The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 54: Systematic training again

The patient was delivered, and a system prompt appeared in the upper right corner of Zheng Ren's vision - chronic late-onset cholecystitis.

The heart sank, Zheng Ren knew that this was estimated to be a complication of acute food poisoning.

If you can quiet some antibiotics for a week or so, it will minimize the chances of complications. But now the national trend is pointing to the abuse of antibiotics by doctors, are fucking sons of bitches.

There are indeed sons of bitches among doctors, such as those who give triple antibiotics to underage patients after simple acute appendectomy, and include renal metabolism of quinolones.

But the vast majority of doctors are still good, healing is what they seek to save lives.

But this is being ruthlessly stifled.

Veterinarians in charge of the medical profession have issued provisions that restrict the clinical application of antibiotics, which must be supported by signs such as fever, positive bacterial culture, abnormal blood count, and data.

Few people think about the fact that it is the livestock industry that uses the most antibiotics. There are a lot of antibiotics in the meat and milk that we eat and drink every day. However, the livestock industry also complains that if they don't use it, their production will drop, so how can they improve the growing material needs of the people?

All people eat vegetable leaves? Zheng Ren, who has always been interested in jerking off, did not agree.

There are too many twists and turns here, Zheng Ren does not want to, and no way to solve.

It is good to be able to deal with the emergency of the city hospital.

"Emergency bedside ultrasound, I reckon it's cholecystitis." Zheng Ren quickly said the diagnosis.

"Mr. Zheng, how come it's gallbladder infection in a good way?" The patient's son was distressed.

"As explained to you, acute toxic liver injury will have exudation, and the exudate has a certain chance to be stored near the gallbladder fossa. The elderly have reduced physical function, and secondary cholecystitis will occur after about 1 week of stimulation." Zheng Ren said.

That being said, the chances of this gallbladder infection appearing are not 100%, not even higher than 10%.

It's time to fight luck, and it's obvious that the patient in front of us is not very lucky.

But bad luck, such words, certainly can not say with the patient, the patient's family. Zheng Ren is a straight man of steel, but that is limited to facing girls. Communication with patients is still very smooth, full of emotional intelligence.

The patient was admitted to the emergency ward, and the old man was "honored" to be the first patient in the emergency ward.

The ultrasound showed that the gallbladder was 95x47mm in size, with a marked increase in tension, a gross cyst wall with a thickness of 3mm, no obvious abnormal echogenicity in the cyst wall, and poor intra-wall translucency with fine dotted echogenicity.

Seeing this emergency ultrasound report sheet, it was already possible to identify chronic, late-onset cholecystitis. This was followed by emergency admission tests, routine blood work, coagulation, hepatitis B, HIV syphilis, liver and kidney work, etc.

ECG return: sinus rhythm, normal ECG.

Zheng Ren asked the nurse to place a gastric tube on the patient and do gastrointestinal decompression. Then the patient's son was called to the office to do doctor-patient communication.

The patient's family was a little frustrated, and he was the one who advocated to leave the hospital for observation at that time. The main reason was also that the hospital was too noisy and the old man was not resting well.

I didn't expect that he really had cholecystitis, as Zheng Ren said.

The two sat down and Zheng Ren first calmed the patient's family.

Then he began to analyze the patient's condition to the family regarding the ultrasound image.

Like this patient's cholecystitis, it is not acute simple cholecystitis. The cause of the disease, as mentioned before, was a transient abnormality in liver function due to acute food poisoning, with exudative changes. The exudate remains in the gallbladder fossa and invades the gallbladder, resulting in acute cholecystitis.

If you are a young guy, it is not very likely that you will develop cholecystitis. After all, young, good health, high immunity, this inflammation is absorbed in minutes.

The old man is not the same, the slow absorption of inflammation is what triggers the gallbladder inflammation. If treated conservatively with antibiotics, the results will not be too good.

After analyzing these things with the family, the family said to listen to Zheng Ren's arrangement.

This is a sign of having some trust in the doctor after going through certain contacts.

If there was no incident of successful first aid for nitrite poisoning, the patient's family would not have said such things as listening to Zheng Ren's arrangements for everything.

"Then let's do gallbladder removal." Zheng Ren finally settled on doing the surgery.

Because the old man was not feeling well in the morning, did not eat and drink water, fasting water time enough. Plus the pain was intense, so it was simply straightforward to do the pre-operative preparation.

Half an hour later, the emergency test results returned that the patient had no contraindications to surgery. After communication with the family and surgical signatures, Zheng Ren took the patient to the operating room on the third floor of the emergency building.

At that time, when the emergency building was designed, the first floor was the emergency department, detention room, ultrasound, CT, testing and other auxiliary departments. The second floor was a ward with fifty-two planned beds. The third floor is the surgical operating room, several thousand square feet of operating rooms with full stratospheric design, which are among the top in China.

The reason why director Lao Pan is so anxious to carry out emergency surgery is because the operating room alone has attracted the coveted attention of various surgical departments in the inpatient department. Such a good operating room certainly can not be idle, the emergency department does not use, there are naturally people to use.

And the third floor operating room at the very inside, surprisingly there is an interventional catheterization room, specializing in interventional procedures.

The design of the interventional catheterization room, completely using the latest scheme, is a hybrid operating room.

The so-called hybrid operating room means that it can do interventional procedures and surgical procedures.

This is very advanced, ordinary tertiary hospitals simply do not have hybrid operating rooms.

The hybrid operating room of the first hospital in Haicheng City is even idle, not to seize the time to use up, there is a suspicion of waste.

The temperature in the laminar flow operating room is constant, a full set of sterilization facilities, breathe a breath of air here, there is a kind of whole body to get the illusion of purification.

Let the other doctors carry the patient, Zheng Ren take to change the surgical gown.

It's time to put all the skill points and experience values to use! Zheng Ren made sure that the system master did not engage in any conspiracy, but had the foresight to let himself do cholecystectomy, at this time not to go to the system operating room set LC (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) surgery, what else to wait for?

In the smoking room in the locker room, Zheng Ren lit a cheap purple cloud, took a deep puff, soothed through the body, and then entered the system space.

After entering, Zheng Ren did not add skill points, after all, no matter how much he added, he would not be able to reach the master level and would not have a qualitative change.

He opened the system mall, clicked on gallbladder resection, exchanged all the 75,000 experience points rewarded by the mission into 20.83 hours of surgery time, and then entered the system operating room to start the set.

Because here, the patients were all well anesthetized, so it was a great time saver.

Outside, doing a cholecystectomy, counting the before and after time, would take at least 2 hours. While in the systematic operating room, Zheng Ren does not have to consider the patient's condition, does not have to consider the patient's post-operative recovery, does not have to wait for anesthesia, and just gets on with it.

The first laparoscopic cholecystectomy took Zheng Ren almost an hour to complete. After all, when he was in the first department of general surgery, he was not qualified to perform cholecystectomy at all, even though this procedure belonged to the category of primary surgery.

Once he became familiar with it, the surgery went much smoother.

The time was getting shorter and shorter, and like the appendectomy set, in a sense, surgery is all about hand familiarity.

In the end, it only took Zheng Ren about ten minutes to do a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

The system training time is only poor less than 21 hours, Zheng Ren grasped the time to make use of, also did but 80 surgeries.

But this was enough, and Zheng Ren felt particularly good about himself.

When the system training was over, he looked back at the skill tree and saw that his general surgery skills had grown from 1692 points to 1930 points. The increase was obvious, whether it had anything to do with the difficulty of the surgery, Zheng Ren did not know.

Zheng Ren returned to the present world, the smoke he had just exhaled had not yet completely dissipated. He extinguished the purple cloud that he had only smoked and carefully put it back into the cigarette case, then changed his surgical gown and entered the operating room.

Xie Yiren had already finished getting ready and was standing in front of the instrument table. Seeing Zheng Ren enter, she smiled at him. Her eyebrows were arched and her smile was full.

The first cholecystectomy, is about to start.

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