The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 523 - Boss, high! High indeed!

"Stop it, come and give a hand." Zheng Ren said.

"This is how much you've drunk." Chu Yanran and Zheng Ren helped Xie Yiren to the sofa, and Chu Yanran asked.

"It's not much, a little sake." Zheng Ren said.

Chu Yanran smiled and looked at Zheng Ren with a strange look, like ...... like looking at a fool.

Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment, he did not know the meaning in Chu Yanran's eyes, but he could feel the full of malice.

"What ...... happened ......," Zheng Ren asked in a whisper.

"Mr. Zheng, you really deserve your name." Chu Yanran suddenly couldn't help himself and laughed out loud.


"Tsk, no reason, to give you a good man card." Chu Yanran smiled and went to wet a towel to wipe Xie Yiren's face.

Soon, Xie Yiren woke up. The red flushed face instantly became miserable white, dry vomited a few times and stumbled running to the bathroom.

Zheng Ren wanted to give a hand, but Xie Yiren pushed it away.

What's wrong with this? What mistake did you make?

Zheng Ren is in a bit of a trance.

Chu Yanran said: "Mr. Zheng, Yiren sister is not feeling well, you go back first, go back first."

Zheng Ren froze, fiercely have a very bad feeling.

Seeing Zheng Ren hanging his head, Chu Yanran is angry and funny, first help Xie Yiren go to the bathroom, and rushed out, pushing Zheng Ren out of the door, and finally said in an angry tone: "Girls drink too much to throw up, there is nothing to see, Yiren sister thin skin, and you do not know. Hurry back and remember to come over for breakfast tomorrow morning."

Oh, so that's how it is.

Zheng Ren returned to his villa confused, frowning and contemplating, exactly why Chu Yanran looked at himself with that kind of eyes.

But Zheng Ren quickly remembered that he still had things to do, picked up his phone and began to contact the girl that Cui Heming had found who was said to be an expert.

The plan to celebrate Xie Yiren's birthday, whether it will work or not, will depend on the opinion of the professionals.

After contacting the girl, Zheng Ren rushed overnight and met at a cafe on the first floor of Shangri-La, where the two talked for a long time.

The professional expressed shock at Zheng Ren's idea. Still, she found it interesting and said she was willing to go all out and help Zheng Ren try it out.

Returning to the villa again, Zheng Ren finally let out a long breath, washed up and went straight to bed.

The day is like this, uneventful, day after day.

Some people rejoice, some people mourn, some people eat barbecue, drink a little wine, squatting on the teeth of the road whistling at pretty girls; some people sleep with their clothes together, and are called up one at a time to dispose of patients and do surgery.

The next morning, went to Xie Yi's house for breakfast and several people went to work together.

Everyone praised Su Yun's qi luck, as long as Su Yun was on duty, it was basically smooth, and it was good to have one surgery in three shifts on average.

And Boss Zheng's shift ......

Needless to say, it kept everyone as busy as a dog.

Or the kind of stray dog that was broken a leg by a bear child and homeless.

Come to the emergency ward, Su Yun spirited sitting in the office to play with the phone, a look at the night sleep is particularly good.

Zheng Ren is also helpless ah, they do not want to be so busy.

"Boss, come?" Su Yun saw Zheng Ren come, immediately put away the phone, a thieving smile, lowered his voice, secretly asked: "How was last night?"

"Had a pretty good time." Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun was still not satisfied and asked after the date.

When he heard that Zheng Ren carried Xie Yiren home, the black hair in front of his forehead all felt like concrete had been poured on it and solidified.

"Boss, high! High indeed!" Su Yun looked like he was praising from the bottom of his heart, but Zheng Ren felt that the bastard was undermining himself.

His statement was different from Chu Yanran, who was laughing at himself, while Su Yun ...... looked like he was after a slight daze. That kind of praise from the heart is the first time Zheng Ren saw it on this sarcastic pussy in front of him.

But, Zheng Ren still instinctively felt that this person was spraying himself.

What the hell is going on?

Zheng Ren's IQ is not low, but the skill of teasing a girl is not on at all.

Su Yun look Zheng Ren face confused, laughingly pulled him to the fire escape, from Zheng Ren white suit pocket touch out purple clouds, lit a, clouds of leisurely said: "boss, you do this thing, the general public seems to be a missed opportunity, but on second thought, great!"

Zheng Ren quietly listened.

"First, judging from the girl. With my understanding of Iren, she certainly will not be pretending to be drunk, and then lead you into the hub of green tea? I reckon she is extremely at ease with you and completely trust, which is why last night happened."

Zheng Ren is still listening quietly.

"Then, it came to your choice. To send sister Yi Ren home, and to carry her to the place where you live." Said Su Yun, a hormonal flavor flowed out between his eyebrows, so strong that even the spicy tobacco flavor could not be concealed.

Zheng Ren frowned.

"General people, encounter such a good opportunity, will certainly push down, this is called the water to the water." Su Yun said: "But the analysis varies from person to person, can Yi Ren sister accept? I think it can be accepted, but it will leave an invisible rift in the relationship between you two."

Zheng Ren nodded his head.

"If you would rather make a mistake than miss it, a moment of spring is worth a thousand gold, then it does not matter." Su Yun forehead black hair floating ah floating, "but you are running to get married, meet Yi Ren sister such an oddball family raised in the oddball, do so is a big mistake.

All kinds of first kill, are going to be perfect.

Izumi girl is unclear, if certain first kill is just lost, she has to regret for the rest of her life.

Perfect date, perfect performance, restrained the inner impulse and made the right choice, boss, I praise you!"

Forget it, there really is some truth to it, and Zheng Ren doesn't want to know.

Under the sky, there are more truths, but also bigger than the little master I am willing.

But Su Yun's face admiring expression, it seems, as if it is true. What he said, also quite reasonable.

Unfortunately, when he did the surgery, this guy's face would never have this expression.

Obviously he did the surgery exceptionally well, the world's peak level ah!

It's a pity.

Zheng Ren's heart instantly had a feeling of a pearl in the dark.

A cigarette was not finished, Zheng Ren saw the figure of Professor Rudolf Wagner walking out of the ward, full of exhaustion and exuberance.

These two feelings were intertwined, making the professor look a little strange.

"Fugui'er!" Zheng Ren shouted.

"Oops, boss, why are you here?" Professor Rudolf Wagner saw Zheng Ren in the fire escape and excitedly strided over, "Boss, the patient is recovering exceptionally well after surgery, urination is going smoothly, and all kinds of indicators have reached the expected values."

"Oh." Zheng Ren's reaction was but flat.

"Boss, isn't that something to be happy about?" The professor did not understand at all why Zheng Ren's mood was so flat.

In the professor's opinion, if it was in Heidelberg, there should be the "bang bang" sound of champagne being opened at this moment.

The most important thing is that you should be able to get the most out of your life.

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