of such a big doctor seem to be particularly tricky troublesome things.

The emergency department of Haicheng First Hospital seems to be a machine, and Zheng Ren and Director Pan are different cogs. Bite together, almost no friction, all the kinetic energy is released to the place where it should be released, the


The Great Resuscitation.

The Great Emergency Resuscitation!

With the authorization of the medical department, Director Pan Sr. was in less of a hurry. After the small section of the medical department left with various materials, he then had time to smile at Director Kong.

"Old Director Pan, really nimble, gives me a feeling like being on the front line." Director Kong sighed to.

Today's society has all kinds of conflicts, it's hard to see this kind of liver and guts, life and death scenes.

"This is all as it should be." Old Director Pan sat on the chair without a trace of alcoholic breath, and seemed to be considering something.

"Old Director Pan, not going to take a look at the operation?" Director Kong asked.

"Surgery? What's there to see?" Director Lao Pan asked rhetorically, but then realizing that Director Kong was a guest and did not understand the situation, he smilingly said, "If you want to see it, let's go up and take a look, but at this point up there, it is estimated that the surgery is almost done."

"......" Director Kong estimated that it should be less than thirty minutes from the time the patient was delivered to the time Director Lao Pan completed the various procedures.

The surgery is done? How could that be!

He didn't retort, but his expression revealed the true thoughts inside his heart.

"Let's go, Old Kong, I'll show you." Old Director Pan didn't point out, and said with a smile.

Let the facts speak, strength than sitting here to say a million words, the effect is better.

Walking out the door, director Lao Pan shouted, "Xiao Liu, the patient's family is here, let them go directly to the operating room, you personally take it there."

A nurse in a hurry answered crisply.

"Director Pan, Boss Zheng will still do thoracic surgery?" Director Kong asked.

"Rescued a patient with a stab wound to the heart and pericardial tamponade." Director Pan Sr. said, "That time the blood went straight to the room. But the patient was lucky, the cardiac arrest should be in about 3 minutes, resuscitated and it was fine."

"That's not much." Director Kong whispered.

"Zheng Ren has only been in the emergency room for a few months." Old Director Pan's tone was a few minutes heavier.

"What about before? Boss Zheng was in the interventional department, or ......" Director Kong asked.

Although he heard Su Yun say that Zheng Ren was a general surgery major, went to the emergency department as chief resident, and started doing interventional procedures again.

However, with a clinical thinking, this is simply impossible?

If there really is such a person, the graduate students under their own can find a place to cry.

"I'm telling you, old Kong." Director Pan said about Zheng Ren, as if he was talking about his most favored son, "A few months ago, Zheng Ren was a small doctor in general surgery. Someone invited Professor Moriyu from Japan to do surgery, something happened, and then a combined pancreaticoduodenectomy was taken down by Zheng Ren himself."

"......" Director Kong heard this thing for the first time.

Himself? Joint pancreaticoduodenectomy?

"It is said that it took half an hour, from the resection to the closure of the abdomen, the operation was done that is called a beautiful." Old Director Pan was full of red, while taking Director Kong to the operating room, while recounting Zheng Ren's experience.

"We came down from the army, recognize a reason. If you are capable, you are capable, if you are not capable, you will be looked down upon everywhere."

Director Kong nodded, it is indeed so.

Now is the era of peace, if the war years, a general incompetence, tired of a thousand troops. Therefore, the troops are the most practical, with the ability to speak.

"Local hospitals, as you know, some people that virtuous. They want to kick Zheng Ren out, I directly slap the table to this kid to come." Old Director Pan spoke with a slightly agitated tone of voice when he was proud of himself.

Director Kong praised, "Old Pan, you have such eyes, so bright!"

"That's right!"

Saying that, the two of them came to the operating room, changed their clothes and walked into the corridor from the dressing room.

"Chief Zheng, you can't even do this property, why are you so busy." A voice complained, the door of the operating room was open and the voice reached the corridor.

Small place, really unregulated, doing surgery, the door is not even closed. Director Kong saw and heard it and thought to himself. Even the most basic concept of asepsis is not, this if in their own staff, early all scolded the southeast and northwest can not be found.

But he did not say, how to give the old Pan director some face.

"This time really do not blame me, Director Kong said he wanted to see how busy we are. As soon as he spoke, I thought it was over, I guess I couldn't sleep tonight. I'm not lying, if you don't believe me, ask Su Yun."

Zheng Ren's helpless voice came out.

Director Kong was stunned for a moment.

"Chief Cao, this patient threw ICU, you go to see more at night." Su Yun said, "If the patient can't pay, the money for the titanium clips don't ask for it with our emergency department. And help you salvage a pericardial tamponade, you have to have a little forced number in your heart."

Director Kong did not understand the situation inside, emergency medical rescue, should not be the atmosphere is tense, everyone desperately busy? How come there is no tension on this side of Haicheng City Hospital?

Walking into the operating room, Director Kong saw Zheng Ren shoot the needle-holding device to the patient's leg, and then turned around to get off the stage.

The two men looked at each other and were flabbergasted.

"Director Kong, what are you doing up here?" Zheng Ren was in a trance for a moment and asked directly from his heart.

"Boss Zheng, done?" Director Kong was also in a trance.

"It's done." Zheng Ren tore off the sterile surgical gown and threw it into the red trash can, "No need for me to carry the patient."

"You go boss, there's someone in the chest department." Su Yun directly dumped the pot to the thoracic department.

Chief Cao of the thoracic department snapped and did not dare to object, keeping silent.

"So soon?" Director Kong was stunned.

"Pericardial tamponade, it's not a big deal, it was saved at that time and it's fine." Zheng Ren laughed, "This patient was lucky to be carried over. I estimate that the heart stopped for more than five minutes, but on the way over, the constant bumps and bumps, squeezing the heart, still managed to maintain a little blood supply."


"He's fine, he'll be awake tomorrow morning. Just a little bit of trouble with internal fixation of the rib fracture, but it's done." Zheng Ren said.

"......" Director Kong looked at the indicators on the cardiac monitor and was stunned.



Note: Thought many times that this young guy, if he came on his back, maybe it would be better. There are cases of people in cardiac arrest, coming to the hospital on their backs, bumping all the way, and later being fine.

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