The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 536 - Close physical combat (Allied bookmate 130619130541388 added 1)

Wang Qiang stood at the back with a confused face.

What Zheng Ren and Gao Shaojie were saying, he simply could not understand.

Not that he is not serious, but this involves the most core principle of nuclear magnetic dispersion, intelligence at this point becomes a hard wound.

Su Yun was playing with his cell phone while listening to Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner talk about it, and he understood it after listening to it a few times. But Wang Qiang can't do it ......

Not only can't do it, even if he is serious about it, the road is so long that he despairs.

Although confused, Wang Qiang forced himself to endure, holding Gao Shaojie's cell phone in his hand, recording all the discussions between Zheng Ren and Gao Shaojie for post-operative research.

Born with a screwed-up energy, Wang Qiang is really unconvinced.

He can't research it himself, so it's okay.

This new technique, not many people in the world can study it. But can not even hear, this is a big problem.

He knew how big the opportunity in front of him was, and although it was hard, no matter how hard it was, it must be overcome.

It's just that ...... whenever he seriously looks at the film, Wang Qiang will have a dizzy feeling.

Zheng Ren said simply, subtract a gradient increment and rebuild it in his mind.

This involves data, procedures, simply too much, Wang Qiang's brain is completely inadequate.


Meanwhile, in the second hospital of Haicheng City.

Cheng Lixue's face was gloomy, sitting in the director's office, with a heavy heart.

I had the cheek to learn TIPS surgery, but I didn't expect the small chief resident of the city's first hospital to let himself go to make up for the liver NMR diffusion class.

This is humiliation, unconcealed humiliation!

Cheng Lixue left in anger at that time.

But after calming down, Cheng Lixue is a bit waxed. The two deans of the hospital inside how much importance they attach to TIPS surgery, he knows.

If he was not worried about the huge risk of doing TIPS surgery, if he did not want to retire peacefully, I am afraid that the city hospital has long been carrying out TIPS surgery.

This time there is an opportunity to learn, and he also fought for it, so just forget it? How can I explain this when I return?

No way, took a few days sick leave, Cheng Lixue at home to think about this matter with a sad face.

In the end, he thought that it was unlikely that the small resident at the city hospital had humiliated him, but it was possible that the new procedure really required learning MRI diffusion.

He then contacted the director of the hospital's MRI department and went to learn for a few days.

He thought his level had skyrocketed and his self-confidence had come back around. Only his intuition told him that this was not enough.

Wang Qiang's side, holding the thigh of the provincial high teacher, Cheng Lixue felt a huge threat.

Especially when the subordinate doctors told him that Wang Qiang contacted the next batch of patients who need to do TIPS surgery, waiting for Zheng Ren to do the surgery, Cheng Lixue could not sit still.

The cubs wanted to venture out, and this impatience was unconcealed.

Close physical combat, Cheng Lixue felt Wang Qiang's sharpness.

Can't sit back and wait for death, Cheng Lixue immediately let his doctors contact the patients who need to do TIPS surgery, he is also ready to put down his face, at least to rub on the surgery.

In this way, so that it is not more ugly.

It's not just asking a professor ...... to hire someone to do it! What's the big deal.

In his heart, he still does not think that the little doctor from the city's first hospital is a professor.

Knock on the door, Cheng Lixue distracted, was startled, and then stabilized, said: "Enter."

A small doctor pushed the door in, carrying the film in his hand.

"Director, I have a patient with advanced cirrhosis and massive ascites for years. Contacted, he very much wants to have surgery."

After hearing this news, the expression on Cheng Lixue's face looked a little better.

Don't have more, just one patient, that's all.

There are so many ways to speculate in the middle, Cheng Lixue just thinks about it, there are countless ways to keep Wang Qiang's side from eating alone and ensure the balance of power in the department.

"Where are the patients?" Cheng Lixue asked.

"The patient has just been admitted and is in the ward." The young doctor said, "The film is here."

Cheng Lixue picked up the film and briefly glanced at it, it was indeed a nuclear magnetic sign of liver cirrhosis, and it was confirmed to be correct.

"Go, see the patient." Cheng Lixue just stood up, the phone rang.


"What? The fire center's going to check the safety?"

"Can't be, I've said hello to Old Ma. You hold them steady first, I'm coming over." Cheng Lixue hurriedly said.

The phone call was from Cheng Lixue's lover, the department of safety and fire control is checking a restaurant in his house.

What kind of store, Cheng Lixue heart clear. To be honest, all the stores can not carry the inspection.

He hurriedly took off his white suit and changed into a jacket.

"Director ......" the little doctor stood still, not knowing what to do.

"You write up the case, make preoperative preparations, and then wait for the operation." Cheng Lixue hurriedly explained, "By the way, the matter of expert fees, to talk to the patient."

After saying that, he locked the cabinet and shooed the little doctor out, then locked the door and left in a hurry.

The little doctor stood in the corridor, confused.

TIPS surgery, this kind of top-notch and difficult surgery, he had no idea how to do it, nor did he know what to check before the operation.

After all, the second city hospital is not the same as the provincial capital, the imperial capital, the magic capital, TIPS surgery is routinely carried out on that side. This side, however, is still high-tech.

So confused ah ...... little doctor stood for a few minutes and sighed.

Can only do according to the normal preoperative examination, if there is something wrong with the ground ...... right, you can look at the other group of patients ah, he brightened up.

The two directors divided the group, the following small doctors have little interest entanglement, but also and amicable, did not tear the face for this.

It has nothing to do with itself, it is not necessary at all.

The most secure is to take a look and ask two questions.

The small doctor hurriedly returned to the office and began to work up.


Zheng Ren and Gao Shaojie look at the film to see at least two hours, Wang Qiang's hand phone has long been dead, and then use Gao Shaojie cell phone camera. When the power supply is again in jeopardy, that side of the preoperative discussion is finally over.

It seems that next time to bring a rechargeable treasure, Wang Qiang thought in his heart.

Said pre-operative discussion, this is the conventional call. In fact, the whole process is Zheng Ren constantly remind Gao Shaojie, when he is lost, tell him the right direction.

Even so, Gao Shaojie still only slightly understood, not completely eaten.

Wang Qiang, on the other hand, is like a duck listening to thunder, no concept at all.

After this side of the study, Gao Shaojie felt dizzy in the head.

"Teacher Zheng ...... can I call you boss?" Gao Shaojie is not too comfortable with the name teacher, these days, there are too many teachers, just a title, Gao Shaojie feel so called Zheng Ren, and his own heart's position is completely inconsistent.

It doesn't matter." Zheng Ren smiled.

"Boss, tomorrow's surgery, I'll go back first." Gao Shaojie's waist involuntarily bent slightly and said, "Study it well, and if there is any experience tomorrow, I have to trouble the boss to tell me about it."

"No problem." Zheng Ren laughed.



Bookworms raised, the issue of the qualification to practice medicine. Here, a unified explanation. In the original outline, there is a similar plot, there are no various qualifications, being sued. Volt, the director of that side of Kong before entering the health care group, has been through the Health and Welfare Commission for a variety of procedures, this is not an oversight. But think about it, this kind of medical disputes, and the main line does not have much to do with, and the tone is on the dark side, it was cut out, please understand.

To say a gossip, the collapse of the former Soviet Union, a local hospital scraped a group of old Maoist ophthalmologists, to do the hospital's fist department. Later, because there is no qualification to practice medicine, it was thrown back to ...... some things, actually quite bullshit, those old Maoist doctors, the level is quite high, but each has its own reasoning, right? Well, just gossip a little.

The book, for sure, will ignore and even distort many details. If you go according to the real situation, you know, like a few days ago when writing about the girl who was removed from the tube, the bookie message, if you dare to remove the tube, I will abandon the book. It's not that the message is wrong, if I were a reader and dared to pull out the tube, I would also abandon the book. Life has been very difficult, read a novel, relaxed a little more good.

The dream is always to have, focus on the bright side, we have a little positive energy, life is also more fun is not.

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