The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 525 - I'm not going to die, right?

Zheng Ren naturally will not ask how she was examined, which, since the family confirmed, will sign well in a moment, must be left for the record.

"Then do you think something has happened recently?" Zheng Ren asked.

"And no ah, my girl is in her junior year. Yesterday suddenly came home and told me she was pregnant, and then it was a nausea and vomiting." The patient's mother is also very incomprehensible, hesitant to say.

Involved in this kind of privacy, Zheng Ren can only ask a few questions, and then ask ...... the patient's mother's face is already very ugly, it is really hard to say whether it will be furious.

"If you are sure that you are not pregnant, we will find a gynecologist to check the body." Zheng Ren said.

"Yes." The patient's mother did not hesitate for a moment.

Zheng Ren immediately dialed the phone and got the gynecologist to come, and then contemplated what to do about it.

The gynecology resident general said that there was no examination bed in the emergency department, so Zheng Ren pushed the patient to the gynecology department. Zheng Ren knew that this was also true, so he carried the patient to the flat car and rushed all the way to the gynecology department.

There were many people in the family, so there was no need for Zheng Ren to reach out.

While walking, Zheng Ren contemplated how to solve this matter.

Su Yun followed Zheng Ren and asked in a whisper, "Boss, what do you suspect?"

"Hysteria." Zheng Ren said.

"Can hysteria to the body hormone levels rise, rare ah, be cautious." Su Yun said.

"This is not very cautious." Zheng Ren glanced at the patient's family in front of him and whispered, "The patient's mother said that the patient that what has not broken, can not be pregnant. So, I find gynecologists to check, if not broken, I mulled over what to do."

"What else can you do, cool." Su Yun said, "Let her go home, the drama queen, that's how."

"Don't say that." Zheng Ren said, "When you went to school, did you learn which organ disease, many students will feel uncomfortable?"

Su Yun was stunned for a moment, then smiled and shook his head.

This is a "common sense" question that medical students know.

No matter what part of the organ is learned, there will be students, not just one or two, feel uncomfortable with that part of the organ.

The specific symptoms ...... are exactly the same as those described in the textbook.

So when you enter the clinic, the doctor is very taboo to guide the consultation.

With each lead, the patient is subconsciously made to think that he or she has all the symptoms that the doctor is talking about.

For example, pain, for example, spasms, for example ......

This little patient didn't know for what matter she felt she was pregnant.

But someone like her, who even has a weakly positive urine early pregnancy test value, can't find one in a thousand.

Therefore, Zheng Ren was cautious and would rather toss around to confirm that she did not have some past history.

As for what to do after the confirmation, Zheng Ren is still hesitating.

So sad, Zheng Ren sighed.

According to what Su Yun said, it was feasible to put the patient home.

But seeing the little patient lying on the bed, vomiting out the gastric juice, Zheng Ren heart inside can not bear.

Let's try, an idea appeared in his mind.

It's not possible to say, it's the only way.

When he arrived at the gynecology department, Zheng Ren accelerated his pace, went in first, and found the chief resident of the gynecology department to explain the situation.

The chief resident of the gynecology department was also surprised, it was the first time she heard of such a patient.

However, she did not have much work, because she had several contacts with Zheng Ren, and Zheng Ren also helped the gynecology department to solve the problems, so she had a good impression of Zheng Ren.

"Chief Zheng, you be careful, there are some special cases, that what does not break, may also be pregnant." The chief gynecology inpatient whispered to remind.

Zheng Ren nodded, those situations, himself so many years to hear many doctors said, but most of them are blackmail.

Besides, with the diagnosis of the big piggy bank, plus all kinds of examinations and tests, Zheng Ren was not very worried about the small probability things.

The chief resident of gynecology was also very experienced, and she told the patient with a serious face that she was pregnant and needed a pregnancy test.

The patient obviously accepted this and was pushed into the examination room of the gynecology department, accompanied by the patient's mother.

Zheng Ren, Su Yun and other family members waited outside.

Looking at Zheng Ren's expression, Su Yun already guessed that he should have made up his mind, so he came over and asked, "Boss, you don't want to let her go back?"

"Seeing her vomiting is too uncomfortable, I want to do her a favor." Zheng Ren said.

"Nothing to find something." Su Yun was very dismissive of this statement from Zheng Ren.

A favor? How to help? What a joke!

Zheng Ren ignored Su Yun, still pondering, wondering where exactly his approach was broken and whether it would cause harm to the patient.

Soon, the gynecology inpatient general check out, the family went to help the patient into the wheelchair.

"Chief Zheng, it's okay. What the family said is true, it's not broken." The chief gynecology resident whispered in Zheng Ren's ear.

Zheng Ren nodded.

Then let's do it.

Pushing the patient back to the emergency resuscitation room, Zheng Ren made an exchange with the family.

The patient's diagnosis was clear, it was a hysteria.

Either push back, after a few days slowly get better.

Either you can try, the heart disease has to heart medicine to cure, whether it can be, it is not easy to say. And this is not the normal treatment, the specific time to see the situation step by step.

The family chose to give it a try and signed up.

Doing the previous preparations, Zheng Ren let the nurse give the patient an intramuscular injection of Valium, and then came to the patient's bedside and said gently, "You are diagnosed as pregnant, but there is a small problem, simply that you need to do an abortion."

The little patient vomited while looking at Zheng Ren with tears in her eyes and said pitifully, "Doctor, I'm not going to die, am I? One of our dormitory mates just had an abortion a few days ago, hemorrhaging and almost died."

Hearing these words, Zheng Ren's heart instantly lit up.

"I won't die, will I." The little patient cried and asked.

"No, don't worry." Zheng Ren said, "Very simple small surgery, our city hospital often do."

"Really will not die, right." The little patient asked while being nauseous and dry vomiting, while grabbing Zheng Ren's hand.

It looks like she is afraid of dying, or she has seen her female classmates in the same dorm bleeding profusely after having an abortion, forming an imprint in her mind that will not linger.

That should be the case.

Zheng Ren soothed the patient for a few minutes, and as the medicine came up, the patient gradually fell asleep.

"When she wakes up, tell her the abortion is done." Zheng Ren instructed the family, "Stay in the emergency room for 24 hours, and if you have any problems, go upstairs to the emergency ward and find me."

The family didn't know if this would solve the problem, and they all sighed.

Zheng Ren explained to the emergency medicine doctor again, saying that a urine early pregnancy test will be checked again tomorrow morning.

On the way back to the ward, Su Yun couldn't help but be happy.

Zheng Ren, on the other hand, was very serious and had long forgotten this matter to the side, returning to the emergency ward and preparing to read journals and magazines for a while.

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