The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 53 5000 yuan scalping tickets for nothing

"The original ...... battery," Cui Heming could not speak well.

"Well." The old professor took the film down authoritatively, turned off the film reader, and finally said, "Go pull a tooth, and you'll be fine."

"......" Cui Heming had 10,000 alpacas running wild in his heart.

This is the same as the diagnosis of the young doctor of the first hospital in Haicheng City, how ah!

"You ...... you confirm?" Cui Heming trance, subconsciously asked.

"Of course confirm." The old professor also did not get angry because the patient's family questioned, "This is a condition written in the textbook, except that the benefits of silver amalgam denture is particularly strong and durable, basically a lifetime without having to change. And it's also cheap, which was especially popular a decade or so ago. But the disadvantage is also obvious, it requires a square pile of teeth, and people who are not good at their craft simply can not do it."

Said the old professor, who had already opened his locker and started to change his clothes.

"The person who made your mother's denture was also well-intentioned, but didn't notice that the patient still had a gold tooth." He added: "This situation has become much less common in the last ten years, because basically resin materials are used."

That's really true! Cui Heming had an absurd feeling in his heart.

The conclusion of the 5,000 yuan high-priced scalping ticket was the same as the conclusion of the emergency department of Haicheng First Hospital?

Is this not fucking bullshit?

"What?" The old professor saw Cui Heming standing there, distracted, and thought he did not believe.

"No ...... no ......" Cui Heming was able to curse a bullshit doctor when he got angry at the Hai Cheng City First Hospital. But here in the imperial capital, he would not dare to do so.

"In Haicheng, a doctor in the emergency department said the same thing, and he told my mother to pull her teeth." Cui Heming spoke out of his heart in a trance.

"Yo? Emergency department? Your Haicheng emergency treatment is very powerful." The old professor laughed, "Let's go, today is off, tomorrow come directly, I do not attend the clinic, by the way, give your mother a tooth extraction."

Cui Heming didn't even dare to ask why he didn't pull it now, but had to wait for tomorrow. He made up his own mind that everyone was off work now, no nurses to assist, no this, no that.

But since the diagnosis was clear, things were fine.

The next day, all the symptoms of Cui Heming's mother disappeared after the tooth extraction.

On the third day, the whole person was refreshed and even started to lightly apply light makeup.

Cui Heming's mother came from a big family, and after light makeup, she no longer looked sickly, but a lady of the house, with a dignified air.

Cui Heming was very happy when his mother recovered, and booked a ticket to fly back to Haicheng.

On the way he had a strange feeling in his heart about the small doctor of the first hospital in Haicheng City, hesitated for a long time, but finally his mother insisted, made a banner, ready to send to the unknown small doctor.

It took a week to go back and forth, but Cui Heming was in a hurry to return to the empire, so he got off the plane and went to the city hospital with his mother to make the banner with extra money.

When they arrived at the emergency building of the first hospital, they saw a lively scene.

Many people were holding banners, watching the action outside, and not going in.

This is a bit awkward, should we leave the banner in the doctor's office, and not say hello to that little doctor, and leave a share of good karma?

"Brother, what happened, how so many people send brocade flag ah." Cui Heming lit a cigarette, then looked for an idle person to inquire about the situation.

"City hospital emergency department upgraded to emergency center, this is not the opening of it." The man smilingly took Cui Heming's cigarette and smoked it beautifully, "Yo-ho, this Chinese is true."

Of course, how is the annual income of several million small bosses, smoking fake Chinese more than fallen part.

"So many people who send banners, what is going on?"

"Well? You don't know?" The man's head sideways, like a monster look at Cui Heming.

Cui Heming also flabbergasted for a moment, why should I know? But after many years in the mall, he has long been smooth, immediately laughed and said, "I just took my mother to the Imperial City to see a doctor, I don't know what happened."

"I'm telling you ah, the city hospital's General Manager Zheng, but too powerful!" That person saw Cui Heming really know nothing, excitedly began to talk about the commentary, the incident of nitrite poisoning, first aid, especially after the brisket store owner's downfall are clearly said.

The brisket store is a first-class old store in Haicheng, its chain of more than two dozen stores, otherwise it would not have made this big mishap overnight out.

Cui Heming listened to the dumbfounded.

"You do not see, that day the city's emergency vehicles are not enough. The city inside the emergency requisition of private ambulances, dozens of ambulances screaming, listening to people panic."

"Not a single person died?" Cui Heming still has difficulty accepting this ending.

It's not that he wished for death, but it's hard to take full care of this kind of large-scale emergency, medical resources collapse to the limit, some things are beyond the power.

"Gee, I thought a lot of people were going to die that day, too." The man again beautifully exhaled a smoke ring, breaking the chapter and making Cui Heming want to kill.

"You do not see, a patient are and avatar like, blue ghost was shipped. Yes, have you read martial arts novels? It is the kind of feeling of being struck by a strange poison from the West."

"......" Cui Heming really can't connect the dots.

"Mr. Zheng, here, it is the doctor standing next to the old director, looking young, the craft is really awesome. Diagnosed on the spot, allocated the city's special drugs, and saved everyone back."

Cui Heming followed the man's hand to look, the tall man standing next to the old director Pan, is the same doctor who told his mother that night that he would be fine if he pulled her teeth.

"Haven't asked, brother what are you doing here with the banner?"

"It's also Dr. Zheng." Cui Heming felt a twinge of shame for his words that night, "Dr. Zheng gave the diagnosis and treatment, but I didn't believe him. Took my mother to the imperial capital and bought a high priced number of $5,000 from a scalper. The final diagnosis was the same as Dr. Zheng's diagnosis ......"

"Hiss ......" The man beside Cui Heming drew a cold breath, he also did not expect that the diagnosis and treatment level of Mr. Zheng was so high that it was the same as the old experts in the imperial capital.

After smoking, Cui Heming came to the trash can, threw the cigarette in the jar, organized his emotions, ready to go to send a banner, and to apologize for his words that day out of line.

Men, to be responsible, do the wrong thing to admit, beaten also to stand well.

But he had just done a good psychological construction, prepared a myriad of words of praise, to go up, a car hurriedly drove to the city hospital emergency building in front of the door.

"Mr. Zheng, my father has a stomachache, can you see what's wrong?" The middle-aged man in the driver's seat got out of the car and shouted urgently.

"......" is finished, all the psychological construction is done in vain.

Cui Heming stunned in place, see the emergency center is posing more than twenty medical staff immediately scattered, flat car in a dozen seconds has been launched, the old man was carried up.

Take another look, Zheng Ren Zheng is already gone.

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