The Surgeon’s Studio

Chapter 519 Collective decision of the health care team

After Director Sun and Zheng Ren finalized the matter of the patient's second-stage surgery early tomorrow morning, they turned around and left, and this red packet came to be extremely affordable.

Back to the dressing room, Zheng Ren did not rush to change clothes, but came to the small smoking room, lit half a purple cloud.

After a deep puff, the whole person was refreshed a few points.

There are too many things, too few people, and they are tired of running around every day.

This is the basic state of life of almost all doctors who still have motivation in their hearts, and Zheng Ren also has a little more advantage than them - Xie Yiren will not find Zheng Ren quarrel because of the little time to get together.

The general thirty-year-old doctors, the basic daily working hours in 8-10 hours, excluding sleep, eat this necessary to maintain the physiological function of the "waste", but also take time to study, promotion, research.

Back home, no children can be a little better, every now and then can go out with his daughter-in-law to watch a movie, eat a meal. If you have a child, it will be miserable.

Everyone is the same.

Thinking about it, Zheng Ren is a little worried.

Xie Yiren's birthday, this is a big deal, without Su Yun's advice, Zheng Ren also know.

What to do, their own heart only an idea, but can not refine, even if it can work is not easy to say.

A glance at WeChat, Cui Heming message, he helped to find a person has already boarded. Zheng Ren hurriedly sent a message to Feng Xuhui, forwarded the ticket to Feng Xuhui, and asked him to help pick up the plane.

In the afternoon, there are three more pre-operative account ......

This side of Zheng Ren can not leave at all.

After smoking half a cigarette, Zheng Ren sighed. I hope tonight is not busy, must ask Xiao Yi Ren out to dinner.

Busy to break, Zheng Ren extra misses the quiet time with Xie Yiren.



Imperial capital, somewhere.

Director Kong was sitting with his hands on his knees, standard like he was back more than twenty years ago, when he had just joined the army.

The hospital's grand president and the vice president in charge of clinical work, as well as a few core relevant people were doing quietly.

A middle-aged, smart and competent-looking man in his forties had the information in his hand and was looking at it carefully.

He had been looking at it for twenty minutes, but the people present were not the least bit impatient, just sitting upright.

After another long time, the middle-aged man looked up and asked, "The results of the political examination are very good, now see no problem."

The expression on Director Kong's face loosened a few points.

"Just is the new surgical procedure mature?" The man asked.

"Because it is a new procedure, the number of patients who received the surgery is not large enough, but I think it is more mature." Director Kong was still a little nervous when he said this.

In any case, this was a guarantee for Zheng Ren with his own face.

If it worked out, he would naturally have benefits.

If it doesn't work out, one is just as responsible.

The middle-aged man mused.

"Yesterday, when I had a group discussion with my colleagues in the health care team, we talked about a similar issue." Director Kong said, "A German professor who previously conducted research on related surgeries in Magic City is now in Haicheng, studying related surgeries with Dr. Zheng Ren Zheng."

"According to the information back from Dr. Zheng's assistant, the second surgery, it was this German professor who provided the patient. The surgery was successful, and it was a teaching surgery." Director Kong said slowly.

This, too, was the source of his confidence.

Professor Rudolf Wagner, that is a big flag in the academic world.

Even he had gone to Haicheng, the chances that the surgery would go wrong were genuinely not high.

The middle-aged man continued to be silent as he looked at Director Kong, shying away from the words.

"After the comrades' discussion and collective decision, it is considered that the operation can be carried out." Director Kong finally said.

This is the most crucial sentence.

The middle-aged man nodded, and without delay, stood up and said, "Then I will go report."

Sending him away, the atmosphere eased up a bit.

The dean was already very old, nearly sixty years old, with gray hair.

But his back was straight, not much changed from when he was a teenager.

There are some habits that are soaked into the depths of the soul.

"Director Kong, are the health care group comrades unified in their opinions?" President Yan called Director Kong to his office after the meeting was adjourned, together with Vice President Yuan who was in charge of clinical work in the middle.

"Not unified at the very beginning." Director Kong said honestly.

There were words in these words, the two deans sat down, and the secretary brewed three cups of tea and placed them in front of the three.

"Recently on the side of Haicheng, there are some new developments. When faced with objections, I spoke about these developments, and then everyone unified their understanding and decided that Dr. Zheng should be the main surgeon." Director Kong said.

Dean Yan was instantly interested, but there was no expression of emotion on his face, he just picked up the tea cup and swept the dense vapor with the lid.

He did not rush to drink the tea, but sniffed it.

"When I am old, there are not many things I like, and drinking tea is my only hobby." Dean Yan said indifferently.

When Director Kong heard these words, he immediately sat up straight with a serious expression.

With his understanding of Dean Yan, he was afraid that he was pleased with himself and had sold a small shut up, which had already upset the dean.

"After Dr. Zheng returned to Haicheng, he began to work on the research of the new procedure of TIPS surgery, and the paper is going to be published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine."

"Oh? So young to have a paper in the top journal, very good." Dean Yan nodded his head and took a sip of tea.

"This is just the beginning." Director Kong spoke, "Working with Dr. Zheng on ...... or doing research as an assistant is Professor Rudolf Wagner of the University Medical Center in Heidelberg. The professor is a top scientific and technical talent in the field of intervention and is known to be working on submitting a new procedure for TIPS surgery for review for next year's Nobel Prize in Medicine."

"Hmm?" Dean Yan and Dean Yuan both stalled for a moment in their hand movements.

Other things are fine, publishing papers and the like, and can't attract the attention of the two presidents and vice presidents of the country's top tertiary hospitals.

But the Nobel Prize ......

This is a big deal!

Even if the assessment is not the Nobel Prize in medicine, the identity of a candidate, but also worthy of attention.

No wonder, the comrades of the health care group collectively agreed.

"Director Kong, what do you think?" Dean Yan was so sophisticated that he thought of countless things in an instant, but he didn't say anything, just gazed at Director Kong with a subtle gaze.

"My idea is that a talent like Dr. Zheng should stay in our hospital." Director Kong spoke firmly.

As soon as the words left his mouth, he immediately felt that there seemed to be something wrong with his tone, so he repeated, "Definitely, it must stay in our hospital!"

"Well ......" Dean Yan pondered.

Dean Yuan smilingly said, "That's the young doctor who rescued Fang Lin, right?"

Director Kong nodded his head.

"That young man is good, I think it's okay." Dean Yuan nodded his head.

"It's okay." Dean Yan pondered for a few seconds, and then gladly said.

Personnel power, in the hands of the great dean, if he did not nod, both Director Kong and Dean Yuan would be busy for nothing.

Dean Yan also knew that this was an opportunity for Director Kong to report this matter with himself.

But the possibility of not agreeing to himself is not very big, after all, is the identity of the Nobel Prize candidate, the little guy later once he soars, I'm afraid it is impossible to pull together.

At this moment, meet at the end of the micro, is a good opportunity.

Director Kong did not relax because of the consent of the great dean, he frowned, as if there was something difficult to say.

"Director Kong, just say what's wrong." Dean Yan was also very confused, Director Kong was not usually this kind of person who hid his words, what was wrong with him today?

"President Yan, at the very beginning when Dr. Zheng finished the prostate interventional embolization, I asked him if he wanted to come to our hospital, but Dr. Zheng didn't agree."

Hmm? A doctor from a local city hospital shouldn't have refused the call from the top tertiary hospital in the country.

What's the problem? Was it the treatment or the position?

Dean Yan and Dean Yuan looked at Director Kong and waited for the following.

"I also wondered, subsequently sending Professor Rudolf Wagner, I went to Haicheng. The director of the emergency department of the first hospital in Haicheng City is a senior doctor who went down to our army, formerly the director of the high cadre ward of the military district. He and Dr. Zheng have a very close relationship, like father and son." Director Kong slowly said.

"The old director Pan is bent on improving the level of emergency medicine in Haicheng and escorting the local construction." Director Kong said, "I later also inquired about some related situations, Dr. Zheng refused my invitation, presumably for Comrade Pan Sr."

"Interesting, like one of our own." Dean Yan nodded, crossing his hands and wrapping his thumbs around each other.

Hearing Director Kong's analysis of the reasons, he approved.

People who go out in the army are the same, always want to do something, such as supporting local construction and other stupid efforts.

Society is getting more and more impetuous, soldiers can't.

I didn't expect that a young doctor under 30 would give up the opportunity to come to the capital for the "impractical" idea of supporting the local construction for his old comrades, which is rare.

"What do you think?" Vice President Yuan asked Director Kong.

"At first, I thought, "A melon twisted by force is not sweet." Director Kong said, "Since Xiao Zheng has this mind, to fulfill him is also to fulfill the heart and soul of our old army comrades."

Said director Kong bitter smile.

"The main thing is, the old Pan director is old, can not do a few years. I think, when the old director Pan completely retired, and then mention this matter, it is also too late.

I did not expect that he grew up too fast. This is only a few months, will go to compete for the Nobel Prize. If we don't start, I'm afraid that the difficulty will grow geometrically in the future."

"Hmm." Dean Yan's eyes narrowed, looking like he was asleep. Just invisible to others underneath the desk, two thumbs moving around faster and faster.

"I have some ideas for big moves, such as the hospital discharged to acquire the Hai Cheng City First Hospital." Director Kong said.

"Impossible." Sure enough, this idea was directly denied by Vice President Yuan.

"Then we can only send people to support the local construction in the name of supporting it." Director Kong deliberated for a long time and finally threw out this opinion.

Hearing this opinion, the two deans' eyes lit up.

"Good!" Dean Yan directly clapped his hands, "Help the old comrades and solve the worries of the young comrades. This is a good solution!"

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